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 Madden NFL 2007 - Platform: Gamecube

Madden NFL 2007 - Platform: Gamecube

QB On Target card:
Enter WROA0R as a code. Your Quarterback will have 100% accuracy for one half.

Mistake Free card:
Enter XL7SP1 as a code. It will be impossible to throw an interception or 
fumble the ball for one half.

Lame Duck card:
Enter 5LAWO0 as a code. Your opponent will be forced to throw lob passes 
for one half.

Easy Madden Tokens:
The following is an easy way to earn Madden Tokens to get Madden Cards fast. 
Play a Two Minute Drill after going to the rosters to change some player stats. 
It does not matter which team you change the stats to, just make them very good. 
For example, if you go to the Saints, make the entire offensive line very good. 
Then, do the same for the fullback and halfback. Then go a team you plan to go 
against in the Two Minute Drill. Go to their defense and make their speed and 
awareness very low for all the defensive players. Once done, go to 
Two Minute Drill. Select how many players you want, set the difficulty to 
All-Madden, then make sure your profile shows up to the left side of the 
teams you selected. If you plan to run against the defense, try a HB toss to 
run on the outside. If you pass, throw Hail Marys the entire time. 
Your receiver that was made very good should burn the defensive backs, more so 
if you make them very tall and skinny. They can make jump catches all the time. 
For some reason, running the ball for touchdowns gives you more points, so mix 
it up.

Set the game difficulty to "All-Madden". Then, go into the AI settings and set 
all of the human stats (QB Accuracy, O-line Pass Blocking, etc.) to the maximum. 
Next, set all the CPU stats to the lowest. Set the quarters to five minutes and 
choose a team with a good running back, such as Seattle or Washington. 
It will still be difficult to pass even with the CPU stats as low as they are. 
You should be able to rack up well over 500 rushing yards. You should get over 
700 Madden Tokens per game.


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