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 Metal Gear Solid - Platform: Gameboy Color

Metal Gear Solid - Platform: Gameboy Color
Sound menu
Complete the VR training missions with a 100% ranking. The sound 
menu will be unlocked at the options screen and allows all game 
sounds and music to be played. 

Special stage select
Successfully complete the game under the "easy" or greater 
difficulty setting. The special stage select allows any level 
to be played with new mission objectives. 

Plot Revelation
Successfully complete stages in the special stage select to get 
No. 4 to reveal pieces of the plot. 

In-game entertainment
Successfully complete the game, and then start a new game. Dial 
up 140.07 on the Codec to hear some in-game entertainment. 

Hint: Automatic ration use
By equipping rations as opposed to simply using them, they will 
automatically be used by Snake when needed. This is especially 
useful in Boss battles, or when there is a chance of being hit 
by a powerful attack.

Hint: Reset enemy positions
In most places of the game, you can reset the enemy positions by 
leaving the screen you are in and returning. This will "reset" the 
enemy positions to where they were when you first entered the area. 

Hint: 5-7 Suppressor
To get the Suppressor (silencer) for the 5-7, follow the guard i
nstead of entering the fortress. He will enter a small guard post; 
follow him in. Once the short interaction between the two guards 
ends, get the box next to the guard. It contains the Suppressor. 
Since the guard is asleep, do not worry about him. Just get the 
Suppressor and leave.

Hint: 5-7 ammunition
When you first get the 5-7 and the Suppressor, do not become trigger 
happy. While the 5-7 is silenced with the Suppressor. It is only 
useful while you have bullets. Use your fists instead of the 5-7 when 
sneaking around. Once spotted, use the 5-7 as much as you want.

Hint: Drainage Sewer
You will overhear two guards talking about a squall (storm) that just 
arrived. Shortly after, you will see walls of water coming through 
the sewer. The only way to avoid being swept away is to climb the 
ladders that are around the area. The rock piles and sections of the 
wall that are big enough to hide behind are not going to protect you. 
You must climb the ladders.

Hint: R5
Use the R5 Only when spotted, or in Boss battles. Since it does not 
have a Suppressor, using it while sneaking around is not a good idea. 
If you are spotted, use it as much as you want. Just keep an eye on 
the amount of ammunition you have.

Hint: Cardboard box (yellow)
Climb the very last ladder in the drainage sewer. 
The cardboard box (yellow) is in there.

Hint: Find Chris
Chris says she is wearing a red hat. Remember that her hair is tied 
behind her. Since some guards also wear red hats, you have to look 
for the one with long hair. She is the only one with long hair and a 
red hat. Any others with red hats are obviously guards.

Hint: Defeating Hawk
Your first Boss battle is against Hawk. The only way to kill him is 
with grenades. Since he is on a section of ground that is higher than 
you, your R5 and 5-7 cannot hit him and the ECM (Electronic Counter 
Measure) grenades only disrupt electronic devices. If you run out of 
grenades, there is another crate with four grenades in the bottom left 
corner of the Boss area. 

Hint: Defeating Metal Gear
At the end of the game you have to defeat Metal Gear. The first time 
you face him when he is walking, you will see small circles on the 
ground. These are the shadows of his feet. Watch them until they stop. 
When one of them stops, put a mine on it then run as fast as possible 
until he steps on it. Keep repeating this until he is dead.

Hint: Silent floor
You will learn of the "water" floor sections while in VR training. 
Like the PlayStation version, if you walk on these sections of flooring, 
you will make noise. However, if you press Start and crawl over these 
floor sections, it will be 100% silent. Just make sure that a guard or 
camera does not see you.

Hint: Candid camera
If you move anywhere in front of a camera, you will be seen. 
This includes crawling past and even "sliding" past with your back 
to the wall. 

Hint: Cameras
The camera are more difficult than guards. You can press up against 
the wall to avoid detection in the PlayStation version of the game. 
However, in this version you will get seen if you do this. To get 
past a camera, watch its movements. The camera is easily located 
by radar. A moving orange dot is a camera mounted on the wall. 
Use a cardboard box and remain still until your a camera has passed 
you. Use crates for cover and remain undetected. Move to each crate 
when the camera has passed the next crate. 

Hint: Sensors
Always use your equipment to detect any beams guarding the next area. 
Thermal goggles and cigarettes could prove useful. Use them to locate 
the beams then pass them when the smoke disappears 

Hint: Stun grenades
While they will stun a guard, you will also be calling the other guards' 
attention. They make a lot of noise, so do not use them unless absolutely 

Hint: Birds
When you see birds on the ground, you can be sure that there are guards 
or guard dogs nearby. If you make the birds fly away, the alarm goes off. 
If the birds stay, the guards or guard dogs will not know you are there.


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