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 Mega Man X Collection - Platform: Playstation 2

Mega Man X Collection - Platform: Playstation 2

Gallery items:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the item in the gallery. 
To access the gallery, press L1 at the main menu.

Hint   1 - Successfully complete Megaman X.
Hint   2 - Successfully complete Megaman X2.
Hint   3 - Successfully complete Megaman X3.
Images 7 - Successfully complete Megaman X2.
Images 8 - Successfully complete Megaman X.
Music  2 - Successfully complete Megaman X4 with X.
Music  3 - Successfully complete Megaman X4 with X.
Music  4 - Successfully complete Megaman X3.
Staff    - Successfully complete Megaman X.

MegaMan's fireball in MMX1:
Must have Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, enemy weapons, and power-ups. 
Then, go to Armored Armadillo's level. Reach the final mine cart, 
which makes you launch you through the air at the end of the level. 
Just before you reach the wall, jump up and climb the wall. At the top, 
there will be a large Energy Unit . Get it, and then jump into the pit 
and die. Repeat this step five times. On the fifth time through, a 
capsule will appear on that same ledge. Dr. Light will then give you a 
Ryu-style fireball for Mega Man to use.

Rockman: Battle And Chase:
Successfully complete Megaman X, Megaman X2, and Megaman X3 to unlock 
Rockman: Battle And Chase.

Dragon Punch in Mega Man X2:
To reach the Dragon Punch, you must have all Heart Tanks, power ups, 
and Sub-Tanks. When you reach the two ladders, one unreachable. Lead 
the bats to the ladder and crystalize them to reach the top ladder. 
Then use Speed Burner on the first set of spikes and air-dash between 
the next spikes.
Go to another set of spikes. Charge up Speed Burner again and air-dash 
the first set and drop to second set and Speed Burner to the left to 
reach the 1-Up. It may take several tries, but you'll make it. Slide 
down the left wall and you'll find the Dragon Punch capsule. You MUST 
have a full energy meter to get this capsule.
To execute the Dragon Punch, press Forward, Down, and Down-Forward and 
the fire button.

Megaman X3: Golden Hyper Armor:
Before reaching Dr. Doppler's fortress, collect all 8 Heart Tanks, all 4 
E-Tanks, all 4 Ride Armors, and all 4 Armor parts, but NONE of the Armor Chips.

In the first area of Dr. Doppler's fortress, when you reach the Ride Armor 
Pod, get into the K Ride Armor. Make sure your life gauge is full.

Keep moving forward until you see this place where there are bottomless 
pits and iron balls are being dropped from the ceiling. Get out of the Ride 
Armor and slide down the left wall of the first shaft. Eventually you will 
enter a hidden path, and reach a red Capsule. Enter it and you will receive 
all the Armor Chips' effects, plus a damned cool-looking GOLDEN Hyper Armor.

Chip Effects:
- Head: Life Refill. Stand still and your life gauge will be slowly 
regenerated. This effect works with E-tanks as well, as long as X's life 
is full.

- Body: Enhanced Protection Field. Reduces even more damage after X has 
taken an initial damage.

- Buster: Hyper Charge. Select it on the bottom of the weapon list and 
you can fire the charged Buster for as long as the energy supply lasts. 
The energy can be regenerated by taking damage. Once it is used up, the 
weapon cannot be used until the energy is completely refilled. If you exit 
a stage, the weapon cannot be used in the next stage you enter until it is 
completely recharged.

- Leg: Double-Dash. X can perform one more air-dash.

Megaman X3: Z-Saber for X:
In second area of Doppler's fortress, the glass in the background should be 
intact if Vile was destroyed (otherwise it will be broken). Make it past the 
area filled with water and, before entering the sub-boss gate, switch to Zero.

Enter the sub-boss room and defeat the sub-boss. Make sure the final blow is 
dealt with Zero's Saber. (Just fully charge up, shoot it twice, wait for it 
to come down, then dodge and slash it.) It will slowly move up then go 
kamikaze on Zero.
X will then teleport in after the whole exploding sequence, and Zero will 
hand him the Z-Saber. To use it, just use it like when Zero was using it: 
Charge up to green, fire two Buster shots (still combinable), then push the 
attack button for the slash.

Note: With the Buster Upgrade, X can launch a sonicboom with the Z-Saber, 
which, if landed on an enemy that doesn't get instantly defeated, will deal 
extra damage on the enemy for up to 4 times. One single shockwave can take 
off approximately 2/3 of a boss' life, INCLUDING ALL versions of Sigma, 
provided that the hit did land.


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