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 MotoGP 09/10 - Platform: XBox 360

MotoGP 09/10 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Victory (5 points): Win a race in any mode except Splitscreen.
Centurion (30 points): Complete 100 races in any mode except
Rookie (20 points): Win a 125cc class season in Career mode.
Pro (40 points): Win a 250cc class season in Career mode.
Legend (60 points): Win a MotoGP class season in Career mode.
Top of the Class (10 points): Obtain an 'A' class rating in all
three sessions of a race weekend in career  mode.
Middle Management (10 points): Hire a full compliment of staff in
career mode.
That's a rep! (5 points): Obtain a reputation level of 1 in career
Notorious (10 points): Obtain a reputation level of 10 in career
Famed (40 points): Obtain a reputation level of 20 in career mode.
The G.O.A.T. (100 points): Obtain a reputation level of 30 in
career  mode to become the greatest of all time.
Brand (10 points): Choose your own team livery, helmet, leathers
and paint them with your own team colours.
Boy Done Good (5 points): Win on your home circuit in Career Mode.
Corporate Cartel (10 points): Obtain a full complement of sponsors.
Egg-Head (30 points): Fully upgrade a MotoGP class machine in
career mode.
Jump through some hoops... (10 points): Successfully perform every
type of dynamic objective.
Dynamic! (10 points): Complete over 50  dynamic race objectives.
They Made Me Do It (10 points): Complete a full season in
championship mode.
Unravel (10 points): Unlock the MotoGP Class in any game  mode.
1UP (80 points): Complete a full Arcade Mode season without using
a continue.
Draughter (20 points): Spend a total of 10 minutes slipstreaming
in Arcade Mode.
Mirror, Signal, Maneuver (20 points): Get every type of time bonus
within the same lap in Arcade Mode.
Insert Coin (10 points): Use a continue and then finish first in
Arcade Mode.
Out Runned (10 points): Finish a race with more time than you
started with in Arcade Mode, without using any continues.
Power UP! (10 points): Earn more time between timing-out and using
a continue in Arcade Mode.
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good! (10 points): Download and race against
an online ghost in Time Trial.
Find Your Own Way (10 points): Create a personal racing-line in
Time Trial and then use it in another game mode.
Beat the 'Fun Vampire' (20 points): Beat a time of 01:19.78 on
Donington in Time-Trial Mode.
Pole Position (20 points): Qualify for pole position.
Halcyon (20 points): Win a race with no penalties, in any mode
except Splitscreen.
Panning For Gold (30 points): Win a race at each track in any mode
except Splitscreen.
Glove Slap (20 points): Start in last position on the grid, but
finish in first.
Bohemian Unlike You (10 points): Cross the finish line separately
from your bike in any mode except Splitscreen.
I Can't Stop (5 points): Complete a lap of any track in the wrong
direction, in any mode except Splitscreen.
Water Sports (10 points): Win a wet-weather race in any mode
except Splitscreen.
Road Thrash (20 points): Lead an entire race and go on to win that
race in any mode except Splitscreen.
Doppelganger (5 points): Finish a race with each rider in the game
in any mode except Splitscreen.
Blackjack (20 points): Win 21 races online.
Nicky Hayden  (50 points): Win 69 races online.
Back to my place...? (10 points): Host a multiplayer race.
Owned (10 points): Use your own Career Mode motorbike and rider in
a multiplayer race.
Champagne! (20 points): Win a race against a full grid of human


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