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 NFL Head Coach - Platform: XBox

NFL Head Coach - Platform: XBox

Super Bowl always played wherever you coach:
Enter "Hometown Hero" as a coach name.
Trades never rejected by other team 
Enter "Robert Vapor" as a coach name.
Clown body 
Enter "Red Nose" as a coach name.
John Madden body 
Enter "John Madden" as a coach name.
Santa Claus body 
Enter "Merry Christmas" as a coach name.

Drafting Reggie Bush:
When starting a new season, choose to coach for the Texans so that in the first 
year's draft you can choose Reggie Bush. Alternately, coach for a team that has 
one of the first draft picks and choose Reggie Bush if he is still not drafted 
when you get your first draft pick. If he has been drafted, reload your game and 
try again until he is available.

Better player performance:
To allow your WRs and QB to have good numbers on game day, run either the 1 vs. 
1 WR/DB Con or Pass Skeleton Con drill as your last practice before game day. 
This will allow your WRs and QB numbers to be almost their best for a game, and 
allows no time for them to drop before a game.

Recommended players:
There are two sleepers to watch out for in the 2006 NFL Draft. Troy McCoy is a 
very intelligent MLB and possess decent speed and strength. He has above average 
tackling and is great in zone coverage. McCoy's downside is that he is injury 
prone. This sleeper will usually still be around late in the fourth round, but 
he is usually not available after that. Another sleeper is LE, Chris Craig, who 
is big at 287 pounds with exceptional speed at that size. He shows good 
awareness, which will only improve with experience. He has the strength to get 
by the offensive line, and is an outstanding tackler. A lot of teams do not have 
Craig rated high on their boards, so he usually will be around in the third 
round, even though he should go in the first.


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