Major League Baseball 2K6 - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Major League Baseball 2K6 - Platform: XBox

Major League Baseball 2K6 - Platform: XBox

Cheat mode:
Enter "Derek Jeter" as a case-sensitive code to unlock all jerseys, stadiums, 
teams, arcade games, and cheats that can be purchased. This code unlocks six of 
the first seven skybox cheats.

Topps 2K6 All-stars:
Enter "Dream Team" as a case-sensitive code to unlock the Topps 2K6 All-stars.

Rocket arms:
Enter "Gotcha" as a case-sensitive code.

Crazy pitches:
Enter "Unhittable" as a case-sensitive code.

Bouncy ball:
Enter "Crazy Hops" as a case-sensitive code.

Super wall climbs:
Enter "Last Chance" as a case-sensitive code.

Easy tokens:
Go to "Created Players" and make one for each position. Make sure you set their 
stats to the maximum. Then, add all of them to the same team (for example, 
Kansas City because they are the worst). Save the roster so that you can upload 
them whenever desired. Start a franchise with the team you have enhanced. 
Simulate the entire season including the World Series for easy tokens. The 
amount of tokens you get ranges from 4,500 to 6,000. If you run out of tokens, 
re-upload the enhanced team and simulate another season.

Easy perfect game:
Play a game in Exhibition mode with two controllers and defeat your opponent 
without them getting a hit or a walk. If the winning side is using a profile, 
that profile will be credited with a perfect game. This is also an easy way to 
earn tokens.

Signing a created player cheaply:
You can edit any player and their abilities, and not just the way they look. 
Sign a desired minor leaguer to the maximum term (seven years) at the lowest 
amount, even though they may get upset later in their career. Then, change their 
name, abilities, position, etc. This also works for changing other major league 
players. For example, you can change Joe Young on the Giants to Barry Bonds by 
editing everything except his appearance. By doing this, you can sign an entire 
team. Note: You can only re-negotiate contracts at one year to seven year 
contracts at about $1 million each or less, then make them perfect. When you are 
finding a player to make your own, look for one year contracts.

Oakland A's roster mistake:
On the Oakland A's default roster, notice that they have Milton Bradley, Antonio 
Perez, and Andre Ethier on the team. This is incorrect because the Dodgers 
traded Bradley and Perez to Oakland in exchange for Ethier. Therefore, all three 
players cannot be on the same team.


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