Marble Blast Ultra - Platform: Xbox 360 - Console Games.

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 Marble Blast Ultra - Platform: Xbox 360

Marble Blast Ultra - Platform: Xbox 360

Gamerscore points:
Accomplish the indicated task to get Gamerscore points:

Adept's Badge: Successfully complete all Advanced levels. 
Apprentice's Badge: Successfully complete all Beginner levels. 
Egg Basket: Find all twenty Easter Eggs. 
Egg Seeker: Find an Easter Egg. 
First Place: Finish in first place in a Multiplayer match. 
Gem Collector: Score 75 points in a Multiplayer match. 
Journeyman's Badge: Successfully complete all Intermediate levels. 
Marble-fu Initiate: Successfully complete all Beginner levels under the target 
Marble-fu Master: Successfully complete all Intermediate levels under the target 
Marble-fu Transcendent: Successfully complete all Advanced levels under the 
target time. 
Timely Marble: Finish any level under the target time. 
Veteran Battler: Accumulate 2,000 total points in Multiplayer mode. 

Early Start:
Prior to your marble release from the starting pad, press the Start button to 
pause the game. The longer you wait in the start menu, the earlier your marble 
will be released. After the waiting, select Resume. Your marble will fly out of 
the start pad earlier, however this will not change the time on the clock. 
Generally it is used to make your marble reach moving platforms that can't 
otherwise be reached. 

Fly In The Air:
On Xbox Live with two to eight players on the Skate Battle Royal map (with the 
half pipes), go to the side of the map where the little brown things stick up 
and there are two Super Bounces and a Mega Marble. Go to the point where you 
would respawn and fall off the edge. You should respawn in the same location. 
Have the other players one by one fall off and respawn. They should respawn on 
top of you. Have the players start to jump from top to bottom (the top player 
jumps, then the second, etc.). It is best if someone has a Mega Marble and a 
Super Jump. When you jump, sooner or later you will be flung so high that the 
map will turn blue. When you come back down, have someone transform into Mega 
Marble and hit the player beneath them. They will be flung very high. If a 
player is underneath another person, use a Super Jump in mid air. The other 
player will be flung very high as well. 

Daedalus: Easter Egg:
In the Advanced level Daedalus, there is an Easter Egg directly under the end 
portal. The easiest way to get it is to aim yourself as if you are going to jump 
onto the platform from an angle (as if to jump over the space between). However, 
only fall just short. As you fall under the platform, use your jump blast. If 
done correctly, your blast will launch you into the bottom of the platform and 
you will have an Easter Egg. However, you will fall to your death. Make sure 
that you are not trying to make par while attempting this. Also as this is one 
of the longer levels, it is also a good idea to have a nearby checkpoint. 

Learning To Roll It: Easter Egg:
In the first beginner level called 'Learning To Roll', after you jump up the 
steeps roll across the brown thing too find the Easter Egg. You should get an 

Will O' Wisp: Easter Egg:
In hard, an Easter Egg can be found under the finish line in Will o' Wisp. 


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