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 Mega Man ZX - Platform: Nintendo DS

Mega Man ZX - Platform: Nintendo DS

Model OX:
Beat Omega zero in area N-1 and find the live metal. Take it to fluub to 
get OX

Unlock Hard Mode:
Beat the game once on "Normal Mode" in order to unlock the extraordinarily 
difficult "Hard Mode."

Purpose of the doll:
The doll in Prairie's room isn't just there for decoration or to attack 
just for fun. If you continually strike the doll with attacks, in time 
it will drop a "W Can." The "W Can" or Weapon Can refills all of the 
weapon energy for all of the Live Metals. The doll will only drop it if 
you don't already have one. So return to the doll after you use the W 
Can to get another one. Cutting the doll from its string makes obtaining 
the item much easier.

Keep Model X:
Complete the game with both Vent and Aile on Normal or Hard difficulties 
and save their "Cleared!" save files. Now, when you play through a New 
Game again as either character, you'll keep Model X after acquiring Model ZX.

Beat Serpent Fast:
Get 3 Sub-Tanks, and fill them up, you'll need them for the 8 bosses that 
you re-fight. Once you get to the top where Serpent is, do NOT enter the 
door that leads to him, instead, dash back and forth killing the 3 guard 
Mavericks to refill your Sub-Tanks. Now his first form is easy as hell, 
but to do it so you have no hits at all, use Model Phantom X (PX), Wall 
Climb up to the top of the screen and stay up there firing, if he gets 
too close, dash to the other side, firing at him on the way.

His second form is best taken on with Model Zero X (ZX), which you change 
to already via the cutscene. Just keep slashing at him while slashing down 
his attacks, eventually you will get to the core with Zero's face. 
Slash at the core as fast as you can, because you can hit it from anywhere.


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