Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty - Platform: Playstation 2 - Console Games.

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 Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty - Platform: Playstation 2

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty - Platform: Playstation 2

Dog tags: 
Collect these amount of dog tags on the Tanker/Plant and you 
will aquire different items: Tanker
48 dogtags : Bandana-Infinate ammo
75 dogtags : Stealth Plant
72 dogtags : Wig A-Infinate ammo
121 dogtags: Stealth
156 dogtags: Wig B-Infinate grip gauge
202 dogtags: Wig C- Infinate O2 gauge 
Codec Trick:
Press R1 or R2, while someone is talking to you through 
the codec, you'll hear what your player is thinking. 

In the plant:
In the parcel room (strut E), climb onto the counter top 
by the conyeror belt, and use your boxes to get around 
the plant. Different boxes take you to different places. 
Box 1: Strut C
Box 2: Strut B
Box 3: Strut A
Box 4: Strut F
Box 5: Strut E 

Increase grip strength:
Press L2 + R2 100 times when hanging on a ledge to do pull-ups.

Getting the dog tag
To get the dog tag you need to sneak behind the soldier 
and point your gun at him, with the L1 pressed go in front 
of him and search his chest, he will drop a dog tag.. if 
he head one (you will notice the dog tag when you see a 
shining spot on his chest). He will drop more items if you 
search him again.

More dog tags
When olga and the president are dead, shake their bodies 
to get their dog tags.

Getting past the mine area
If you dont have the mine detector and you enter a mined 
area, the best away to get past is to crouch all the way 
through and collect the claymores.

RAYs Battle
In order to destroy the RAY, you will need a few Chaffs 
and one stinger. Get close to it and dont fire until its 
mouth is open to attack you with a rail gun. This will do 
more damage to it.

Thermal goggles
When you defeat olga go up on the roof and climb the tower. 
You will find thermal goggles, use them to detect mines and 
laser beams.

Control the camera during cut scenes
When in a cutscene press R1 to zoom in and use the left 
analog stick to rotate.

Codec moving
Using the left & right analog sticks will rotate character 
faces. If you depress them the camera will zoom. 
R1 lets you hear their thoughts.

Submitted by jeansy ""

Big head mode
At the start menu type up,up,down,circle,triangle.left,right. 
You should hear a tone and all characters even guards will 
have big heads


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