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 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Platform: XBox

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Platform: XBox

Switch characters during match:
Use the following to switch between characters in the middle of the game. For 
example if you choose Cable, Ryu, then Ken, but later in the second stage you 
want Ryu to appear first -- hold L for the second character and R for the third 
character at the versus screen.

Change team order:
The order of your fighters will appear before a versus match, with "1", "2", or 
"3". You can select the first and second fighters of your team, and thus change 
the entire team order. To select the first fighter, press LP + LK for the 
character marked "1", MP + MK for the character marked ''2'', or HP + HK for the 
character marked ''3''. Then, press the same button combos to select the second 
fighter. Press Start to continue.

Multiple character selection:
Unlock every costume and character to chose multiple people. For example, player 
one could chose three Charlie's and the other player could also chose three 

Cheaper hidden fighters:
Exit and enter the shop screen until the price of the hidden fighters are lower.
Change clock in background 
To change the time of the clock in the background of the clock level, simply 
change the Xbox's system time.

Continue attacking:
Press Start immediately after winning the match to move almost everywhere and 
have the ability to continue hitting the defeated character.

114-hit combo:
Select Gambit, Iron Man, and War Machine, then get a level 3 hyper combo gauge 
and do all their hyper combos (L + R). It should do a 114-hit combo. If not, try 
starting the Hyper Combo with another person.

Infinite chain supers:
Note: This trick only works in training mode. Set the combo gauge to infinity in 
the training menu. Then, start a super and start another one. This can be done 
an unlimited amount of times. This works best with characters who have beam 

Easy special:
When your special meter is at 3 or higher, press L + R to do any character's 

90% damage:
Choose Iron Man, War Machine, and Cable as your team, and make sure you choose 
projectile as their ability. Charge your super meter higher then 3, and press L 
+ R (default for partner A and B actions). The result should be all three of 
your team members will use their projectile super move, which will take care of 
the opposition provided they do not block. Note: An advanced part of this trick 
is to wait until your opponent uses his partner in battle, then use the attack. 
The result is devastating.

Abyss' first stage:
Defeat Abyss with any time limit in arcade and score attack modes. His first 
stage will be unlocked in training and versus modes.

Defeating Abyss:
Select Cable. For Abyss' first form, just block his attacks and then press Y to 
shoot. Repeat this until he dies. For his second form, distance yourself far as 
possible and shoot. Repeat until he dies. For his third form, just use Cables 
Hyper Viper. It takes off 90-95% of his life in one blast and will be a 115-130 
hit combo. Then, just hit him once or twice with any attack to defeat him.
To defeat Abyss in his second form, choose Cable. Keep shooting Abyss with the 
pistol and keep shooting till you have level 1 on the gauge. Execute Cable's 
Hyper Viper Combo. This should kill him -- if not keep repeating this pattern. 
The works if you are fast enough to kill him while he performs his short range 
Choose Megaman, Cable, and Cyclops. Play under the easy or medium difficulty 
setting. At Abyss, use Megaman then jump behind him and shoot. During his second 
form, use Megaman and continue shooting at him. You should have a level three 
power bar by now. At Abyss' third form, wait. He always dives down before 
attacking. When he reappears, do a Triple Hyper combo. If the game is set on 
very easy and high damage, Abyss should die in one hit.

Easy points:
You can get ten points a minute if you go to training mode, choose a character 
and opponent, then leave the game on for about five hours. Note: Do not pause 
the game.
Plug in a second controller, go to options, change the time to 30 seconds, and 
turn up the damage. Go to versus mode, turn the handicap down on controller two, 
and fight. You will get 100 points for each match.
To get easy points in arcade mode, fight up to Abyss in any difficulty on high 
damage. Your best difficulty setting is recommended. Once at Abyss, 
intentionally die on purpose multiple times. Continue, then die again. You will 
get 100 points every time a continue is used. When you finally choose to defeat 
Abyss, you will also get 50 points times the difficulty setting.
Enter the options screen. Select "Game Option" and set your difficulty bar high, 
choose the Turbo 2 speed, and have unlimited time. Put the damage bar on high. 
Go to arcade mode and choose any character with Cable (for example, War Machine, 
B.B. Hood, and Cable). When you begin at the first stage, make sure Cable's out 
first. Keep shooting with the pistol until your third opponent's life bar is 
half full. At this time your level gauge should be past 3. Use it at the correct 
moment and you will see more than 80 hit(s), plus the Perfect. You now have more 
than 300,000,000 points. Repeat this for the rest of the game .When you get to 
Abyss, be sure not to have him defeat one of your characters. Just keep shooting 
Cable's pistol until you get to his last form. On his final form, when Abyss 
shows up again, make sure your level gauge is at 3 or more to blast away.
One hit kill 
Choose Juggernaut, Iron Man, and BB Hood (in that order). Put them all on their 
recommended assist types. Get 3 Hyper Combo bars and link them all together 
(L=R). It should kill the opponent in one hit. This move was tested on Cable, a 
medium damage taker.
Choose Juggernaut, Incredible Hulk, and Zangeif. When at level 3, let Juggernaut 
be your active character, get very close, and press L + R to make them all do 
their hyper combos. This will instantly kill your opponent's character. Note: 
This attack best works when your opponent is in a corner.


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