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 Mafia - Platform: XBox

Mafia - Platform: XBox

Race mode:
Successfully complete all missions in story mode to unlock Race mode.

Additional free ride mode cars:
Break into a car during story mode to unlock it in Free Ride mode.

Bigfoot truck in free ride mode:
Win first place in all races in racing championship mode to unlock the Bigfoot 
truck in free ride mode.

Car selection in free ride mode:
As soon as you enter Free Ride mode, you will start in a car with a reddish gate 
directly behind you. Drive forward so that you are in the street, then reverse 
right back to the location you started. A car selection screen will appear, and 
you can select any unlocked car.

Easy money:
Kill the men in the all black suits with the black hat (gangsters) to earn $500 
each. Go into the country and speed in a fast car. Blow up cars for $100 each. 
Drive taxis to earn money.

Shoot off tires:
Aim at the tires and shoot where the bolts are, in the middle. This works best 
with the Tommy gun.

Quick gun:
While driving through the city, you will encounter many police officers. You can 
run one of them down and pick up his standard issued gun. Your wanted level will 
go up, but immediately diminish. This works best if there is only one police 
officer, on foot, with no police officer witnesses.

Killing people in black suits:
Walk behind them and shoot them. This works best with the sawed off shotgun.

Lose cops quickly:
Get to a rail station, elevated rail station, or trolley. Get in and wait until 
your wanted level goes down. The most efficient way to evade the police is make 
a lot of turns. The best turns are in front of or behind another car or the 
trolley. The police will try to make your exact turn, but will run into the car 
or trolley. You can also make turns between light posts close to the curb if 
your car is small or short enough. This also works well during the first 
If you have a gun and the cops are after you, you can get rid of them by 
shooting them. This takes some practice, but it can be done. You have to be on 
foot. Shoot both cops until their weapons fall. Head shots work best. If you 
manage to kill both advancing officers, you will no longer be wanted. This works 
best if there is only one car after you (the offense does not matter). The more 
the cars, the more difficult it is.

Lose the gangsters in An Offer You Can't Refuse:
When you first start driving, go all the way down the road and take a right. 
Follow this road. This will lead you to where there is only a right turn. Take 
the turn. Looking left, there seems to be a small barrier blocking the ocean. At 
the beginning of the turn there is actually a hidden bottom where you can drive. 
If you slow down to about 50 or 60 miles per hour, drive over the barrier. By 
going slow enough, you can land at the bottom drive part. The enemy gangsters 
will not slow down. They will follow you over the barrier. If they have the 
correct angle or speed, they will fly into the ocean or land upside down. If you 
have not gone over the ocean or flipped over, there is a ramp where you can 
escape the gangsters and finish the level. Note: This may require a few 

Easier mission in Ordinary Routine:
You can save some effort by shooting the tires on the getaway car before you try 
to enter the hotel. It is much easier than trying to shoot them while driving at 
the same time.

Easy completion in The Whore:
Your objectives in this mission are to kill the manager; tell the whore to leave 
town; and place a bomb and documents on the desk of the director's office. 
First, tell the whore to leave town. However, to do so, you walk in a lobby of a 
hotel without having any weapons out. There will be two security guards with 
weapons. When you walk in you will see stairs and the sign on the desk. To your 
right will be a doorway. Go through it and take a left without going into any 
doors, then take a left. Enter the first door on the left. There will be steel 
stairs for every floor. Go to the third floor. Take a right down a hallway. It 
will have a plant in the corner. Enter the first door on the left to find the 
whore. Then, go back down to the lobby. You cannot have any weapons out the 
entire time. When you are in the lobby, go under the stairwell in the corner 
where no one can see you. Press Up to take out your weapon. Then use the Right 
Analog-stick to aim at the person behind the sign at the desk. Kill him and the 
two men that will come up to you. After killing them, go behind the desk and 
enter the back room. There will be a green arrow pointing at a key. Press A to 
retrieve it, then go back to the steel staircase. Go to the top floor and take a 
right. Go down the hall half way until you reach another lobby. Kill the man on 
your left, then go to the other side. You will be facing a door with one on your 
left with the sign directory. Go in and kill the man in the black suit first. 
Then, kill the man in the white suit. After doing so, go in front of the desk 
and press A. After that, leave the room.

Take out snipers in You Lucky Bastard:
When you enter the dock, get a truck and drive to the other entrance to the 
harbor. Nearby, there is a house with a man. Kill him. He has a US rifle, which 
you should use to shoot the round fuel containers near the crane towers. The 
snipers will not shoot you, and you will get to see a really great fireworks 


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