NCAA Football 07 - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 NCAA Football 07 - Platform: XBox 360

NCAA Football 07 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the number of Gamerscore points:

Throw 4 TD Passes In A Game (15 points):

350 Total Passing Yards (15 points):
Pass for 350 or more total yards in a game.

200 Total Rushing Yards (15 points):
Rush for 200 or more total yards in a game.

No Fumbles In A Game (15 points):
Do not fumble the ball in a game.

No Interceptions in a Game (15 points):
Do not throw an interception in a game.

Win by 21 (10 points):
Win a game by 21 points or more.

Pass to 5 Different Receivers (10 points):
Complete a pass to 5 or more receivers in a game.

100 Yard Receiver (10 points):
Gain 100 or more receiving yards with a single player.

100 Yard Rusher (10 points):
Rush for 100 or more yards with a single player.

Complete a 30 Yard Pass (10 points):

Complete a 60 Yard Pass (20 points):

Break a 30 Yard Run (10 points):
Break a run for 30 or more yards.

Break a 60 Yard Run (20 points):
Break a run for 60 or more yards.

Allow No Sacks (15 points):
Do not give up any sacks in a game.

Intercept 2 Passes (15 points):
Intercept 2 passes in a game on defense.

Recover 2 Fumbles (15 points):
Recover 2 fumbles on defense in a game.

Return Interception for a TD (20 points):
Return an interception for a touchdown.

Return Fumble for TD (20 points):
Score a touchdown after recovering a fumble on defense.

Make 4 Sacks (20 points):
Sack the opposing quarterback four or more times in a game.

Held Under 200 Yards (10 points):
Hold the opposition to under 200 total yards.

Held Under 100 Yards (25 points):
Hold the opposition to under 100 total yards.

2 Sack Player (10 points):
Make 2 sacks in a game with the same player.

Score a Safety (30 points):
Score a safety on defense.

Shutout (30 points):
Prevent your opponent from scoring any points in a game.

Punt Return for TD (15 points):
Return a punt for a touchdown.

Kickoff Return for TD (20 points):
Return a kickoff for a touchdown.

50 Yard Field Goal (25 points):
Kick a 50 or more yard field goal.

50 Yard Punt (15 points):
Punt the ball 50 or more net yards.

Block a Punt (25 points):
Block a punt.

Block a Field Goal (25 points):
Block a field goal.

Score 35 Points (15 points):
Score 35 points or more in a game.

500 Total Yards (25 points):
Gain 500 total yards or more in a game.

#1 Offense (25 points):
Have the #1 ranked offense in a Dynasty season.

#1 Defense (25 points):
Have the #1 ranked defense in a Dynasty season.

Undefeated (10 points):
Go undefeated during a season in Dynasty mode.

Conference Champs! (10 points):
Win a conference championship game.

Heisman Memorial Trophy (25 points):
Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy with a player on your Dynasty team.

5 Star Recruiting (25 points):
Sign 8 or more 5 star prospects in your recruit class.

Bowl Win (10 points):
Win a bowl game in Dynasty mode.

National Champions! (25 points):
Lead your team to a BCS championship in Dynasty mode.

Dynasty Trifecta! (50 points):
Win the National Championship in three back-to-back seasons in Dynasty mode.

Mr. February (25 points):
Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a Dynasty season.

60 Year Dynasty (100 points):
Complete 60 years of Dynasty.

Perfect Game (40 points):
Bowl a 300 Game.

High Score (40 points): Option Dash:
Score 15,000 or more points in Option Dash.

Win Tug-of-War (40 points):
Win the Tug-of-War mini-game.

All Impact Players "In The Zone"
Platform: Xbox 360

Enter "ZoneOut" as a user profile name, then select Practice mode. After the first play,
all Impact Players will be "In The Zone".


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