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 Mega Man Star Force - Dragon - Platform: Nintendo DS

Mega Man Star Force - Dragon - Platform: Nintendo DS

Title Screen Star Marks:
Accomplish something in-game to recieve these different icons on your New 
Game/Continue screen. Getting them all will also result something new to appear 
on the screen. One will also be able to fight the Infinity Version of the Final 
Boss at the end of the game which has 4000 HP.

Unlockable - How to Unlock 
Dragon Star - Defeat DragonSky 
G Comp Star - Colllect all 5 Giga Cards 
M Comp Star - Collect all 30 Mega Cards 
Rockman [Megaman] Star - Finish the Main Story 
S Comp Star - Collect all 150 Standard Cards 
SP Comp Star - Obtain all SP Cards 

Unlocking Kizamaro:
After beating the game, you can add Kizamaro to your Brother Band. He grants 
MegaClass+1, HP boosts, and his final Brother Force selection includes TripSong, 
GravityStage, MagicCrystal3, CancerBubbleSP, WolfForestSP, and CrownThunderSP. 
To unlock Kizamaro, speak to him at the Denpa Udai in Kodama Town and then head 
to the school gym. Wave into the Piano network and speak to the leader Jamminger 
you find to begin a 10-in-a-row battle sequence. After you win, speak to 
Kizamaro again to add him to your Brother Band.

Unlockable - How to Unlock 
Kizamaro's Brother Force - Complete Kizamaro's Sidequest 

Special War Rock Weapon:
By having the any of the following GBA Games in Slot-2 of the NDS with Ryuusei 
no Rockman:

Battle Network Rockman EXE (Megaman Battle Network)
Battle Network Rockman EXE2 (Megaman Battle Network 2)
Battle Network Rockman EXE3 (Megaman Battle Network 3 White)
Battle Network Rockman EXE3 BLACK (Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue
Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP (Megaman Battle Chip Challenge)
Rockman EXE4 Tournament Red Sun (Megaman Battle Network 4 Red Sun)
Rockman EXE4 Tournament Blue Moon (Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon)
Rockman EXE4.5 Real Operation 
Rockman EXE5 Team of Blues (Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Blues)
Rockman EXE5 Team of Colonel (Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colonel)
Rockman EXE6 Cyber Beast Greiga (Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar)
Rockman EXE6 Cyber Beast Falzer (Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar)

And either still in or taken out after a saved game. A New Cutscene will 
commence in the Dog House next to Gonta's House. After the cutscene is finished, 
go to the statue near the stairs to fight enemy in the middle of the map. 
Finally, after defeating the enemy, go back to the Dog House.

A Cutscene with Rockman EXE will occur out of the Data in the Dog House. You'll 
give him the Data picked off the enemy you defeated for a War Rock Item, "EXE 
Blaster". Which stats are AT1 | RA5 | CH1.

Slot-2 is also Region Locked for bonuses. Meaning Slot-1's Game must be in 
Japanese if you want to use Japanese Slot-2 Carts and vice-versa.


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