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 Mercenaries 2 - World In Flames - Platform: Playstation 3

Mercenaries 2 - World In Flames - Platform: Playstation 3

Bonus equipment:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding equipment:

Ambassador gunship: Successfully complete level 3 of the Helicopter Flying mission
Diplomat heavy tank: Destroy the targeted buildings for the Allied Nations. 
MOAB bomb: Successfully complete all HVT missions for the Allied Nations. 
Nuclear Bunker Buster: Successfully complete the final contract mission, "Get 
Solano Part 2" to unlock it for purchase from Eva for $1 million

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete a level 3 weapon challenge at the PMC Villa with Fiona to 
unlock the corresponding costume in order for the indicated character. There are 
a total of three costumes for each character. The Pistol challenge is the 
easiest to complete. The Emplacement Weapons and Grenade Launcher challenges are 
about even; however, Emplacement Weapons is slightly more difficult when you 
have to shoot the flying cars. The Sniper challenge is the most difficult to 

Jennifer Mui

Chris Jacobs
  Off Duty 

Mattias Nilsson

Easy vehicle repair:
Park your vehicle outside of a building you can enter, then enter the building 
and exit. Your vehicle should now be completely repaired with full ammunition.

Getting 100% completion:
Successfully complete all outpost missions before you initiate the final mission 
in Story mode. The outpost missions can no longer be accessed after the game is 
completed, which will also prevent a faction's shop items from being unlocked.

Easy money:
After completing the first UP mission and recruiting Ewan, talk to him about the 
Winch challenge. After completing level 3 on this challenge, bet the maximum 
amount of money. Even though you have already done this, the height does not 
raise. Therefore you can continue betting at the maximum amount. After 
approximately four times (depending on how much you start with), you should have 
about $7.0 million. Continue from here to get the maximum wager amount to $5.0 
million (when you have about $14.0 million in funds). Repeat this as many times 
as desired. Additionally, when you get the maximum betting level on the Winch 
challenge, keep going until you get to approximately $100 million. The minimum 
bet will now also be $5 million. If you continue from there, the minimum will 
actually grow higher than the maximum and allow for even more money. However, 
once the minimum goes beyond $5 million, there is no way you can raise or lower 
the bet because it is higher than the maximum, but it is still the minimum. 
Note: To save time in the Winch challenge, use stackable items from outside of 
your stronghold. For example, try the gas canisters across the road (or for 
something less volatile, use the shipping containers directly across the lake 
behind your house). Items used from outside of your stronghold stay in the exact 
location you put them until you quit your game, giving you a prepared stack 
height the next time around. Two or three attempts may be required to gather the 
items, but it is well worth it, as once done it requires only seconds to win the 

Easy challenges:
Bet the maximum money for the level 1 and 2 challenges, then save and reload the 
game until you win. Bet the minimum money for the level 3 challenge.

Easy Sniper challenge:
Use R1 and not the scope for the Sniper challenge. Take out the drums next to 
the cars first, then go to the two statues for some extra time.

Easy transport and smuggling missions:
Note: This trick only works after you have obtained a helicopter pilot and the 
winch ability. When on a transport or smuggling contract that relies on you not 
tipping the vehicle and losing the objects inside, summon a helicopter as close 
to the vehicle as possible before entering the mission assigned vehicle. Then, 
enter the mission vehicle, and the timer should start. Get back out, and take 
off in your helicopter. Use the winch to grab the mission vehicle, and gain as 
much altitude as possible. If you fly relatively level, you will not lose 
anything. However, if you bank even slightly to get around obstacles, losses 
will be minimal as long as you do not actually bank the copter in a hard turn. 
The vehicle will get tossed around, making the copter harder to fly; but if you 
travel directly to the drop-off point from the beginning, it will keep its 
cargo. This helps you avoid nearly all ground forces. All you have to worry 
about are the anti-air guns and other helicopters. If worst comes to worst, 
simply drop the vehicle after coming down to about 20 feet or less. You will 
have already have saved enough time to hijack another helicopter.

Capturing outposts quickly:
While playing in Co-op mode with a friend, look in the same direction at the 
same time. Throw the signal smoke to call in for reinforcements to capture an 
outpost. If done correctly, both of the thrown signal smokes will start to smoke 
and two helicopters will appear. This will speed up the process when you are 
getting shot or are in a tough situation.

Stealing fuel without upsetting a faction:
This is most useful when used with factions who are already hostile (to keep 
them from shooting you down), but can also be used to keep friendly factions 
from becoming upset with you. Get one of the helicopters used by the faction you 
want to steal from (or one of its allies), and allow your disguise to finish. 
Fly to the location of the fuel you want to get, and lower your winch. Grab the 
fuel tank, and lift off before the enemy soldiers recognize you, then fly to a 
secure location (either the PMC or a remote, open location). Once out of sight, 
call Ewan in for the pick-up. Note: Using a heavier helicopter is recommended, 
as the Rogue and Gunney class choppers are extremely difficult to control when 
carrying a heavy fuel tank. Also, there are at least half a dozen fuel tanks 
relatively close to the PMC, most of which are controlled by Universal 
Petroleum. Spending the fuel for an Ambassador Gunship (an Allied helicopter, 
who are allies with UP) is well worth it if you are going to use your PMC as a 
fuel depot.
Use the following trick to steal fuel from a friendly faction without having to 
worry about affecting their status towards you. Go to an outpost that has fuel 
tanks, and tag them. Then, call in Ewan for the extraction. If a soldier happens 
to call in a report about your hostile act, go inside the outpost to cancel the 
call. By doing this you will get fuel and the faction will still be friendly 
with you.
This trick requires a fast vehicle (for example, a sports motorcycle). Find an 
outpost that has a fuel tank. Look for an easy way out before you attempt to 
steal the fuel. Once your vehicle is positioned facing the fast exit, and after 
making sure no one sees you, tag the fuel tank, and call Ewan for extraction. 
Run to your vehicle, and drive as fast as you can until you are far enough from 
the place so that no one can report you. Note: This also works with a helicopter 
as your vehicle when you are in the jungle area, but requires more time because 
you must wait a few seconds before you can lift off.
Sniper rifle scope on regular rifle 
Have a sniper rifle in your inventory. While you are using the scope, press 
D-pad Right to switch weapons. You should have an assault rifle out while having 
the scoped view.

Defeating Carmona:
When Carmona's men are attacking the PMC, after you destroy the tanks, set a 
charge of C4 on the gates closer to the mansion, and detonate it. It should drop 
straight down and block the road leading out of the compound. Enter the mansion, 
and trigger the intermission sequence. When you exit the building, the road 
leading out of the compound will still be blocked. Kill Carmona's bodyguards, 
and his jeep should be stuck in the rubble of the archway. Kill him, and snap 
the picture for easy verification of Carmona.
When completing the mission on the oil rig in the water behind the PMC, kill 
Blanco and take his weapon, the hunting pistol. The hunting pistol is a very 
powerful weapon, often killing enemies in one shot. With the hunting pistol in 
your possession, continue through the "Finding Solano" mission. After the 
encounter with Carmona inside the Villa, he will run in a straight line directly 
away from you, giving you a clear shot at his back. If you miss on the first 
shot, he has a good bit of a jog until he reaches his jeep, giving you plenty of 
time to gun him down.

Sniper rifle scope on regular rifle:
Have a sniper rifle in your inventory. While you are using the scope, press D-pad
Right to switch weapons. You should have an assault rifle out while having the 
scoped view.


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