NBA Live 2004 - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 NBA Live 2004 - Platform: XBox

NBA Live 2004 - Platform: XBox

Create a new player and enter these codes as their last name:

WHSUCPOI Aleksander Pavlovic 
POCKDLEK Andreas Glyniadakis 
SDFGURKL Carlos Delfino 
NBVKSMCN James Lang 
SOSODEF  Jermaine Dupri 
OEISNDLA Kyle Korver 
SKENXIDO Malick Badiane 
POSNEGHX Mario Austin 
BBVDKCVM Matt Bonner 
ZXDSDRKE Nedzad Sinanovic 
QWPOASZX Paccelis Morlende 
ITNVCJSD Remon Van De Hare 
POILKJMN Rick Rickert 
ZXCCVDRI Sani Becirovic 
IOUBFDCJ Sofoklis Schortsanitis 
POIOIJIS Szymon Szewczyk 
XCFWQASE Tommy Smith 
WMZKCOI  Xue Yuyang 

Go to the NBA Codes section in "My NBA Live" and enter the following:
GF9845JHR4 Air Flight 89 Colorway 3 
2389JASE3E Air Flightposite II Colorway 2 
DG56TRF446 Air Foamposite Pro Colorway 1 
3245AFSD45 Air Foamposite Pro Colorway 2 
DSAKF38422 Air Foamposite Pro Colorway 3 
A0K374HF8S Air Hyperflight Colorway 3 
JCX93LSS88 Air Hyperflight Colorway 4 
367UEY6SN Air Zoom Flight Colorway 1 
CVJ554TJ58 Unlocks Air Jordan III shoes 
23LBJNUMB1 Unlocks LeBron James' shoes 
424TREU777 Unlocks Nike Shox BB4 shoes


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