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 Nascar Heat 2002 - Platform: Playstation 1

Nascar Heat 2002 - Platform: Playstation 1

Never Hit the Wall 
Enter teh following code at the Main Menu.... 
Up - Down - Left - Right - R1 - Left - Right 

Unlock Hardcore Realism Mode
To unlock Hardcore Realism Mode, earn a 100 point 
rating on any track. The Harcore Realism will only 
be unlocked for the track you earned the rating on. 

Unlock Richard Petty
Complete all of the Heat Challenges and earn at least 
a Bronze rating on each to unlock the legendary Richard 

Enter up, down, left, right, R1, up, up, at the title 
menu to veiw the credits. 

Arcade-style beat the heat mode
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Left, Right at the main 
menu. Cars can now hit the wall in beat the heat mode. 

Shoot paintballs
Select single race or head-to-head mode. Press Up, Down, 
Left, Right, R1, Up(2) at the "Race Day" screen. Use your 
horn (press Up) to shoot a paintball. Alternately, select 
practice mode and press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Down(2)
 to enable paintballs. 

Remove replay text
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Down, Up at the main menu. 
Start a replay, then press Circle. 

Beat the heat mode skip
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Right, Left at the main 
menu. You will have passed the first level of beat the 
heat mode. 

Pace car
After coming out of the pits, press Brake. Reverse back 
into the pits and hit the pace car at about 100 mph. If 
you hit it hard enough, it will move. Steer it into any 
oncoming traffic. 

Big air
At Sears Point there is a hill with a huge Valvoline logo 
on it. Drive up the hill and you will fly into the air -- 
and your car may catch on fire. 

Go past the first hill at Sears Point (the one that if you 
go too fast you will ramp and hit the wall) to the Valvoline 
jump, but do not ramp it. Turn around and go to the left 
side of the screen next to the wall and accelerate. 
Go forward until you ramp (this jump can hurt your car 
more than the Valvoline jump). You can do 720s, nose dives, 
half flips, etc. 

Drive through objects
Select two player mode and select Richmond. Start on 
practice so you will have as much time as possible. Go 
out of the pits, turn around, and go back into the pits. 
Make sure you go all the way out of the pits before doing 
this. Go down the pits and towards the entrance of the pits. 
There will be a large gap with a white van near by. Ram into 
it hard enough so that your front end is sticking up. Then 
have the other player ram into you. If done correctly, you 
will go into the middle of the track. You will go through 
every object in there. This can also be done at the Daytona, 
Talladega, and other tracks. 

Hornball Mode 
Select ''Single Race'' and at the ''Race Day'' screen, 
press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Down, Up. Now you can 
shoot out tires from the front of your car by pressing 
Up during the race.


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