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 NCAA Football 10 - Platform: Playstation 3

NCAA Football 10 - Platform: Playstation 3

Rivalry trophies:
Win as either team of the rivalry to unlock the corresponding trophy:

  Apple Cup: University of Washington Huskies vs. Washington State University 
  Battle Of I-25 Trophy: New Mexico vs. New Mexico State 
  Bayou Bucket: Houston Cougars vs. Rice Owls 
  Beehive Boot: Utah vs. Brigham Young vs. Utah State vs. Weber State 
  Bronze Boot: Colorado State University vs. University of Wyoming 
  Commander in Chief: Army vs. Navy vs. Air Force 
  Commonwealth Cup: University of Virginia Cavaliers vs. Virginia Tech Hokies 
  Cy-Hawk Trophy: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Iowa State Cyclones 
  Floyd Of Rosedale: University of Minnesota Gophers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes 
  Fremont Cannon: Nevada Wolf Pack vs. UNLV Rebels 
  Golden Boot: University of Arkansas Razorbacks vs. LSU Tigers 
  Golden Egg Trophy: Ole Miss Rebels vs. Mississippi State 
  Golden Hat: Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners 
  Governor's Cup: Kansas State vs. University of Kansas; University of Kentucky 
  vs. University of Louisville; or Florida State University vs. University of 
  Governor's Cup: Brown University vs. University of Rhode Island; or Georgia 
  Tech vs. University of Georgia 
  Governor's Victory Bell: Minnesota vs. Penn State 
  Illibuck: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Illinois Fighting Illini 
  Ireland Trophy: Boston College vs. Notre Dame 
  Iron Skillet: South Methodist University Mustangs vs. Texas Christian 
  University Horned Frogs 
  Jeweled Shillelagh: Purdue vs. Nortre Dame 
  Keg of Nails: Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Louisville Cardinals 
  Land Grant Trophy: Penn State vs. Michigan State 
  Little Brown Jug: Minnesota vs. University of Michigan 
  Marching Drum: Kansas vs. Missouri 
  Megaphone: Notre Dame vs. Michigan State 
  Missouri-Nebraska Bell: Missouri vs. Nebraska 
  ODK - FOY Sportsmanship Trophy: Alabama vs. Auburn 
  Old Oaken Bucket: Indiana vs. Purdue 
  Paul Buyan Trophy: Michigan vs. Michigan State 
  Paul Buyan's Axe: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin 
  Peace Pipe: Bowling Green vs. Toledo 
  Purdue Cannon: Purdue vs. Illinois 
  Seminole War Canoe: Florida vs. Miami 
  Shellelagh Trophy: Nortre Dame vs. Purdue 
  Silver Spade: New Mexico State vs. UTEP 
  Stanford Axe: Cal vs. Stanford 
  Telephone Trophy: Iowa State vs. Missouri 
  Territorial Cup: Arizona vs. Arizona State 
  Textile Bowl Trophy: Clemson vs. NC State 
  Tiger Rag: LSU vs. Tulane 
  Victory Bell: Miami University Red Hawks vs. Cincinati Bearcats 
  Victory Bell: UCLA vs. USC 
  Victory Bell: Missouri Tigers vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers 
  Wagon Wheel: Akron vs. Kent State 
  Williams Trophy: Rice vs. Tulsa 

Easy "Fill The Trophy Case" trophy:
Play or simulate Dynasty mode until the postseason. When you get to Week 1 of 
the Bowl season, play and win each bowl game with any team. These will count 
towards your profile. When you finish every Bowl (including the National 
Championship), you will get the "Fill The Trophy Case" trophy.


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