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 Mass Effect - Platform: XBox 360

Mass Effect - Platform: XBox 360

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus the 
next time a new game is started. Once the game is completed, the "New Game +" 
option is also unlocked, which allows you to use your existing character with 
previously earned equipment and skills.

  +10% Damage Reduction: Get the "Soldier Ally" achievement. 
  +10% Damping and Overload reduced cooldown: Have a 75% game completion with 
  Garrus in your squad. 
  +10% Experience: Reach level 60. 
  +10% Hardening: Have a 75% game completion with Ashley in your squad. 
  +10% Health: Kill 150 Organic enemies. 
  +10% Lift and Throw reduced cooldown: Have a 75% game completion with Kaiden 
  in your squad. 
  +10% Sabotage and AI Hacking reduced cooldown: Have a 75% game completion with 
  Tali in your squad. 
  +10% Shield: Kill 250 Synthetic enemies. 
  +10% Shield strength: Successfully complete the game with shield damage 
  greater than health damage. 
  +10% Stasis and Barrier reduced cooldown: Have a 75% game completion with 
  Liara in your squad. 
  +25% Marksman reduced cooldown: Get 150 kills with the pistol. 
  +5% Experience: Have a 75% game completion or reach level 50. 
  +5% weapon damage: Successfully complete the game two times. 
  Assault Rifle skill for new characters: Get 150 kills with the assault rifle. 
  Barrier skill for new characters: Use Barrier 75 times. 
  Decryption skill for new characters: Use Sabotage 75 times. 
  Electronics skill for new characters: Use Overload 75 times. 
  First Aid skill for new characters: Use Medi-gel 150 times. 
  Hacking skill for new characters: Use AI Hacking 75 times. 
  Medicine Skill for new characters: Use Neural Hacking 75 times. 
  Stasis skill for new characters: Use Stasis 75 times. 
  Throw skill for new characters: Use Throw 75 times. 
  Warp skill for new characters: Use Warp 75 times. 
  Hardcore difficulty: Successfully complete the game. 
  Insane difficulty: Successfully complete the game on the Hardcore difficulty. 
  Level 60 level cap: Successfully complete the game. 
  Lift skill (for non-Biotics): Use Lift 75 times. 
  Prestige Class: Reach level 34. 
  Regenerate 1 health per second: Have a 75% game completion with Wrex in your 
  Shielding skill for new characters: Use Dampening 75 times. 
  Shotgun skill for new characters: Get 150 kills with the shotgun. 
  Singularity skill for new characters: Use "Singularity" 75 times. 
  Sniper Rifle skill for new characters: Get 150 kills with the sniper rifle. 
  Spectre grade weapons for purchase: Get 1 million credits. The weapons are 
  available through the Normandy and C-Sec Requisitions Officers. 

Infinite credits:
The following trick only works between the two indicated vendors. You can 
usually buy items back from Expat at half the price you sold them to Dr. Michel 
for. First, successfully complete the side quest involving Dr. Michel (from the 
Med Clinic) and her blackmailer. After the quest is complete, you will get a 
discount from all the goods she sells. Start selling her all of your expensive 
equipment. Then, travel to the Wards Markets, and talk to the merchant named 
Expat. You can buy all of your items back for cheaper than you sold them for. 
Return to Dr. Michel, and sell her all of your items again. Repeat this process 
as many times as desired.

Infinite Paragon points:
Go to your Galaxy Map, and travel to the Attican Beta cluster. You will receive 
a message from the Alliance Command telling you about a downed recon probe that 
you must retrieve a data module from. From there, travel to the Hercules system, 
and continue to the planet Eletania. After you reach the downed probe, you will 
discover that a monkey-like native has made off with the data module. Get back 
in the Mako, and go to your map. You will see three native colonies. Go towards 
the one in the middle of the three. Then, go into the mining shaft, and proceed 
through the tunnels until you reach the end. Search the two monkeys in that part 
of the shaft. One of them will have the data module. Save the game immediately 
after getting the module. Then, reload the saved game, and continue to press A 
to keep searching the monkey that had the data module. Your Paragon meter over 
the radar should increase each time you select the monkey. At approximately 300 
Paragon, you will get the "Paragon" achievement. Note: If you have already 
completed this assignment, this glitch cannot be done.

Infinite Paragon and Renegade points:
On the Noveria planet, go to the hotel bar, and look for a Turian named Lorik 
Qui'in. Accept his quest to steal the data from his office. Once you get the 
data, the receptionist will ask you to get Qui'in to testify. Tell her you will 
do it, and then talk to Qui'in. Tell Qui'in that he should testify (top left 
option). When he refuses, select the Charm option (top left) for Paragon points 
or the Intimidate (bottom left) for Renegade points, and end the conversation. 
Talk to him again, and ask about the Matriarch. When he gets done talking about 
her, select the "Other questions" option (bottom right). You should now have the 
option to ask him to testify again (top left). He will refuse, and you will be 
able to use the Charm or Intimidate option again to gain another 24 Paragon or 
Renegade points. Repeat this process as many times as desired. You can also 
easily get the "Paragon" and "Renegade" achievements with the glitch.

Easy Mako repairs:
If your Mako is badly damaged and you do not want to or cannot spend Omni-gel to 
repair it, save your game, and reload it. Your Mako should now be totally 


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