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 Megaman Star Force 3 - Red Joker - Platform: Nintendo DS

Megaman Star Force 3 - Red Joker - Platform: Nintendo DS

Random Sigma Boss appearances:
At the title screen, hold L and tap the following gold stars in order: S Comp 
Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, SS Star, Red Joker Star. 
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

White cards:
At the main menu, select the "Brother" option, then choose the center portrait 
to enter the "Profile" screen. Tap the White Card box at the top right. Enter 
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding card. If you entered 
the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Note: When entering the codes, use 
the following layout on the touch screen:
[A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]
[B] [F] [J] [N] [R]
[C] [G] [K] [O] [S]
[D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

      Anger Fire 3, Time Bomb 3, Bobobon Bomb 3, Bobobon Bomb 3LPBKDJ
      Beast Swing 1, Gravity Plus, Giza Wheel 1, Ice Spinning 1GFKSLR
      Beast Swing 3, Beast Swing 3, Death Scythe 3, Heel Wizard 3TLSRPJ
      Beast Swing 3, Heel Wizard 2, Double Eater, Jack CorvusGLRHED
      Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Sword Fighter 3, Acid Ace V3KJRLBD
      Break Sabre, Giza Wheel 3, Stealth Lazer 3, Acid AceJCKDBA
      Break Sabre, Heat Upper 3, Heavy Down 3, Hammer Weapon 3RBDLCI
      Daba Flame 3, Heat Upper 3, Anger Fire 3, Machine Flame 3KQBPAH
      Destroy Upper, Stun Knuckle, Freeze Knuckle, Poison KnuckleKICMJT
      Double Eater, Wide Wave 3, Bubble Hook 3, Queen VirgoBTRIFJ
      Elec +30, Flash Spear 3, Inazuma Head 3, Spade Magnets V3THFLJI
      Elec Slash, Sword Fighter 3, Wood Slash, Dancing Blade 3SLBHDT
      Flash Spear 3, Inazuma Head 2, Elec Slash, Elec SlashSKQALD
      Fourth Element: Flash Spear 2, Shark Cutter 2, Heat Upper 2, Shuri 
      Shuriken 2JRQTLA
      Great Axe, Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Hammer Weapon 3SJBMPL
      Hammer Weapon 3, Heat Upper 3, Great Axe, Grave JokerDKLEAH
      Heat Upper 2, Anger Fire 1, Time Bomb 2, Daba Flame 1JSTKAP
      High-Speed Black Ace: Meteorite Barrage, Gravity Plus, Wide Wave 1, Beast 
      Swing 1CSTKQN
      Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 2, Blue InkRTALSJ
      Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 3, Flame AxeDKMPHI
      Ice Spinning 3, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 3, Bubble Hook 3BFGJIM
      Jet Attack 3, Skull Arrow 3, Skull Arrow 3, Hammer Weapon 3DTOFKL
      Kogarashi 3, Death Scythe 3, Tornado Dance, Windy Attack 3OGBFKL
      MiniGrenade, Sword, WideSword, LongSwordIJDCEO
      Mummy Hand 3, Dummy Spider 3, Elec Slash, Thunder of Earth 3JDFICS
      Panic Cloud, Panic Cloud, Flash Spear 3, Powder Shot 3BSCHLJ
      Powder Shot 3, Vulcan Seed 1, Vulcan Seed 2, Shuri Shuriken 3EGIKMP
      Powered Red Joker: Atomic Blazer, Attack +10, Beast Swing 1, Heat Upper 
      Shuri Shuriken 3, Wide Wave 3, Stealth Lazer 3, Smile Coin 3STKGHM
      Sword Fighter 1, Ground Wave 3, Noised Wizard 2, Drill Arm 3SHDETN
      Tornado Dance, Air Spread 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Mad Vulcan 3KFHPLD
      White Card 1: Plasma Gun, Stealth Laser 2, Mummy Hand 1, Inazuma Head 
      White Card 2: Green Ink, Dummy Spider 1, Shuri Shuriken 1, Thunder Shoot 
      White Card 3: Whistle, Drill Arm 1, Drill Arm 2, Windy Attack 1DFEJTH
      White Card 4: Bubble Hook 1, Bubble Hook 1, Flash Spear 2, Inazuma Head 
      White Card 5: Black Ink, Flash Spear 2, Bubble Hook 1, Mummy Hand 2EJHRPG
      White Card 6: Windy Attack 1, Windy Attack 1, Noised Wizard 1, Noised 
      Wizard 2JDBPLC
      White Card 7: Giza Wheel 2, Ground Wave 2, Shuri Shuriken 1, Ice Spinning 
      White Card 8: Heavy Cannon, Drill Arm 2, Heat Upper 2, Heavy Dawn 1FJLEDR
      White Card 9: Heel Wizard 1. Bubble Hook 1, Elec Slash, Dummy Spider 
      White Card 10: Barrier, Cannon, Cannon, CannonIJMHQP
      White Card 11: Double Eater, Beast Swing 3, Whistle, Great AxeJKIPTD
      White Card 12: Rolling Nuts 1, Rolling Nuts 2, Count Bomb 3, Machine Flame 
      White Card 13: Wide Wave 2, Shark Cutter 2, Ice Grenade, Ice GrenadeAGHTRQ
      White Card 14: Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 2, Edogiri 
      Blade 1RSBQPH
      White Card 15: Synchro Hook 1, Freeze Knuckle, Stun Knuckle, Heat Upper 
      White Card 16: Fire +30, Anger Fire 3, Ox Fire V2, Machine Flame 3KDANJH
      White Card 17: Aqua +30, Bubble Hook 3, Shark Cutter 3, Dia Iceburn 
      White Meteor, Time Bomb 3, Heavy Dawn 3, Machine Flame 3MFQLHJ
      Windy Attack 3, Typhoon Dance, Tornado Dance, Death Scythe 2TDAFIQ
      Wood +30, Kogarashi 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Club Strong V3EMJKAD
      Wood Slash, Dummy Spider 2, Shuri Shuriken 2, Stealth Lazer 2MISBLT


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