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 NCAA Football 2004 - Platform: XBox

NCAA Football 2004 - Platform: XBox

Classic Teams: 
To unlock the classic teams, just beat College Classic games 

Golden Hat: 
Texas vs. Oklahoma 
Governor's Victory Bell 
Minnesota vs. Penn State Administaff Bayou Bucket 
Houston vs. Rice 

Apple Cup:
Washington vs. Washington State Black Diamond Trophy 
Vermont vs. West Virginia Bronze Boot 
Colorado State vs. Wyoming 

Commander-in-Chief's Trophy: 
Army vs. Navy Commonwealth Cup 
Virginia vs. Vermont Cy-Hawk Trophy 
Iowa vs. Iowa State 

Floyd of Rosedale:
Iowa vs. Minnesota Golden Boot 
Arkansas vs. LSU Golden Egg Trophy 
Mississippi State vs. Mississippi 

Governor's Cup:
Kansas vs. Kansas State Illibuck 
Illini vs. Bucks Ireland Trophy 
Boston College vs. Notre Dame 

Jeweled Shillelagh:
Notre Dame vs. USC Little Brown Jug 
Michigan vs. Minnesota Maloof Trophy 
New Mexico vs. New Mexico State 

Marching Drum:
Kansas vs. Mizzou Megaphone 
Michigan State vs. Notre Dame Missouri-Nebraska Bell 
Mizzou vs. Nebraska 

ODK-Foy Sportsmanship Trophy:
Alabama vs. Auburn Old Brass Spittoon 
Indiana vs, Michican State Old Oaken Bucket 
Indiana vs. Purdue 

Paul Bunyan Trophy:
Michigan vs. Michigan State Paul Bunyan's Axe 
Minnesota vs. Wisconsin Peace Pipe 
Bowling Green vs. Toledo 

Purdue Cannon:
Illini vs. Purdue Shillelagh Trophy 
Notre Dame vs. Purdue Silver Spade 
New Mexico State vs. UTEP 

Stanford Axe:
Cal vs. Stanford Sweet Sioux Tomahawk 
Illini vs. Northwestern Telephone Trophy 
ISU vs. Mizzou 

Territorial Cup:
Arizona vs. Arizona State Textile Bowl Trophy 
Clemson vs. North Carolina The Bell 
Marshall vs. Ohio 

Victory Bell:
UCLA vs. USC Victory Bell 
Cincinnati vs. Miami

The Hot Route:
Before the Snap: Press the Triangle Button, this should bring up the words 
HOT ROUTE on a zoomed out screen. If you see a reciever(s) in a coverage 
which you could exploit by using a different route press the recievers 
corresponding button+ one of the following directions to change the route 
to one of the following. 

Up: Fly 
Right: (R) Post 
Left: (L) Post

Always get the ball:
This might work only about 9 out of 10 times...first off you have to go to 
settings and turn penalties off then when your choosing a kickoff play chose 
"onside kick" then when your moving the arrow around point it towards your 
team and keep it low but not to low then when you kick it keep the energy on 
the meter as low as it can go.

CPU control:
Snap the ball. Do not press anything else. The CPU will sense that you are not 
playing and will play for you. They will almost get a touchdown or a very good 
pass or run. If you press anything after the snap, you will have to play. This 
works best on pass plays, and only works on offense.

Unlockable All-Time Teams:
A complete list of all 37 unlockable All-Time Teams: 

#242 2002 All-Americans 
#243 2001 All-Americans 
#244 2000 All-Americans 
#245 1999 All-Americans 
#246 1998 All-Americans 
#247 1997 All-Americans 
#248 1996 All-Americans 
#249 1995 All-Americans 
#250 1994 All-Americans 
#251 1993 All-Americans 
#252 1992 All-Americans 
#253 1991 All-Americans 
#254 All-Alabama 
#255 All-Auburn 
#256 All-Clemson 
#257 All-Colorado 
#258 All-Florida 
#259 All-FSU 
#260 All-Georgia 
#261 All-Iowa 
#262 All-LSU 
#263 All-Miami 
#264 All-Michigan 
#265 All-Nebraska 
#266 All-North Carolina 
#267 All-Notre Dame 
#268 All-Ohio State 
#269 All-Oklahoma 
#270 All-Penn State 
#271 All-Pittsburgh 
#272 All-Tennesee 
#273 All-Texas 
#274 All-Texas A&M 
#275 All-UCLA 
#276 All-USC 
#277 All-Virginia Tech 
#278 All-Washington

All Stadium Pennants
A complete list of all 30 unlockable stadiums: 

#212 Alamo Bowl 
#213 AXA Liberty Bowl 
#214 Capital One Bown 
#215 Continental Tire Bowl 
#216 Cotton Bowl 
#217 Fiesta Bowl 
#218 Fort Worth Bowl 
#219 Gator Bowl 
#220 GMAC Bowl 
#221 Hawaii Bowl 
#222 Holiday Bowl 
#223 Houston Bowl 
#224 Humanitarian Bowl 
#225 Independence Bowl 
#226 Insight Bowl 
#227 Las Vegas Bowl 
#228 Motor City Bowl 
#229 Music City Bowl 
#230 New Orleans Bowl 
#231 Orange Bowl 
#232 Outback Bowl 
#233 Peach Bowl 
#234 Rose Bowl 
#235 San Francisco Bowl 
#236 Silicon Valley Classic 
#237 Sugar Bowl 
#238 Sun Bowl 
#239 Tangerine Bowl 
#240 EA SPORTS Stadium 
#241 Tiburon Stadium

Extra Campus Challenge Points:
Play several games at the Heisman level, however alter the AI settings in the settings 
menu before playing. Set the CPU levels at their lowest, and the Human levels at their 
highest. This will force the CPU to make a lot more mistakes and you to allocate 
challenge points, which can be used to purchase pennants and unlock other secrets 
within the game. The play level is still very difficult, but with your added AI, 
you should be able to be successful.

Touchdown Celebrations:
When you score a TD, the word "Touchdown" appears. When it first appears, press the 
following button combinations. Note: This could also get you an 15 yard Unsportsmanlike 
Conduct penalty. 

L + X: Player spikes the ball, points to the crowd, then beats his chest. 
L + Y: Player bows to the crowd. 
L + B: Player spikes the ball, then shrugs his shoulder. 
L + A: Player does Heisman Trophy pose. 
R + X: Player will dunk on the Goal Post. 
R + Y: Player will punch the ball towards the crowd. 
R + B: Player will kick the ball into the crowd. 
R + A: Player will throw the ball to the crowd.


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