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 NBA Live 2002 - Platform: Playstation 2

NBA Live 2002 - Platform: Playstation 2

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Go to the 80's Legend team and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 then press 
Square(3), Circle(4), Triangle, X(2), Select. Then, go to exhibition 
mode and press L2 for "Rewards". A reward titled "Legends" will be 
now be available. Enable it, exit exhibition mode, then go into 
"Rosters". Take Kareem Abdul-Jabbar off free agents and put him 
on a team. Then, go back into exhibition mode and start a game. 
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should be on the team you placed him on.

Michael Jordan
Although Michael Jordan is not in the game by default, you can create 
him and the announcer will say his name whenever he does something.

Iverson's armband
To get the effect of Iverson's arm band, select all arm bands in 
create a player mode. It will look like Iverson's arm band/sleeve.

1986 Bulls
Play in season mode with the 2002 Bulls and finish undefeated in an 
82 game season with quarters of five minutes or more. 

Bulls' black jerseys
Play as the Bulls in the playoffs and they will have their black 

Boost Super Star stats
Press Circle at the main menu to display the active menu. Select 
the "Roster" option, then "Edit Player". If your "Create A Player" 
list has no entries a Super Star player will appear . Press R2 at 
the edit player screen to increase his stats. Press L2 to return 
to the "Create A Player" list, then press Start to change to 
another player. 

More salary cap room
Before starting a new franchise, go to "Roster Mangement". 
Release your highest paid players to the Free Agent Pool. 
For example, if you are the Knicks, release Spreewell, Houston, 
etc.. This also works for any team in the game, so you could 
release Jordan from Washington, Shaq from the Lakers, etc. and 
build a super team for the league minimum. Start a new franchise, 
and go to the "Roster Management" screen. Select "Sign Free Agents" 
and you can now sign your high priced players back to your team for 
the league minimum.

Fake spin move
Press Triangle, then in the middle of the spin, press Circle to shoot 
the ball. This looks the best with Jordan, Carter and Kobe.


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