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 NCAA Football 08 - Platform: Playstation 3

NCAA Football 08 - Platform: Playstation 3

Best Time To Use Hurdle:
Typically when you go against your rival, a tackler will try and go 
for your legs. About 50% of the time you are running with the ball 
against a rival, hurdle.

Better trophies in Dynasty mode:
When creating your schedule, make sure to add as many ranked teams 
as possible. Try to go against the #1, #2, or #3 ranked team the most.

Boosting GPA in Campus Legend mode:
A good way to boost your GPA is by doing extra studying. Some events 
like this are finishing a project in the library (+.4 GPA), fixing 
your computer for homework (+.2 GPA), or just studing when you have 
free time (+.1 GPA).

Easier prospect drafting in Dynasty mode:
When you first start the season, create a prospect and make sure to 
make his home state where your team is located. Then, talk to him on 
the phone about where he lives and the college being close. 
Most of the time, you will get a high ranking for that action.

Easy rivalry trophies:
Go to the "Play Now" screen, and select two teams that can play 
for a rivalry trophy (for example, Colorado and Colorado State). 
Then, go to the stadium and weather options, and change the quarter 
length to one minute. Play the game, but do not switch teams in the 
middle or you will not get the trophy.

Easy wins in Dynasty mode:
Go to the settings, and change the quarter lengths to overtime. 
If you win the coin toss when the game begins, choose to play defense. 
When you score a touchdown while on offense, always go for a two point 
attempt (unless you only need to kick a field goal to win).

Exporting senior to Madden 08 in Campus Legend mode:
When you begin your senior season and already have legend status, you 
will get the option of staying for your senior year or exporting your 
legend to Madden 08. If you stay, you will still be able to export your 
legend after your senior year.

Faster trophies in Dynasty mode:
Select a highly ranked team with good ratings (for example, USC or 
Michigan), and enter Dynasty mode. Simulate to the end of the season, 
and simulate all bowl games. You should earn two to four trophies 
depending on how well your team did. Then, save your profile, but 
not your dynasty. Exit Dynasty mode, and repeat as many times as desired.

Hiding endzones:
To make the endzones hidden, start a Play Now mode match. When you reach 
the field selection screen, set the game length to fifteen minutes, make 
the weather overcast cloudy, precipitation high, and temperature -20 
degrees. If done correctly, in the upper corner should be a picture of a 
cloud with heavy snow. Start the game and by the second quarter there 
will be so much snow that the endzone lines and all other white lines 
will be gone.

Hook and Lateral play:
The Hook And Lateral play is in Boise State's offensive playbook under 
the "Hail Mary" section. It is labeled as "Circus".

Jumping the field:
When you are about five yards from the opponent's end zone, select a 
HB Dive as a play. As soon as the HB gets the ball, tap Square. 
You should now dive over the defenders and get a TD.

Max stats in Campus Legend mode:
Create a character with maximum stats. Then, start a new Campus 
Legend mode. Instead of starting from scratch in high school, load 
your created character.

Rivalry Trophies:
Play in the following game's and win to unlock the trophy.

Code                Result
Administaff Bayou Bucket  - Housten vs Rice
Anniversary Award         - Bowling Green vs Kent State
Apple Cup                 - Washington State
Backyard Bowl             - West Virginia vs Pittsburgh
Battle for Illibuck       - Ohio State vs Indiana
Battle for the bell       - Tulane vs Southern Miss
Battle of I-10            - UTEP vs New Mexico State
Battle of I-25            - New Mexico State vs New Mexico
Battle of I-75            - Bowling Green vs Toledo
Bedlam game               - Oklahoma state vs Oklahoma
Beehive Bell              - Utah vs Utah State
Beehive boot              - Utah State vs BYU or Utah
Big game                  - CAL vs Stanford
Black and blue bowl       - Southern miss vs Memphies
Black Diamond Trophy      - West Virginia vs Virginia Tech
Border War                - Colorado State vs Wyoming
Civil War                 - Oregon state vs Oregon
Clean,old-fashioned hate  - Georgia vs Georgia Tech
Commander in chief trophy - Air Force vs Navy or Army
Common wealth cup         - Virginia Tech vs Virginia
Cy-Hawk Trophy            - Iowa state vs Iowa
Egg Bowl                  - Ole miss vs Mississippi
Florida-Georgia game      - Florida vs Georgia
Floyd of rose dale        - Minnesota vs Iowa
Fremont cannon            - UNKV vs Nevada
Golden boot               - Arkansas vs LSU
Governer's Victory bell   - Penn state vs Minnesota
Governor's cup            - Lousville vs Kentucky
Governors cup             - Florida vs Florida state
Holy War                  - BYU vs Utah
Ireland trophy            - Boston college vs Notre Dame
Iron bowl                 - Alabama vs Auburn
Iron Skillet              - TCV vs SMU
Jefferson-Eppes trophy    - Florida State vs Virginia
Jeweles Shillelagh        - USC vs Notre Dame
Keg of nails              - Cincinnati vs Miami University
Legends Trophy            - Stanford vs Notre Dame
Lone Star Showdown        - Texas A&M vs Texas
Mayers cup                - SMV vs Rice
Missouri-Nebraska bell    - Nebraska vs Missouri
Old Oaken Bucket          - Purdue vs Indiana
Palmetto state            - Clemson vs South Carolina
Paul Bunyan Trophy        - Penn State vs Michigan state
Paul Bunyans Axe          - Wisconsin vs Minnesota
Peace pipe                - Western Michigan vs Miami University
Purdue Cannon             - Purdue vs Illinois
Ram-Falcon Trophy         - Colorado State vs Air Force
Red River Rivalry         - Texas vs Oklahoma
Rocky Mountatin Showdown  - Colorado vs Colorado State
Seminole war canoe        - Florida vs Miama
Shillelagh trophy         - Purdue vs Notre Dame
Shwartzwaler Trophy       - West Virginia vs Syracuse
Sweet Sioux Tomahawk      - Northwestern vs Illinois
Telephone Trophy          - Missouri vs Iowa state
Textile Bowl              - Clemson vs NC State
The big game              - Arizona vs Arizona state
Third saturday in october - Alabama vs Tennesee
Tigers rag                - Tulane vs LSU
Victory bell              - Cincinnati vs Miami University
Victory bell              - Duke vs North Carolina
Wagon wheel               - Akron vs. Kent State
Williams Trophy           - Tulsa vs Rice


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