Major League Baseball 2K5 - World Series Edition - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Major League Baseball 2K5 - World Series Edition - Platform: XBox

Major League Baseball 2K5 - World Series Edition - Platform: XBox

All cheats:
Enter "Ima Cheater" as a profile name to unlock all cheats.

All classic teams:
Enter "Old Timers" as a profile name to unlock all classic teams.

All extras:
Enter "Gimme Goods" as a profile name to unlock all extras.

Easy strikeouts:
Change the pitching type to "Classic". Then during a game, go to the "Game 
Options" menu and change all of the opposing team's "Take Strike" settings all 
the way up and "Take Ball" down. This will make it much easier to get a 
strikeout. Note: This will not stop the batter from swinging. He will still 
swing occasionally. Additionally, throw a fastball nice and low (either side). 
After that, throw a change-up right down the middle (do not move the pointer, 
just pitch). Finally, choose a curve/slider/sinker at the bottom right or the 
top left corners.

Easy base hits:
Put players with a speed rating of A or better (for example, Rafael Furcal, Carl 
Crawford, Juan Pierre, etc.) in your lineup. When the pitcher throws the ball, 
bunt it down the third base line and use your speed burst to get to first base. 
It does not matter if it is a left or right handed hitter; they will be safe 99% 
of the time. You can use A- players, but your success rate drops to about 90% 
and you must bunt it perfectly.

Easy base runners and increased RBIs:
To get the bases loaded and increase your clean-up hitter's RBI total, use the 
"Easy base hits" trick. Once you have a runner on base, make them steal the next 
base as your hitter is about to bunt. This will keep your runner from being 
thrown out at second or third base on the bunt. Once the base runners are on 
second or third base, bunt again to load the bases. If you want to keep bunting 
for hits, you can send all your runners; but be careful -- if the pitcher 
pitches out or throws a ball and the batter misses, the runner on third base 
will get tagged out.

Easy Tokens:
Edit any team to 100 so that all players are the best at everything. Then, start 
a franchise or GM Carrier and set the season to 162 games and customize budget 
(the team total cap room). Then, choose the team that you use and set their 
budget to the highest. When you have everything set, go to your schedule, go all 
the way to end season, and select "Simulate". This will simulate all your games 
and the reward will appear. This will leave you with about 20,000 Tokens. If you 
do not have enough, save your profile, then shut off the game. Delete your GM 
Carrier or Franchise data, then repeat the steps again to buy everything.


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