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 Moto GP - Platform: Playstation 2

Moto GP - Platform: Playstation 2

Race as Klonoa
Win Challenge 22 to unlock Klonoa as a rider.

Time trial password
Select the "Save/Load" option at the main menu. Select "Records", then "Time
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Select to convert each of your time trial
into passwords that can be entered at the Moto GP site.

Easy seasons and races under the hard difficulty setting
The solution to winning hard seasons is to get the #2 bike by winning the
The way you get the bike is by taking the challenges that have a photo card.
If you
complete these, you will have won the #2 bike. Although the game gives the
that the longer the race, the better off you are in the possibility of
winning, this is false.
All hard arcade races, seasons, etc. should be set to only 2 laps. The races
are short,
but the racers gear themselves for a 2 lap race, which can be used to your
Before you begin your arcade race or season, set the #2 bike up correctly.
Go to
"Settings" and use the following values.

Transmission: Set to only 2 notches
Brakes: Set to maximum
Handling: Set to maximum
Acceleration: Set to maximum

Once you have these settings, you will win every arcade race, and will come
in first for
seasons you have to race. If you place second in a couple of races, you will
still win the
season. All challenges from here on in become relatively easy.

Easy training
In the training section, turn your bike around and go the opposite direction
from the starting
point. You may go as far as needed so that when you turn back around, you
will build enough
speed shave seconds off the clock and complete the test within the time

On the number 3 training course in which you must follow a driver and be a
few seconds behind
for gold, keep driving right off the course until you see him smoke his
tires. This will enable you
to be right next to him or in front of him. On the first or second turn, if
you ram your bike into his
side from the inside of the track, knocking him to the outside, you can
knock him off. Then, race
to the end. If you are a decent driver, he may catch up with you at the end,
but most likely you
will only be a second behind and still get the gold.

In training, there are some challenges that have you go through the board
with obstacles that you
cannot touch or you will fail. On the same boards, you have time limits and
you cannot go off course
or you will fail. However, the time does not begin until you go a small
distance in front of you.
Instead of going forward, turn around and go the other way until you reach
an obstacle in the road.
Bump into it. If you are playing for the gold, which you should be in the
first place, you have two
seconds taken away from the little time you have. Ignore this, and just keep
bumping into it until it
does not take any more time away. Then, go back the way you were originally
facing to start the
challenge. When you go past the start mark, the clock will not change. You
can now take as much
time as needed to complete the challenge.


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