Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Protoman - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Protoman - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Protoman - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Navi Customizer Programs - Compression Codes:
To enter these codes, have the desired Navi Customizer Program highlighted in the Navi 
Customizer screen. Hold the Right (->) button on the D-Pad, then enter the 10 button code 
(Composed of different combinations of the buttons A, B, L and R) for that NCP to compress 
Once compressed, the Navi Customizer Program's size will be reduced by one block, or square. 
Only non-textured programs can be compressed (AutoRun cannot be compressed either), and 
inputting the code again will decompress it. 

Cheat                 Effect 
ALAARBRBAR Compresses ChargeMAX 
LLRARLBLAR Compresses BusterPack 
RLLALLBABB Compresses ShinobiDash 
RBBARBRARB Compresses KawarimiMagic (AntiDmg) 
BARLLRALBR Compresses Custom2 
RARLLRRABA Compresses RapidMAX 
ALRABLRALR Compresses SaitoBatch 
RBLRBRLLRL Compresses RushSupport 
ABBRAABRBR Compresses BeatSupport 
LBLABLABAL Compresses TangoSupport 
AABLARBLAA Compresses MegaVirus 
BBRALBLARR Compresses GigaVirus 
BLBABLBBAA Compresses AirShoes 
RRLBLLARBL Compresses GigaFolder1 
LLLRRBARBL Compresses AttackMAX 
BARABRLRRA Compresses BodyPack 
AABRABRLLR Compresses BatteryMode 
BRALARBAAB Compresses Collect 
AARLBABALB Compresses Custom +1 
RRBBRBRBAA Compresses Dandyism 
RLABBARALR Compresses First Barrier 
ALLBRLAAAL Compresses FloatShoes 
ABLARABLRL Compresses HumourSense 
BBABBRRLAR Compresses MegaFolder 1 
RLRARRLLLR Compresses Millionare 
RLRLRBBRAB Compresses SelfRecovery 
ABARALRBBA Compresses Shield 
RABRALLRBA Compresses SuperArmour 
ARBBRLRALA Compresses UnderShirt 
BABLABRLRB compresses bugstopper 
LRLABLBBLA Compresses the JungleLand program 
BABALRARAA Compresses the I'm Fish program 
LBRARLABLB Compresses the Oil Body program 
LLRBLLAALB Compresses the Reflect program 
LABBLBAALL Compresses Mega Folder 2 

Numberman codes: 
Go to the numberman machine in Higsby's shop when it is placed there and enter the passwords
to get your prize. 
Cheat  Effect 
45654128 HP+400 NCP 
48958798 Static S 
05068930 Anti Navi V 
90914896 Full Energy 
00798216 Untrap 
91098051 DjangoSP D 
30112002 Body Pack 
68799876 Dark Invis * 
12541883 Spin Blue 
78987728 Spin Green 
30356451 Spin Red 
31084443 HP+50 NCP 
10386794 Anti Sword R 
28706568 Unlocker 
25465278 Anti Water * 
73877466 Anti Fire * 
29789661 Lock Enemy 
79877132 BeatSupport NCP 
12118790 Full Energy 
28256341 SoulTime +1 (Yellow NCP) 
18746897 Recovery-300 Y 
10133670 Anti Wood * 
54288793 TangoSupport NCP 
80246758 BusterPack NCP 
64664560 Unlocker 
09609807 RushSupport NCP 
15595587 Custom 2 
35321321 Gun Del Sol 3 O 
73978713 Unlocker 
63231870 Attack MAX (Yellow NCP) 
90630807 HP +200 (Pink NCP) 
07765623 Custom Bolt 3 G 
35607360 Anti Elec * 
64892292 Sneakrun Subchip 
03419893 HP+400 (Pink NCP) 
13926561 HP+300 (White NCP) 
36695497 Rapid MAX (Pink NCP) 
72846472 HP+500 (White NCP) 
87412146 Charge MAX (White NCP) 
36695497 SpeedMAX 
68942679 Steal Revenge P 
52052687 Death Match 3 V 
83143652 Quick Gauge * 
44213168 Anti Heal P 
50364410 Bug Fix * 
50906652 HP+500 (Pink) NCP 
97513648 Mega Folder 2 NCP 
48785625 HP+300 (Pink) NCP 

If you hold down 'A' and put in a button sequence fast, you will get a wider range for NeoVarSwrd. 
Cheat                Effect 
Up, B, Down, B, Up, B Double LifeSwrd slash 
Down, Right, Up      CrossSwrd slash 
Left, Right, Left, B SuperSonicBoom slash 

To use these, you must hold down the 'A' button and quickly put in the sequence. These only 
work with VarSwrd. 
Cheat                              Effect 
Left, Left-Down, Down, Right-Down, Right FghtSwrd slash 
Down, Left, Up, Right, Down       LifeSwrd slash 
Down, Right-Down, Right LongSwrd slash 
Left, B, Right, B SonicBoom slash 
Up, Right, Down WideSwrd slash 

To use this, you must hold the A button while using Z-Saber, and input the following code 
on the third slash. You must be holding A while it is slashing, and the code must be 
inputted on the third slash. 
Cheat Effect 
B, Back Sonicboom after the third slash. 
Input this code as soon as you use the Gyroman Chip. Hold the buttons down. 
Cheat Effect 
L+R If the enemy is on the same row as you, Gyroman bombs it three times instead of bombing 
the row. 

