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 Mario Tennis - Platform: Gameboy Color

Mario Tennis - Platform: Gameboy Color

In-game reset
Press A + B + Start + Select during game play.

Hint: Walk faster
Hold B while walking.

Castle Court
Play Luigi's Shooting Star mini-game and win both levels. 
When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60. 
You can now play on the Castle Court in linked play and 
exhibition modes.

Tropics Court
Play Baby Mario's Target Shot mini-game and win both levels. 
When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60. 
You can now play on the Tropics Court in linked play and 
exhibition modes.
Jungle Court
Play Donkey Kong's Banana Bunch mini-game and win both levels. 
When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60. 
You can now play on the Jungle Court in linked play and 
exhibition modes.
Star Court
Get every Medal and Gold Trophy in single player mode. 
After that, you must win Mario's Mini Game, Boo Blast's 
High Score. The Star Court will now appear at the course 
selection screen. 
Wario Warehouse court
Defeat all the Mario characters in exhibition mode, 
including the Nintendo 64 characters.

Play as Students
Defeat the students you face in the Junior, Senior, Varsity, 
and Traveling Leagues to unlock them at the character 
selection screen.
Play as Peach
Complete the game in Doubles

Play as Mario
Complete the game in Singles

Nintendo 64 characters
Use the Transfer Pak with the Nintendo 64 version of Mario 
Tennis. Select "Transfer" at the main menu, then select 
"Game Pak Check". After it checks, an icon that says 
"Transfer N64 Characters" will appear. This will allow you 
to play as Bowser, Waluigi, Wario, and Yoshi.

Silver and Gold Rackets
Make sure you have the Iron Racket equipped, then go to the 
training courts. Go up to the lake and follow it until you 
see a boy practicing his swing. Tell him you do not like it 
and you will show him your swing. He will laugh, and you will 
get angry. Next, get ready to swing. In ten seconds, press A 
as many times as possible. If you press it 100 times, you will 
get the Silver Racket. If you swing it 150 times you will get 
the Gold Racket. Note: Try wrapping your hand in your shirt and 
rub it over A until it ends. You should be able to get either 
racket this way.

More mini-games
Unlock the Nintendo 64 characters, then check the mini-game screen. 
More entries should be available. To unlock even more mini-games, 
win the Junior, Senior, Varsity, and Traveling Leagues in Singles 
and Doubles.
Game reset
If you lose a game in RPG mode, pause the game immediately before 
the score appears. Save the game, quit, then resume the game you 
were just playing. The game (not match or set) will be reset.

Hint: Playing in any of the training rooms, competitions, matches,
When you are on the court, position yourself in the center (or 
just slightly behind center ) when playing. This allows you to 
be able to move quickly to any position on the court, because you 
are the same distance from any point. After a return or serve, go 
back to that position to prepare for a return ball. This will help 
you greatly in your advancement and allow you to win and return 
more balls, giving you more experience points, and allowing you to 
dominate the court more.

When playing against an opponent or in the training, read where 
the ball will be going. If the opponent or the machine goes to one 
of the upper or lower corners, position yourself between the center 
of the court and the sideline closest to where the your opponent is 
positioned. This will allow you to return the ball easily if it 
goes to the sideline or to the center of the court. The same thing 
works if the opponent goes to the upper center or lower center. 
If upper, stand in the center because you will have enough time to 
react because of the distance. If the opponent comes close, go back 
slightly to get more time to react. 

When playing on the Wall trainer, if you stand close and can react 
quickly, you will be able to return the ball rapidly to the wall, 
allowing you to get the 50 returns goal quicker: Note: This will 
not always work; it depends on how quickly you can move and hit the 
ball without hitting the rotating pads and alternating high and low 
returns. This is most difficult when you reach the higher levels 
where there are faster and more pads to avoid. When you get to the 
higher levels, stand about center back and alternate high and low 
hits. This will work most, but not all of the time. Just remember your 
ball return power. The speed will also be a determining factor in how 
you can control and receive the ball 

When you finish all four levels in both training rooms, your next goal 
will to beat your previous record. When you get to your highest number 
of returns, beat it by one and then miss the ball. This should give 
you good experience points, but allow you to keep playing it for 
awhile since your goal each time will be just one higher. 

Hint: Always win
Select adventure mode. If the score is 40-0 for your opponents, 
save and quit. When you restart the game, it will be 0-0 again. 
The game only counts games and sets.

Hint: Easy wins
Try to do a drop shot, then run up to the net and hit the ball from 
side to side (after they hit the ball). You should get a point after 
the third or fourth hit.

Hint: Always the Island Open Tournament
Get to the Island Open Tournament. Immediately press A + B + Start + 
Select when the match starts to win that round. Repeat this four 
times to instantly win the tournament.

Hint: Drop Shot technique
Note: This trick only works in singles. When doing a tough match 
(for example, Island Open against Mario), get close to the net and 
use the drop shot (B + A) to lure your opponent close. Then, when 
they are close and return the shot, hit the ball to either side. 
They may dive and hit the ball, but it will be weak. Smack the ball 
again when they are trying to get up.

Hint: More experience
After you have completed all of the wall mini-game levels, talk to 
the girl in front of the door that is preventing you from walking in. 
She will ask you if you are ready for the master level of practice. 
Press B and she will ask if want to try for an even easier level of 
practice. Answer "Yes". Then, walk on any of the level numbers and 
press A. You will get more experience. 

When you enter the traveling team in singles mode, you will have 
new equipment. Go to the training center and equip the Iron Shoes 
or the Iron Racket. They both give you 150% more experience when 
you win a match.

Hint: Choose partner
Finish either Mario Challenge (singles is easier if you use the 
"Drop Shot" trick technique). After that, make sure you have an 
empty file or one you do not use. You now have the option to pick 
either Harry or Kate (and make them left or right handed).


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