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 Mario Kart 64 - Platform: Wii

Mario Kart 64 - Platform: Wii

Course Ghosts:
To get these ghosts, you must beat the times listed below.

Luigi Raceway 1'52''00
Mario Raceway 1'30''00
Royal Raceway 2'40''00 

Mario 64 Castle:
Follow the yellow road in Royal Raceway, just after the big jump and to the 
right. That road will take you to the Mario 64 castle. 

New title screen:
To be awarded with a new title screen (and mirror courses) beat the game (get a 
gold trophy) on 50cc, 100cc and 150cc on Mushroom cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup and 
Special cup. 

Shortcut on Choco Mountain:
Right before the boulders there is a rock wall, you can jump it if you do a 
power-slide just before to jump. 

Shortcut on Frappe Snowland:
At the starting line turn around, go back to before the bridge. Now get your 
speed up and cross the bridge, when you get to the other side DON'T touch the 
road, instead jump off the right side of the bridge (left in mirror mode) so 
that you land in the snow. Now go forward, WITHOUT touching the road, when you 
reach the start/finish line turn to the right and go out of bounds. Lakitu will 
tow you back to before the start/finish line, but you will still be on the other 
lap. You can do this 3 time and finish in 1/3 the time. 

Shortcut on Kalimari Desert:
On the first or second lap if you get a star you can do this. When you get to 
the 2nd Railroad tracks turn and go to the tunnel. Just before you enter the 
tunnel use your star, if you do this right you'll finish the lap and have a 
shorter 2nd or 3rd lap. 

Shortcut on Rainbow Road:
If you use a mushroom you can jump from the big hill just after start to a later 
part of the track on the left (right in mirror mode). This is very hard to do. 

Shortcut on Yoshi Valley:
Just after all the roads come to a point, you can jump to a lower track. Once 
you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy. 

Shortcuts on Koopa Troopa Beach:
#1 - The first shortcut is the sand bar on the right side on the archway. Just 
go over it and it's a shortcut (and an easy one at that)

#2 - Jump from the top of the ramp just after the archway, you need to have 
enough speed or you might not make it. A mushroom, star, or a last second power 
slide helps 

Shortcuts on Royal Raceway:
#1 - You can take a big shortcut if you jump across the river just after the 
first big turn. You need a mushroom or a star to do this (it is much harder if 
you use a star). Aim for the dark spot on the wall, if you do this right you can 
get towed up onto the big ramp.

#2 - In 150 cc you can jump to the left at the top of the big ramp and land on a 
bit of dirt near the finish line. If you do this right you will get towed to the 
finish line. This is very hard. 

Shortcuts on Wario Stadium:
#1 - When you first start the race, you can jump the wall at the top of the 
hills, you can shave almost half your time by doing this.

#2 - After the first shortcut you can jump back over the wall and land before 
the finish line, this is very hard to do. I myself have only done this 2 or 3 
times, so don't say it is not posible, it is.


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