Shademan Extra Effects 
When you use the Shademan SP/DS chip, as soon as you see Shademan come up, immediately press 
the following codes for an extra effect to his attack. 
Cheat Effect 
Press Down, Down-Right, Right+A Makes enemy paralyzed. 
Press Down, Down-Left, Left+A Makes enemy confused. 

As soon as you use the Larkman chip press this sequence, it will make a beep if entered correctly. 
Cheat Effect 
press up, up/right, right, down/right, down Larkman's attack pierces right through auras and barriers. 

SearchMan Chip Extra Effect 
Cheat Effect 
A+B Destroy all enemy chips when hit by Searchman 
Battle Network 5 Unlockables
Save Icons 
Unlockable How to Unlock 
GigiComplete Collect All 6 Giga Chips 
MegaComplete Collect All 60 Mega Chips 
StandComplete Collect All 180 Standard Chips 
Protoman's Icon Beat Neubla Gray. 
DarkComplete Collect All 12 Dark Chips 
P.A.Complete Use All 30 Program Advances 
Forte's Icon Beat Forte SP in Nebula Hole Area 6(Random Encounter) 
Liberation Mission Prizes 
After every Liberation Mission you get a prize depending on how many phases it took for 
you to complete the mission. 
This doesn't include Zenny prizes. 
Unlockable How to Unlock 
CloudMan C Beat Mission 3 in 8 - 9 
CloudMan SP C Beat Mission 3 in 7 or less 
ShadeMan S Beat Mission 2 in 8 - 9 
ShadeMan SP S Beat Mission 2 in 7 or less 
BlizzardMan B Beat Mission 1 in 6 - 7 
BlizzardManSP B Beat Mission 1 in 5 or less 
Fullcust * Beat Mission 4 in 8 or less 
AntiNavi M Beat Mission 4 in 9 - 10 
CosmoMan SP C Beat Mission 5 in 7 or less 
CosmoMan C Beat Mission 5 in 8 - 9 
Z Saber Z Beat Mission 6 in 8 or less 
ProtoMan B/Colonel C Beat Mission 6 in 9 - 10 
BlakWing W Beat Mission 7 in 10 or less 
ShadeMan DS S Beat Mission 7 in 11 - 12 
Muramasa M Beat Mission 8 in 12 or less 
CloudMan DS C Beat Mission 8 in 13 - 14 
Anubis A Beat Mission 9 in 14 or less 
CosmoMan DS C Beat Mission 9 in 15 - 16 

Secret Bosses 
There are secret bosses in the game that require completing all Liberation Missions 
(including Nebula Area Liberation Missions). 
Unlockable How to Unlock 
Chaos Lord - Nebula Gray V2 Defeat all 6 DS navis in Nebula Area6 
Chaos Lord - Megaman/Rockman DS Defeat all 6 DS navis with an average time under 25 seconds 
Chaos Lord - Bass/Forte V3 Defeat all 6 DS navis with an average time between 25-40 seconds 
Chaos Lord - Nebula Gray V3 Defeat all 6 DS navis with an average time over 40 seconds 
Bass/Forte SP Defeat Chaos Lord Bass/Forte V3 
Battle Network 5 Secrets
Boktai 2 Crossover Battle Mode 
With attaching the Wireless Adapter before the Title Screen appears. Under Continue you 
will get Crossover Battle Mode. 
With this mode you can face Shademan and link up Wirelessly to Boktai 2 to see who the 
fastest is to beat Shademan using the EXE 5 and Boktai 2 System. 
Requires Two Wireless Adapters. 

Unlimited Money 
After winning the End Area 5 Liberation Mission, there will be a gold Mr. Prog there who 
will recreate the battle. Talk to him and start the battle. Send a Navi to liberate the 
first item square and you should obtain 1800 Zennys. Next, retreat. You will leave the battle, 
however you will keep the 1800 Zennys. Repeat as many times as you want for more Zennys. 

Battle Network 5 Glitches
Use Medi's Liberation Ability at No Cost 
This glitch works in the Japanese version of the game only; it was removed in the European 
and American versions. 
First, get into a Liberation Mission and walk Medi up to a panel and select the TwinLiberate 
ability. Two panels (the one Medi is at and the one at the other end of the row) will be 
outlined in green. However, select 'No' when Medi asks you to use TwinLiberate. 
Switch to another Navi (don't do anything else before this!) and take him to the second 
panel that was outlined in green (not the one Medi was at) and press 'A' on the panel. See 
how the command changed from 'Liberate' to 'TwinLiberate', and how that panel and one Medi 
is at are now outlined in green? Select 'TwinLiberate' and if you win, it will function 
exactly like Medi's ability - without the Order Point cost.


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