Monster Rancher Battle Card Game - Platform: Gameboy Color - Console Games.

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 Monster Rancher Battle Card Game - Platform: Gameboy Color

Monster Rancher Battle Card Game - Platform: Gameboy Color

Trade passwords
Defeat Holly until you receive the Feather. This item can 
be traded to Mac for a rare card. Enter one of the following 
passwords to get the corresponding card.

Card Type Password  
Beak Phoenix Power Skill DRKDLSN 
Fainted Breeder TSBFTBLL  
Fire Beam Phoenix Smart Skill  GLDPEACH 
Fire River Phoenix  Smart Skill  GENKIBOY 
Fire Wave Phoenix Smart Skill  DOAGIRLS 
Flameshot Phoenix Smart Skill  TIMENOID 
Grand End All Monsters BOMBJACK 
Hide Head Phoenix Defense  BTLCARD 
Hurricane Phoenix Smart Skill  HAYABUSA 
Insight Phoenix Dodge JCK YRCR 
Mys Power Phoenix Special  SOLOMON 
Perceive Phoenix Dodge SUEZOEYE 
Phoenix Monster TECMOINC  
Reborn Breeder ASTARTE  
Retreat All Monsters POKEDEAD 
Take Over All Monsters BADMOO 
Talons Phoenix Power Skill  STRFRCE 
Twinkling Breeder KAGERO  
Typhoon Phoenix Smart Skill  SCRTSTR 

Hint: Finding your brother Mikey
Mikey should be on the third or fourth floor in the Specai ruins. 

Hint: Getting mixed monsters
You cannot breed monsters, however you can get mixed cards. 
There are only a few. They are easy to get and are given 
to you after doing certain things in the game. 

Hint: Get to bottom floor of the ruins faster
Get a Sis Lens. When you go to any of the ruins, walk inside 
to the first floor. Save the game, then use the Sis Lens to 
learn where the stairs down to the next level are located. 
Turn off the game, then turn it back on. The Sis Lens will 
be back in your pack, but the map will be gone. Walk to where 
you memorized the stairs were located and go down. Repeat 
this process until you get to the bottom floor.


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