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 Medal of Honor - Frontline - Platform: Gamecube

Medal of Honor - Frontline - Platform: Gamecube
Enter these codes at the Enigma Machine.

Code        Result 
EAGLE       Unlock Mission 2, A Storm in the Port 
HAWK        Unlock Mission 3, Needle in a Haystack 
PARROT      Unlock Mission 4, Several Bridges Too Far 
DOVE        Unlock Mission 5, Rolling Thunder 
TOUCAN      Unlock Mission 6, The Horten's Nest 
SEAGULL     Get a Gold Medal on the current mission 
SILVERSHOT  Silver bullet, One hit kills enemies 
BOUNCE      Rubber grenades 
SUPERSHOT   Snipe-O-Rama, all weapons are sniper mode
BALLOWAX    Master code
REFLECTOR   Bullet shield mode
BIGBOOMER   Mohton torpedoes
HEADSUP     Achilles' head mode
HIDENSEEK   Invisible enemies
MADHATTER   Men with hats

Pause game play, then press B, L, B, R, Y, L, X, Down. The game
will automatically resume.

Bullet shield
Pause game play, then press B(2), R, L, Y, X. The game will
automatically resume.

Successfully complete the game with a gold medal in every mission
to receive the EA LA Medal of Valor.

Successfully complete the following missions with all gold medals
to receive the corresponding medal:

D-Day mission: Army Distinguished Service Medal.
Storm In The Port mission: Army Commendation Medal
Needle In A Haystack mission: Soldiers Medal
Several Bridges Too Far mission: Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross
Rolling Thunder mission: Legion of Merit - Complete
The Horten's Nest mission: Distinguished Service Flying Cross

Gold medal
Kill over 95% of the enemies and have over 75% health remaining at
the end of a level to earn a gold medal.

Enter the options menu and turn on the subtitles. This will allow
you to know what the Germans are saying.

A Chance Meeting: Falling objects
When you enter the main U-boat facility and start to fight your
way towards the docks, you will encounter several train cars. One
of these cars has a mounted MG-44. Hit the switch on the other
side of the car and it will roll until the gun is pointing through
a doorway leading into an open area between the dockyard
buildings. Use the gun to clear out the enemy. When done, proceed
forward until you find more Nazis. One of them will shoot at you
with another machine gun mounted on a sandbagged position. Behind
that are a truck full of torpedoes and a crane that is holding
several crates aloft. Use your Springfield sniper rifle and shoot
the rope. The crates will fall on the truck, causing it to explode
and kill the sniper on the crane and any nearby Nazis.

Clipping Their Wings: Hidden chests
On the final mission where you are required to take pictures of
the blueprints, there is a sleeping area. On the side of the room
where you find the spy camera, check in between the bunks to find
hidden chests. You will find canteens inside.

Derailed: Secret passage
As you start the mission, go to your right and you will see a dirt
road. Go slow because of a Nazi that is sitting down, waiting. You
see something in the mountain. Go to the door but do not open it.
Get ready to shoot -- there are three Nazis inside. Mow them down
and grab the MG-42. Then, wipe out the remaining Nazis below.

The Golden Lion: Nazi fight
After you go into the pub and tip the piano player, he will play a
song and distract the guards to the stairs leading up to the
balcony. There will be two men at the top, and down the stairs at
the bottom will be two more men. To the right of the men on the
top, there will be three beer mugs. Go over to them and press
Action. You will tip the mugs one by one off the balcony onto the
table of the men on the bottom. They will argue each time you tip
one. After the third beer mug is tipped, the man on the top will
jump down and they will start punching each other. It will slow,
but after about ten to twenty seconds, one of the men will tackle
the other one and punch him in the face while he is on the ground.
After the man is pinned down and beat up, you may as well end the
mission because this will continue until you do so. Note: To see
what the Nazis are saying when they are arguing, turn on the

Nijmegen Bridge: Destroy the AA gun
At the end of the level, you will see a red barrel with a white
rag sticking out of it that must be destroyed. Use the following
trick instead of shooting the barrel or tossing a grenade to
detonate it. Approach the side of the barrel with the rag. You
should see the message "Press Action to ignite the rag" appear at
the top of the screen. Do so, and you will hear the sound of Jimmy
lighting a lighter and touching it to the rag. Immediately back
away and wait. After a few seconds, the barrel will explode and
the anti-aircraft gun will be destroyed without wasting any

Nijmegen Bridge: Suicidal Nazi
When instructed climb up the ladder to top of bridge, do so. Note:
Enable the "Invincibility" or "Bullet shield mode" codes to make
this easier. When you reach the top of the ladder, a Nazi will be
directly in front of you. He will aim his gun at you and begin to
shake. Do not shoot him or any other Nazis. Wait for a moment, and
he will stand up, grab his helmet, and jump off the top of the
bridge screaming.

Nijmegen Bridge: Nazi helper
Go up the ladder that leads to the top of the bridge. There should
be two Nazis there; one directly in front of you, and one to the
left. The one to the left gets scared and falls off of the bridge.
The one in front of you will shake. If you walk up behind him, he
will grab his rifle and start sniping the Nazis below him on the
bridge. Shoot all other Nazis in the area.

