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 Midnight Club 2 - Platform: Playstation 2

Midnight Club 2 - Platform: Playstation 2

No damage:
Submitted by: Harsharan
Enter the options screen and select the "Cheats" option. Enter "ontheroad" at the cheat menu.

All Vehicles:
Enter theCollector as a case sensitive cheat code. 

Unlock Everything:
Enter rimbuk as a case sensitive cheat code. 

Infinite Nitros:
Enter greenLantern as a case sensitive cheat code. 

No Damage:
Enter gladiator as a case sensitive cheat code. 

Missiles and Machine gun:
Enter savethekids as a case sensitive cheat code. 
Press R3 for missiles and L3 for the machine gun. 

Change difficulty:
Enter howhardcanitbe0, howhardcanitbe1, etc to 
howhardcanitbe9 as a case sensitive cheat code where 
howhardcanitbe0 is the easiest difficulty and 
howhardcanitbe9 is the hardest. 

Submitted by:Daniel Perry

No damage:
Enter gladiator (case sensitive) at the cheat screen

ANOTHER HUGE NOTE: this DOSE NOT work in career mode AND you still take damage 
from using the burnout

All Vehicles & Cities:
Enter pennyThug (case sensitive) at the cheat screen

All Cities:
Enter Globetrotter (case sensitive) at the cheat screen

All Vehicles:
Enter theCollector (case sensitive) at the cheat screen

All Modes:
Enter dextran (case sensitive) at the cheat screen

Unlimited nitro:
Enter greenLantern (case sensitive) at the cheat screen

HUGE NOTE!!!: This DOSE NOT work in career mode.
ALSO: the l in this code MUST be capitalized!

Get Motorcycle:
Beat 5 motorcycles in a long race

LAPD cop car:
beat all 5 L.A. arcade circuit races

Paris cop car:
beat all 6 Paris arcade circuit races

Tokyo cop car:
beat all 7 Tokyo arcade circuit races

Rocket car(batman's car):
100% game completion - fastest car in the game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: steve hughes

1. Highlight ''Options Mode'' 
2. Press down on the D-Pad. 
3. Highlight ''Option: Cheat Codes'' is highlighted. 
4. Press the X button

Enter one the following case-sensitive passwords: 

Code Effect
howhardcanitbe(x) Adjust difficulty, (x) = 0 (easiest)
through 9 (hardest)

immortal Guns, rockets, unlimited nitro, and

carcrobatics In Air Controls (Does NOT work with

greenLantern Infinite Nitrous

savethekids Machine Gun and Rocket

howfastcanitbe<0-9> Makes the game go faster or slower. 0 is
the slowest ,9 is the fastest.

gladiator Never take damage

voomPeds The pedestrians now move faster than

theCollector Unlock all cars

Globetrotter Unlock All Locations

pennyThug Unlock All Locations And Cars in Arcade

rimbuk Unlock everything in Arcade Mode

Game Unlockables:
Unlockable How to Unlock

LAPD car in Arcade Mode Beat all five circuit races for LA in Arcade

Paris Complete all of Dice's races

Paris Cop Car Beat all 6 of the Paris arcade circuit tracks

SLF450X Complete 100% of the game (complete career mode and beat
all circuit tracks in arcade mode)

Tokyo Complete all of Parfait's races

Unlock Tokyo Cop Car Beat all 7 Tokyo arcade circuit tracks

Veloci Beat all of the World Champion's races (Savo).

Unlockable Driving Features:
Unlockable How to Unlock

2-Wheel Driving Beat Dice in LA

Burnout Beat Angel's first race

In-Air Controls Catch Maria (pre-race) in LA

Nitrous Oxide Boost System Beat Moses in LA

Slipstream Turbo Beat Hector in LA

Unlocking Vehicles:
Unlockable How to Unlock

1971 Bestia Beat Diego in Angel's Side Race 
Drag" in LA

Alarde Beat Stephane in Paris
Boost Beat Blog in Paris
Bryanston V Beat Jewel and Julie in Paris
Citi Beat Moses in LA
Citi Turbo Beat Gina in LA
Cohete Beat Bikers in LA
Emu Beat Steven in LA
Fripon X Beat Ian in Paris
Interna Beat Angel in LA
Jersey XS Beat Dice in LA
Knight Beat Nikko in Tokyo
Lusso XT Beat Ichiro in Tokyo
Modo Prego Beat Parfait in Paris
Monsoni Beat Ian in Paris
Monstruo Beat Hector in LA
Nousagi Beat Zen in Tokyo
RSMC 15 Beat Shing in Tokyo
Saikou Beat Haley in Tokyo
Saikou XS Beat Kenichi in Tokyo
Schneller V8 Beat Primo in Paris
Stadt Beat Farid in Paris
Torque JX Beat Makoto in Tokyo
Torrida Beat Maria in LA
Victory Beat Inspector Owen in Paris
Vortex 5 Beat Ricky in Tokyo 


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