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 MLB 2005 - Platform: Playstation 1

MLB 2005 - Platform: Playstation 1

Getting better players:
When you are in a season or a franchise, get a player from 
your lineup, but not as good as your better players. Spend 
time just trying to find better players than you are using, 
like Carlos Lee, Normar, Sheffield, Gordon, Lowe , Nathan. 
Get one of them and try to find one of the best player on a 
opposing team's line up. Trade your new player for him, such 
as Martinez.

Inside-the-park homerun:
Hit the ball through the infield then you keep running towards 
second base until the fielder gets the ball. Then, run about 
halfway back to first base. You will see the first basemen get 
the ball. Then, run back to second base. You will make it 
without a throw if he does go back to first. Keep trying and 
you will eventually reach second base. Then, run to third base. 
The third basemen will get the ball halfway, then have your 
player run back to second base. If it does not work, keep 
repeating. Do the same thing for home plate. If you do this 
in season mode it will 
register as a real home run. This is useful when trying to 
pass the homerun record. Note: Press L1 to run forward and 
R1 to run back.

Gold era players:
First create a profile, then view rewards. Scroll over and
 you should see all the other listings, Silver Era, etc.

Glover Alexander: 40 reward points
Lefty Gomez     : 40 reward points
Walter Johnson  : 45 reward points
Lefty Grove     : 40 reward points
Satchel Paige   : 40 reward points
Honus Wagner    : 45 reward points
Early Wynn      : 25 reward points
Ty Cobb         : 50 reward points
Lou Gehrig      : 45 reward points
Cy Young        : 50 reward points
Dizzy Dean      : 40 reward points
Babe ruth       : 50 reward points
Jimmie Fox      : 45 reward points
Tris Speaker    : 40 reward points
Mickey Cochrane : 40 reward points
George Kell     : 30 reward points
Jackie Robinson : 50 reward points
Buck Leonard    : 20 reward points
Bobby Doerr     : 25 reward points
Lou Boudreau    : 30 reward points
Phil Rizzuto    : 20 reward points
Pee Wee Peese   : 20 reward points
Larry Doby      : 25 reward points
Monte Irvin     : 20 reward points
Enos Slaughter  : 20 reward points
Rick Ferrell    : 25 reward points
Al Lopez        : 15 reward points
Rogers Hornsby  : 45 reward points
Eddie Collins   : 40 reward points
Red Schoendienst: 20 reward points
Mel Ott         : 45 reward points
Ralph Kiner     : 30 reward points
Roy Campanell   : 35 reward points
Bob Feller      : 25 reward points
Bob Lemon       : 25 reward points
Hal Newhouser   : 30 reward points
Sparky Anderson : 20 reward points
Al Barlick      : 10 reward points


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