Nijmegen Bridge: Snagged Nazis
Proceed with the mission until you come up from under the bridge
the first time. Kill the three Nazis waiting for their relief.
Keep walking about 10 feet, take out your sniper rifle, and zoom
in as much as you can on the upper part of the bridge. You should
see some men crouching. If you are lucky, you can see their shots
as they are fired, which gives them away easier. Shoot the Nazis
and they will fall and get snagged on some wires on the bridge.
They will try to get up, fail, and die.

Omaha Beach: Saving your men
When you get out of the water, quickly get to an obstacle, then
find the Higgins Boat where your lieutenant is located. Saving
your men is difficult because cannot see very far. The will not
wave at you unless you are close to them. Once you run up and down
the beach a few times, you will hear them over the noise.

On Track: UFO
When you get outdoors next to Sturmgeist's train, look up and to
the right. You will see a UFO flying in the air. If you look
closely, it has the Nazi markings and colors.

On Track: Jimmy Patterson poster
When you get to the entrance to the train station, stop and look
on the left side of the entrance door. There will be a wanted
poster of Jimmy Patterson with a picture. It even has a reward in

On Track: Drunk Nazi
You will find a bar just before the first trains. The first person
you should see is a Nazi with a mug walking around the room. Do
not shoot him. Shoot the others with guns. After you kill the ones
with guns, you can see the drunk Nazi lie down and go to sleep on
the floor, using his mug as a pillow.

Operation Repunzel: Suicidal Nazi
There is a Nazi soldier practicing a speech in a hall where you
find the map behind the painting. Instead of going around on the
top, go downstairs and run up to him. He will automatically fall
back and die without a single shot. The only downside is that you
cannot get a gold star for this mission if this is done.

Operation Repunzel: Extra health
After you kill all the waiters and the cook, look around and run
to the bread. Jimmy will say that its yummy , and your health will
rise more than a medical canteen.

Operation Repunzel: Speech practice
You will encounter a man practicing his speech in a large hall
inside the building where they are preparing to have a Nazi Rally.
Instead of walking up to him, stay on the balcony and go across
the walkway connecting the two sides of the room. He will see you
and tell you to stop. He will then pick up the rocket launcher
next to the podium and fire it at you. It will hit the walkway and
blow it in half, forming a ramp from the ground floor to the upper

Operation Repunzel: Chandelier kill
You can shoot the chandeliers that are around in some of the rooms
of the Nazi building. They will kill anyone underneath, including

Riding Out The Storm: Destroying train
When you climb into the gun turrets on the train to shoot at the
other train cars, etc.; aim for the very front of the opposite
train. You can destroy it with one shot.

Rough Landing: Sniping Nazis
After Barnes blows up the tank that is inside a barn, you will get
to a mill where you will find a sniper. Kill him, then get up to
the mill. Snipe the large group of Nazis that will appear in the
distance, as if they were following you.

Seaside Stowaway: Breach wall to the docks
You will see a red barrel with a white rag sticking out of it that
must be destroyed. Use the following trick instead of shooting the
barrel or tossing a grenade to detonate it. Approach the side of
the barrel with the rag. You should see the message "Press Action
to ignite the rag" appear at the top of the screen. Do so, and you
will hear the sound of Jimmy lighting a lighter and touching it to
the rag. Immediately back away and wait. After a few seconds, the
barrel will explode and the dock wall will be breached without
wasting any ammunition.

Yard By Yard: Civilian backup
In one of the alleys, you will encounter an old women just sitting
in her backyard. Next door to her lives a young man with glasses,
lying on his lawn next to his shed. In his yard is a ladder
propped up on a couple of boxes. Use this ladder as a ramp and
walk across it. In this yard is a man with a helmet standing next
to his shed. Do not shoot him. Walk up closely to him and he
should have his arms raised, is clearly too old to be in the
military. Stare at him until he puts his arms down and reaches
into his shed window for a shotgun. Still, do not shoot him. By
this time a Nazi soldier will storm into the man's yard. The old
man will fire at him, killing him, and leave his yard looking for
more Nazis. For good measure, stand as close to him as possible
while he leaves his yard. He will give you a nudge to go while he
covers you.

Yard By Yard: Create hole
Shoot the dirt with a Panzerschreck and the man will sink down
into a hole.

Yard By Yard: Flush the toilet
At the beginning of the mission in the first house you enter, go
up the stairs to find a bathroom. Press Action here and Jimmy will
flush the toilet.

Yard By Yard: Dancing Nazis
In the second building that overlooks Checkpoint 2, shoot the Nazi
on the machine gun and quickly look down. The Nazis down there
will be dancing.

Your Finest Hour: Flipping soldier
After you take out the machine gun nests and eliminate all the
Nazis in the bunker, quickly get off the machine gun. Go to the
entrance of the bunker. You will see some allies running towards
you. Look at the one at the left. When the mine goes off, you will
see him fly into the air and do a flip.

Your Finest Hour: Soldiers' names
After your amphibious boat explodes, go to the shore where you
will see a few dead men. Zoom in on there chest and you will see
names such as Rus K (Risky) and others.

Your Finest Hour: Fish
In the first mission, Your Finest Hour, walk along the beach and
you can see little silver fish that have washed up on shore.
Information in this section was contributed by BJoker88.

Restore health
In some levels, such as Yard To Yard, you can find bread on tables
that you can eat and get back a small amount of health.


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