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 Magi Nation - Platform: Gameboy Color

Magi Nation - Platform: Gameboy Color

In-game reset
Press Start + Select + A + B during game play to restart.

Secret room
Get the Power Bracelet that allows you to kick blocks. At the 
main screen where you can choose to play a new game or continue, 
kick one of the blocks to reveal a passage to a secret room. 

Save two keys from the fifth geyser, and use one from the stone 
circle under Gruk's house. When you complete the game, go to the 
secret room, and you can open the door. A man will open the middle 
door on the new game/continue screen, which lets you start a new 
game with all your previous stats and items.

Hint: Easy money
Find a shop that sells gems and buy one for 5 Animite. Sell the gem 
back to the shop for 18 Animite. Repeat this as needed. 

Go to the shop in Vash Naroom and buy Strength Gems for 5 Animite. 
Sell them back for 18 Animite apiece. Repeat as needed.

Hint: Furok
Go to the town square, then go down. After that, take a left. Go in 
the small building and talk to the girl. She will make a ring of a 
Furok. She will sell you sell 50 Animnite for the leftover crystal.

Hint: Hyrens
There are two areas where you can get one out of four or all of them. 
For the Leaf and Timber Hyrens, go through the first Shadow Gyser. 
When you get to the underneath, play a few rounds of that Brub game. 
Then, beat the second Gyser and you will be captured. Go to the Cald 
city and save them. Next, you will have to get the Orothe Boots. 
Go and talk to the bridge builder. Find a Lava Arboll. take it to the 
bridge builder. When you get the boots, go to the man in front of the 
cabin. He will tell you how to get back to the Cald. When you get back, 
you will not be in the Cald but by the old lady's house. Talk to her for 
awhile. When you are done, go to Naroom and a ticket store will be opened 
by the ring shop. By a blast item (?) and take it to the underneath tunnel. 
Go through the rock in front of you. Turn left at the first chance you get 
to find more rocks. Break those, go down the stairs, and use your blast 
item to blow up the wall where the cracks are found. Follow the path all 
the way to a forest. Go into the forest and you will find the first two 
Hyrens, Timber and Leaf. They are difficult to defeat. For the Cave and 
Mushroom, go from the forest that has Leaf and timber Hyrens and move 
straight down through an opening. Jump the lava and go out of the cave. 
Go to the left where the brigd builder is located, but do not go to him. 
Go to where you found the Lava Arboll and walk around. You should find a 
bridge that has stairs around it. Go down one and wait for a spinning 
white object. When you see one, run into it and you will be in the 
underneath. You will find the other two Hyrens, Cave and Mushroom. there. 

For Fire and Magma Hyrens, go to the large green mountains to the left 
of the Cald. Walk right through the top mountain. Be careful, as they 
are tough.

Hint: Megathan
To get Megthan, set a Blast Urn anywhere in the ruins by Osent Marr.

Hint: Orothian Flyer
Go to Ardarial near the palace. Walk in between and around the two 
mountains at various times to get an Orothian Flyer. 

Hint: Scrub The Brub game
After the Shadow Magis and Morag, destroy the section underneath to 
find the Scrub The Brub game and a new game. Aim for Animite in the upper 
left of The Cald in the world. It will appear as a little cottage on the 
world map.


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