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 Mortal Kombat Gold - Platform: Dreamcast

Mortal Kombat Gold - Platform: Dreamcast

Play as Sector
presented by Echo-Pix

Complete the game with Cyrax,then go to Character Select 
screen and choose the invisible icon at the bottom.
Now go on Cyrax's icon,then press Run+Block 

1 Button Fatality 
When the words Gold appear, DO NOT press Start. 
Instead, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, 
Right, Right. If done correclty, you'll hear a 
laughing sound. Now press Start then at the Main 
Menu press the 2 top buttons at the same time. 
A cheat box will pop up and turn all of them on. 
Now during gameplay, when it says "Finish Him/Her", 
press X or A. 

Instant Fatality 
At the 2 Player Vs. screen, enter 302 213 as a 
Kombat Kode. Now exit this match and go into the 
Options Menu. Highlight Versus Screen Enabled and 
hold Block + Run for 10 seconds. Now when fighting, 
hold Down and press HP for an instant fatality. 

Alternate Costumes 
Rotate the Select screen by pressing Start and any 
button twice. For Tanya and Sonya's second costume, 
rotate the pictures 3 times. 

Fight As Meat 
Complete the game with all 16 characters in Group Mode. 
Then choose any character and begin a match. No matter 
what character you choose, it will be Meat and it will 
have the moves of the character you selected. 

Fight As Noob Saibot 
At the 2 Player Vs. screen, enter 012 012 as a Kombat 
Kode. Then exit the match and go to the Character Select 
screen. Now choose the invisible icon at the the bottom 
of the screen. Press Up, Up, Left to highlight Reiko's 
icon, then press Run + Block. 

Fight As Goro 
First, change Shinnok's costume, then go to the Character 
Select screen and choose the invisible icon at the bottom.
Now press Up, Up, Up, Left to highlight Shinnok's icon, 
then press Run + Block. 

Single Player Stage Select 
After entering the Practice menu, choose the stage that 
appears right before the stage in which you want to start 
at. Now begin a Practice Mode match and immediately quit. 
Now start a Single Player game to begin the stage you 
wanted to start at. 

View Biographies 
In Kombat Theatre Mode, highlight the character you'd like 
to be, then press Block or Run. 

Turn On Fatalities 
First start a 2 Player game and enter 302 213 as a Kombat 
Kode. Quit the game once the match starts and go back to 
the Options screen. Now highlight Versus Screen Enabled 
and hold L1 + R1 for about 10 seconds. You will then see 
a menu where you can enable fatalities. 

Kombat Kodes
Enter one of these codes to get the corresponding effect.

Effect 				Code  
One-hit win 				123 123  
Noob Saibot mode 				012 012  
Red Rain (On Rain stage)		020 020  
Explosive Kombat 				050 050  
Drawn weapons can not be lost 	002 002  
Disable throws 				100 100  
Disable max damage 			010 010  
Disable throws and max damage 	110 110  
Random weapon appears 			111 111  
Start with random weapon 		222 222  
Start with weapons drawn 		444 444  
Many weapons 				555 555  
Silent Kombat 				666 666  
Big heads 					321 321 
Fight in Goro's Lair (Spike Pit) 	011 011  
Fight in The Well (Scorpion's)	022 022  
Fight in Elder God's (Blue Face)	033 033 
Fight in Tomb Stage 			044 044  
Fight in Rain Stage 			055 055  
Fight in Snake Stage 			066 066  
Fight in Shaolin Temple 		101 101  
Fight in Living Forest 			202 202  
Fight in Prison (Fan Stage) 		303 303  
Fight in Ice Pit 				313 313


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