Mutant League Football - Platform: Sega - Console Games.

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 Mutant League Football - Platform: Sega

Mutant League Football - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Referee attack:
Press A, C(2) when lining up during game play.
The team will attack the referee.

Cheerleader attack:
Press A to target the cheerleaders during halftime.
Press A again to throw exploding footballs at the them.

Instant replay:
Press Start after completing a play. Press A
to rewind, B to advance frame-by-frame, and C to
fast forward the replay.

Playoff passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play as
the Darkstar Dragons at the corresponding game.

Divisions playoffs
Enter H1B11111J as a password.

League Playoffs
Enter H1G1111111 as a password.

Mutant Bowl passwords:
Team                   Password  
Darkstar Dragons       FMK3XYSL1Q  
Deathskin Razors       1CK111111H  
Icebay Bashers         2CK111111D  
Killer Konvicts        HGK111111J  
Midway Monsters        3CK111111F  
Misfit Demons          JH1111111G  
Psycho Slashers        GMK111111D  
Rad Rockers            5CK111111M  
Road Warriors          BDK111111J  
Screaming Evils        KLK111111L  
Sixty Whiners          CBK111111J  
Slaycity Slayers       LJK111111M  
Terminator Trolz       MLK111111J  
Turbo Techies          NMK111111Q  
Vile Vulgars           4CK111111L  
War Slammers           DCK1111112


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