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 Monster Rancher 2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Monster Rancher 2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Free food 
When sending your monster on errantry never send it on the first 
week. Send it on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week so you won't have to 
pay for food the next month 

Get Ducken 
You must get five diamond marks on the lid of a cup jelly. Then 
you will get a fun can. Assemble the doll inside and then sell 
it. Next, go to the Torble mountain expedition and find the strong 
glue. Then get another 5 diamond marks and another fun cna. Assemble 
the doll using the strong glue and then use it as secret seasoning. 

Get Mock 
The item shop keeper will sometime give you some seeds. Colt will 
plant them and after some time they will grow into a tree. Then 
another one blooms after some years and then it dies the next week. 
Then a Mock will appear to Holly and she will most likely name it 

Get Niton 
You must raise a Hopper to B class and when it digs up stuff for you 
it will hit a hot spring sometime. You will now be able to get Nitons 
from CDs. 

Get the Ghost 
You must have some monsters die and build a shrine for them. Then after 
a few years you have to build the shrine up again. THen after more time 
Colt will see that it is dirty and spend lots of money and making it 
better. THen after that Colt and Joy will be cleaning it and find the 
stick which you use as secret seasoning to get the Ghost. 

Get the Joker
The second time that you go with Dr. Talico to the volcano, you'll 
be inside of it. Take the first right and follow the trail until you 
come to a large building with stairs that lead to the top. Search in 
there until you find a mask. Combine it with any two monsters to get 
the joker. 

Get the Phoenix 
To obtain a Phoenix monster you must join Dr. Talico on his 
adventure at the Volcano. Then, on your way you'll see the first 
building to be searched. Search it and the legendary Phoenix monster 
will get out of the Volcano. Search it again and you should find the 
Fire Feather. Combine it with any two monsters then, you'll get 
Phoenix 100%. This monster is strong in every areas. 

Getting Gali's, Hengers, Worms, and Mews 
To unlock the Gali, Henger, Worm, and Mew, participate in the Fimba 
vs. Ima competition. In order to fight, you will need to win the 
elimination grade-C tournament on July 4th. (This tournament is 
only available every three or four years). Once you are choosen 
as the Ima Representative you will have to fight in the 5 on 5 
match on Aug 4th week. After winning, the new monsters will be 
available. (You don't have to win, all you have to do is participate.) 

Legendary Centaur Monster 
Finsh the whole Power Errantry. Your monster should find a spear. 
When you return you will be challenged by a very strong Centaur. 
If you don't have a strong monster your monster will be seriously 
beaten up. After the fight the Centaur runs away but leaves his 
spear.Combine any 2 monsters with the spear as the secret seasoning 
and it will say Centaur 100%. It learns very powerful moves. 

Rare Wracky Monster 
Play up until around you get to S or A class. A fan will give you a 
doll.Colt will not like it but keep it anyway.It will start moving 
to different places on the ranch.When one of your monsters die the 
doll will come to life and turns into Wracky.Colt gets to pick the 
name though.(Note: This monster is very strong in Int. and Spd. but 
very weak in everything else.)


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