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 NBA 2K9 - Platform: XBox 360

NBA 2K9 - Platform: XBox 360

MJ in his prime ATTS + TENDS:
Submitted by: redman

this is not a cheat. its just attributes for michael jordan in his prime(1993)


shot close:99
shot med:98
shot 3pt:80
free throws:84(he shot .837% that season)
dunking:99(higher rating=fancier dunks)
low post off:99
low post def:79
stamina:82(played 39.3min out of 48)
durability:95(played 78/82 games)
potential:99(make sure his age is 29 so his POT isnt full)
vertical:99(has a 48inch vert, in 2k9 vince carter jumps highest w/ a 98 overall vert.) 
jordans real life vert. is 48 and vince is a 43.
shoot off dribble:99(they are in attributes, but they are really just tendencies)
shoot in traffic:93
on ball defense:93(pippens is 95 and rodmans is 92)
standing dunk:79


shot tend:99
shot close:80
shot med:90
shot 3pt:55
drive the lane:84
attempts dunks:80
back to basket:85
triple threat:98
shoots fadeaways:99(i chose this because if you watch him in 93, most of hos shots are 
leaners and fades, if u watch him as a cpu in 2k9, he only try them 2 or 3 times)
shoots hookshots:70
attempts putbacks:20
flashy passes:74
commits fouls:23
passing lanes:78
on ball steals:78
contests shots:79

Done! you now have the attributes and tendencies from MJ from his 1992/1993 season!!!


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