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 NBA Hang Time - Platform: Sega

NBA Hang Time - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Outdoor court:
Hold Left and press B(2) at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

Barracuda court:
Press B, A, Right(2), A, C,
Up, Down, A at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

ABA ball:
Hold Right and press A, B, C at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

No tag arrow:
Press Left(2) C, A at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

No drift:
Press Down(2), B, A at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

No CPU assistance:
Hold Right and press C(2) at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

Big heads:
Hold Up and press A + C at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

Huge heads:
Press Up(2), C, A at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

View shot percentage:
Rotate the D-Pad in a clockwise Full-Circle starting at Up at 
the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

Rooftop jam:
Hold Left and press A(3) at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen.

Change Dennis Rodman's hair color:
Select the Chicago Bulls, choose a squad with Dennis Rodman.
Press C to change his hair color. 

Random team:
Press Up + A at the team selection screen.

Numeric codes:
Press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen 
to enter the following codes.

Effect              Code  
Outdoor Court       640 
Hyper speed         552 
Unlimited turbo     461  
Fast pass           127 
Maximum blocking    616  
Maximum power       802 
Maximum speed       284 
No goal tending     937  
Small players       025 
Disable music       048 
Tournament mode     111  
Fast passes         120 
Stealth turbo       273 
No pushing          390 
Disable all codes   610  
Block power         616 
Quick hands         709 

Bonus players:
Enter the following name and codes to enable the Player.

Player                 Name  Pin 
Penny Hardaway       Ahrdwy  0000 
Cliff Robinson       Cliffr  0000 
David Robinson       Davidr  0000 
Hakeem Olajuwon       Dream  0000 
Sean Elliot          Elliot  0000 
Patrick Ewing         Ewing  0000 
Glenn Robinson       Glennr  0000 
Grant Hill            Ghill  0000 
Horace Grant         Hgrant  0000 
Larry Johnson        Johnsn  0000 
Shawn Kemp             Kemp  0000 
Jason Kidd             Kidd  0000 
Karl Malone          Malone  0000 
Reggie Miller        Miller  0000 
Dikembe Mutumbo      Motumb  0000 
Alonzo Mourning      Mourng  0000 
Gheorghe Muresan     Mursan  0000 
Scottie Pippen       Pippen  0000 
Dennis Rodman        Rodman  0000 
Glen Rice              Rice  0000 
Rik Smits             Smits  0000 
Jerry Stackhouse     Stackh  0000 
John Starks          Starks  0000 
Spud Webb              Webb  0000 
Chris Webber         Webber  0000 
Dan Amrich           Amrich  2020  
Bardo                 Bardo  6000  
Carlos Pesina        Carlos  1010  
Daniel Thompson      Daniel  0604  
Dan Roan               Danr  0000  
Sal Divita           Divita  0201  
Eddie Ferrier         Eddie  6213  
Eugene Geer          Eugene  6767  
Jamie Rivett          Jamie  1000  
Japple               Japple  6660  
John Carlton             JC  0000  
Jennifer Hedrick       Jfer  0503  
Jon Hey              Jonhey  6000  
Ed Boon              Kombat  0004  
Martinez              Marty  1010  
Mednik               Mednik  6000  
Minife               Minife  6000  
Air Morris           Morris  6000  
John Tobias          Mortal  0004  
Larry Munday         Munday  5432  
Vinikour                MXV  1014  
Nick Ehrlich           Nick  7000  
Neil Funk             Nfunk  0101  
Patrick Fitzgerald     Patf  2000  
Matthew Perry         Perry  3500  
Kevin Quinn            Quin  0330  
John Root              Root  6000  
Shawn Liptak          Shawn  0123  
Sheridan Oursler        Sno  0103  
Mark Turmell         Turmel  0322


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