Monster Truck Madness 64 - Platform: Nintendo64 - Console Games.

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 Monster Truck Madness 64 - Platform: Nintendo64

Monster Truck Madness 64 - Platform: Nintendo64

Cheat codes
Turbo Mode: Enter this code as a password: CFFNYN 
Unlimited missiles: Enter this code as a password: Y-WNT-T 
Programmer on textures: Enter this code as a password: JMPNG 

Bigfoot paintjob
At the code screen, enter bgftwshr, this gives bigfoot a new paint 
job and makes him go 175mph! 

Aztec Valley track
Complete a circuit on easy. 

Alpine Challenge track
Complete a circuit on medium. 

Death Trap track
Complete a circuit on hard. 

Get Sound Effects
Press Up to get various effects 

You can press Down to use the horn. Different horns are given during 
each race 

Low Rider
At the code screen put in YRDR 

Alternate textures
Enter JMPNG as a password. 

Ability to Fly
Enter HVR_PNK as a password. 

Full-time missiles
Enter Y WNT T as a password 

Weird Mode
Enter JMPR as a password 

Get Packer Smasher Truck
At the start screen press C-Down, C-Up, A, Z, R, B. 

Gut bomb
Enter BRPS as a password. 

Runes hiding places
Go to the corner of the second highest level of the gray tower. There is 
a hole on the side near the Hover that can be used to hide in. If two 
monster trucks are placed in the hole, one will go flying out. Drive on 
the road where Nitro and Hover are located. A small building will come 
into view after the jump. Use Hover or Diamond Invisibility to enter the 

Entering the Ancient Temple
Go to the Ancient Temple located at the southwestern part of the Ruins Track. 
There are four entrances but only one can be used to enter. The real entrance 
is on the side farthest away from the track. Once in the entrance, turn left 
and accelerate to enter the temple. 

Crushed truck
Get the shrinker missile. Shrink your opponents, then crash into them. When 
they become large again they will be crushed. Note: They trucks will only be 
crushed for a short period of time. They will slowly regain their original 

No shocks
Enable the "Low rider trucks" code and begin game play in two player mode. 
Collect a shrinker missile, then shoot it at the other player's truck. That 
truck will appear to be only body and wheels. 

Big tires when hovering
Note: Two players are required to perform this trick. Have player one get 
the hover power-up and player two get the shrinker missile. Then, have player 
one use the hover and begin to fly. While player one is in the air, have 
player two use the shrinker. The truck will shrink but the tires will remain 
the same size. 

Outside view
If you go to the outside view of the truck, turn the view so it faces either 
the front or back of the truck. Then, zoom in as far as you can without going 
to cockpit view, then mash the throttle, you'll be able to see the front or 
back wheels steer on the truck, and the suspension work.


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