Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Swing & Cyclone Bros:
Go to the hammerhead's second house and break the rocks on the right. 
Then go up them and talk to the block guy. He'll tell you to hit a block. 
Always hit the middle one and you will get a scroll. 
Mario or Luigi will read it and say they have mastered jump or hammer. 
Then get in to a battle and go to bros. attack. it will say: 
Swing or Cyclone bros. Use it in lvl. 1 and practice untill it is easy. 
This hint is really there!!!

Beat Trunkle easily:
Trunkle might be hard to beat but you can beat him a easier
way instead of doing damage to the lower part of him attack
the tree on his head with all of your strongest bros attacks. 
Trunkle cannot revive that part by sucking in the enemies and 
shrooms and you wont have to worry about that attack where he 
splits in four. Just remember to attack the tree.

Unmovable Mario:
Turn Luigi into a surfboard and surf to the coast on the east 
side of Beanbean Castle Town. Surf in and land on the shore. 
While Mario is dismounting the surfboard, hit a Bob-omb to start a 
battle. When the battle is over, Mario will be frozen in the air, 
but the pause screen will still be accessible.

Infinite Coins:
First hit Mario with the hammer to make him Mini Mario.
Change Luigi's command to High Jump. When Luigi is in the air, 
make Mario jump. Jump repeatedly to keep Luigi in the air. 
Every time Luigi is hit you gain 1 coin, but Luigi loses 1 health. 
Luigi's health cannot go below 1.

In-game reset
Press A +B + Select + Start during game play to restart.

-= CodeBreaker=-

Access Debug Room   
32001E9C 0000

Have All Key Items   
4200490A FFFF
00000004 0002

Have All Beans   
82004902 6363
82004904 6363

Have All Items   
420048E2 6363
0000000D 0002

Have Map   
2200433C 0032

Infinite Lives In Jump Rope Game   
8300686A 0000
830068EA 0000

Infinite Coins   
820048E0 270F

Have All Weapons / Abilities   
82004338 FFFF

-= Luigi Codes =-

Infinite BP   
820048A8 03E7

Infinite HP   
820048A2 03E7

-= Mario Codes =-

Infinite BP   
8200486C 03E7

Infinite HP   
82004866 03E7

* Note: With these codes, don't use the Status Codes until AFTER meeting 
Bowser in the ship's Deck, otherwise you can't progress any further in the game.

-= Mario Bros Codes =-
Infinite Bonus Time   
83001BF8 0100

Infinite Lives   
33001C17 0009

Infinite Continues   
33001C16 0009


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