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 Monster Hunter Freedom - Platform: Sony PSP

Monster Hunter Freedom - Platform: Sony PSP

Pet pig:
Near the beginning of the game, look for a pig following a man around the 
village. Stroke it and music will play. As soon as the music stops, press 
X and the pig will become yours.

Revenge Of The Garuga quest glitch:
Start the Revenge Of The Garuga quest. Take only your weapons, armor, and 
one Spiderweb. Once the quest is started, go directly to Area 7 (going 
through Areas 1 and 8). Talk to the little man in Area 7 and he will give 
you a special mushroom for your Spiderweb. Accept the offer, then just sit 
and wait until time runs out. It will say that you have completed the quest. 
The next time you try the quest you will not be able to do this trick. 
However, if you kill Garuga, who only has one third of his normal life 
because of the glitch, you can do the glitch again. Afterwards you must 
kill him and repeat the process again to get Garuga armor, weapons, and 
lots of money.

Training School:
Unlock the Level 2 missions from the town sage and successfully complete 
The Great Jungle Kut-Ku mission to unlock the Training School, where you 
can fight against the Kut-Ku with limited weapons, armor, and items. When 
you defeat other powerful monsters, you will have the option to train against 

Completing the Deliver The Egg quest:
Take out all the potions and rations. It is also recommended to bring some 
well done steaks. Go to Area 2 and kill every Velocoprey that jumps in there. 
This may take awhile and require some potions. After you kill them, go to Area 
3 then to Area 4. You will see a scene where the Ratholos swoops in. As soon 
as it quits, crouch down by pressing X. After that, walk slowly behind the 
nearest big rock and try to watch the Ratholos, but make sure he cannot see 
you. If done correctly and you keep out of his sight, he will fly off. Stand 
up and run for Area 5. When you get there, kill all the Velocoprey. 
There should only be four of them. An intermission sequence will show you 
where the nest is located. Once the Velocoprey are dead, go up to the nest. 
Do not get the egg yet. Instead, eat all you rations or well done steaks. 
Search the nest to find the egg. Note: Watch your stamina; if it goes all 
the way down you will break the egg. Also, if you are attacked or try to use 
an item the egg will fall and break. You should now have an easy way back to 
camp. Go to Area 4 then Area 3. Be careful, as Ratholos may be in any of these 
areas at any time. If you see him, run back to the previous area and wait for 
him to leave. Sometimes if you go back to Area 2 after the Velocoprey are killed, 
there will be one straggler. However, most of the time if you killed them all 
before you should be safe. Just watch out for the Vesipod. From Area 2 go to 
Area 1. Then go to the camp. Go to the delivery box and press Circle to 
successfully deliver your first egg.

Defeating Kut-Ku:
Get a Bowgun and Level 2 (99) bullets. Keep shooting at its head until it 
falls. You will get a lot of money by completing this quest.


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