NBA Showtime - Platform: Dreamcast - Console Games.

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 NBA Showtime - Platform: Dreamcast

NBA Showtime - Platform: Dreamcast

Any Player On A Team 
Enter the first 3 letters of the team that the 
player is on as the initials and enter his jersey 
number as the PIN. 

Hidden Courts 
Press one of the following immediately after choosing 
players at the Choose Team screen. 

Court 		Code 
Team 1 (Left) 	Hold Up + Turbo 
Team 2 (Right) 	Hold Down + Turbo 
Street Court 	Hold Left + Turbo 
Island Court 	Hold Right + Turbo 
Midway Court 	Hold Up + Shoot + Pass 
NBC Court 		Hold Down + Shoot + Pass 

Team Mascots 
Enter these names with their corresponding pin #s to 
get the indicated team mascot. 

Mascot 		Team Name 		PIN # 
Atlanta Hawks 		HAWK 		0322 
Charlotte Hornets 	HORNET 	1105 
Chicago Bulls 		BENNY 	0503 
Denver Nuggets 		ROCKY 	0201 
Houston Rockets 		TURBO 	1111 
Indiana Pacers 		BOOMER 	0604 
Minnesota Timberwolves 	CRUNCH 	0503 
New Jersey Nets 		SLY 		6765 
Phoenix Suns 		GORILA 	0314 
Seattle Sonics 		SASQUA 	7785 
Toronto Raptors 		RAPTOR 	1020 
Utah Jazz 			BEAR 		1228 

Created Players 
Enter these names with their corresponding pin #s to 
get the indicated created players. 

Player 			Name 		PIN #2 
Kerri the Female Player KERRI 	0220 
Kerri in A.Uniform 	KERRI 	1111 
Lia the Female Player 	LIA 		0712 
Lia in A.Uniform 		LIA 		1111 
Small Alien 		SMALLS 	0856 
Large Alien 		BIGGY 	0958 
Pinto Horse 		PINTO 	1966 
White Horse 		HORSE 	1966 
Nikko the Devil Dog 	NIKKO 	6666 
Clown 			CRISPY 	2084 
Pumpkin 			JACKO 	1031 
Wizard 			THEWIZ 	1136 
Referee 			THEREF 	7777 
Retro Rob 			RETRO 	1970 
Old Man 			OLDMAN 	2001


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