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 Monopoly - Platform: XBox 360

Monopoly - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Everybody Starts Somewhere (10 points): Buy your first property. 
Now You're On Your Way (20 points): Own your first monopoly. 
Climbing Your Way Up The Ladder (30 points): Build your first set of houses. 
Classic mode only. 
The View From The Top (50 points): Build your first set of hotels. Classic 
mode only. 
High Roller (10 points): Roll a double six. 
Rolled To Jail (10 points): Roll three doubles in a row and get sent to jail. 
Rolled To Freedom (10 points): Rolled a double to get out of jail. 
Globe Trotter (50 points): Land on every property on the World board. 
Taking Sides (50 points): Own every property, including any ports and 
utilities, down one whole side of the board. 
Transport King (20 points): Own the monopoly on the transport properties. 
You've Got The Power (20 points): Own the monopoly on the utilities. 
Deal Of The Century (20 points): Form a monopoly as a result of trading. 
No Mercy (20 points): Be responsible for the bankruptcy of another player. 
Went For Broke (10 points): Bankrupted yourself out of the game for the first 
A Good Start (10 points): Win your first mini-game in any mode of Richest. 
He Who Controls The Dice... (50 points): Win every mini-game in a full game of 
Last But Not Least (20 points): Win all the mini-games in a full game of 
Developer but don't finish first. 
Taken A Chance (10 points): Take your first property from another player using 
Chance in any mode of Richest. 
Forcibly Formed (20 points): Form a monopoly in any mode of Richest by taking 
one or more of the properties from another player. 
Dashed Hopes (10 points): Break up another player's Monopoly. 
A Quick Victory (10 points): Win a game of Developer mode Richest. 
Faster Better (20 points): Win a game of Industrialist mode Richest. 
Becoming The Master (40 points): Win a game of Tycoon mode Richest. 
The Underdog (50 points): Don't finish first in any mini-game but still win 
overall in any mode of Richest. 
From The Flames (50 points): Come from last in the previous round to win 
overall in any mode of Richest. 
You Are The Richest (100 points): Own every property on the board in any mode 
of Richest. 
Started Your Empire (30 points): Build a set of houses in any mode of Richest. 
Established Your Hold (50 points): Build a set of hotels in any mode of Richest. 
Time To Collect (10 points): Collect your first rent payment from any other 
player in any mode of Richest. 
Expensive To Stop Here (10 points): Land on another player's set of hotels in 
any mode of Richest. 
Sight Seer (20 points): Unlock a passport. Awarded to the passport holder. 
Jet Setter (100 points): Fill all the passports. Awarded to the passport holder.


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