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 Mass Effect 2 - Platform: XBox 360

Mass Effect 2 - Platform: XBox 360

Prequel bonuses:
Have a saved game file from the original Mass Effect on your hard
drive, and use that profile in Mass Effect 2 to get the following 

100,000 credits: Mass Effect character with the "Rich" achievement
30,000 credits: Level 50 Mass Effect character
2,000 experience points: Level 50 Mass Effect character
5,000 of each resource: Level 50 Mass Effect character
50,000 credits: Level 60 Mass Effect character
4,000 experience points: Level 60 Mass Effect character
10,000 of each resource: Level 60 Mass Effect character 

Dr. Pepper bonuses:
Use the following steps to get the bonus Dr. Pepper bonus items. Go to, and register for an
account. Note: You can register three different accounts to redeem
three different codes and get each bonus item. After creating an
account, enter one of the following redemption codes, and select the "No
Purchase" option:


Select the "Redeem" button to get a login for an EA account. Log in with
your EA account information that is linked to Mass Effect 2. Select
Mass Effect 2 from the game list, and choose the desired bonus item.
Repeat the steps with a new account to get the other bonus

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game. Then, start a new game with the cleared
saved game file to start with the following bonuses: choose Loyalty
Bonus Skill at the start; retain Skill Points from first playthrough;
retain level and experience points from first playthrough; +25%
experience bonus for all characters; 200,000 credits, 50,000 of each
resource; Renegade and Paragon points reset to neutral; and your weapons
and armor (but no upgrades) from first playthrough.

Loyalty mission bonuses:
Successfully complete the indicated party member's Loyalty mission to
unlock the corresponding skill for Shepard, alternate colors for their
costumes, and increase the chance for surviving the suicide mission.
Note: Successfully complete the Advanced Training research upgrade for
your ship to be able to select the skills.

Armor Piercing Ammo: Archangel's Loyalty mission
Biotic Barrier: Jacob's Loyalty mission
Dominate: Kill Samara during her Loyalty mission, and have Morinth
replace her.
Fortification: Grunt's Loyalty mission.
Geth Shield Boost: Legion's Loyalty mission
Inferno Grenade: Zaeed's Loyalty mission
Neural Shock: Mordin Solus's Loyalty mission
Reave: Samara's Loyalty mission
Shield Drain: Tali's Loyalty mission
Slam: Miranda's Loyalty mission
Warp Ammo: Jack's Loyalty mission 

Extra Paragon and Renegade points:
During conversations, look carefully for a prompt at the top left area
of the screen. Quickly press LT when the wings appear for extra Paragon
points. Quickly press RT when the star appears for extra Renegade points.

Easy max skills:
Have at least four available skill points and a skill ready to be
evolved to its fourth form. While evolving a skill from level 3 to level
4 at the squad menu, press A + X to regain all spent squad points and
keep the skill evolution. This works best if you level a skill from 0 to
4 (10 points) at the same time. Repeat this process to fill every line
of your and your crew's skill tree. Note: You cannot do this trick in
the patched version of the game. You can delete all patches for the game
by using the "Clear hard drive cache" code for the Xbox 360

Easy materials:
To find some easy mining planets, go to the Micah system in the
Vallhallan Threshold, and look for the three planets hidden in the
asteroids. They are all "Rich" planets with a lot of materials on them
to help with your upgrades.

Planet scanning:
After scanning a planet and pressing Y, the planet information screen on
the right reveals if the planet is "Rich", "Moderate", or "Poor". Rich
planets give approximately 10+ good scan for ores. Ore yields vary from
1,500 to 3,000. Moderate planets give approximately 8+ good scans, but
around 35% to 55% yield compared to rich planets. Poor planets give
approximately 5+ scans with yields 5% to 25% compared to rich planets.
Note: If there is an anomaly on the planet (typically a rich planet)
and you land before you scan, usually the Star Map on the Normandy will
put you in a strange location away from the anomaly planet. You must
then go back and rescan to get your ores.

Easy Geth Pulse Rifle:
Change the difficulty to Hardcore before you land on the planet.
Successfully complete Tali'Zora's recruitment mission to find the Geth
Pulse Rifle in the room where you find Tali. You can then change the
difficulty back to its original setting.

Cryo Bomb:
This trick requires any Biotic that lifts your enemy off the ground and
the Cryo Bomb tech. Use the Biotic to lift the enemy off the ground,
then hit him or her with the Cryo Bomb while they are still under the
Biotic's effect. This will cause him or her to be stuck in a permanent
falling state, where they are not capable of causing any damage. This is
very helpful when trying to prevent the deployment of Harbinger, as once
he enters the glitched body he cannot move. Thus, you can kill him at
the end of a fight to prevent him from jumping into another body.


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