NFL Quarterback Club 2002 - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 NFL Quarterback Club 2002 - Platform: Gamecube

NFL Quarterback Club 2002 - Platform: Gamecube

Bernie Kozar
Use the same QB to throw five touchdowns in one game. 

Boomer Esiason
Throw fifteen passes to the same receiver in a single game. 

Dan Marino
Throw 50 touchdowns in a season. 

Jim Everett
Break any record in the QB Challenge. 

Jim Kelly
Have at least 20 pass attempts and a 105 QB rating in one game. 

John Elway
Rush for 2000 total yards in a season. 

Phil Sims
Have 500 passing yards in one game. 

Steve Young
Throw over 5,100 yards in a season. 

Troy Aikman
Win the QB Challenge against seven CPU opponents.

Warren Moon
Throw 450 passing attempts in a single season. 

Easy kickoff recoveries
There are eight corners on the base of the Analog-stick. When you select 
what type of kickoff you are doing, choose the middle. When you get to 
the part where you aim your kick, press the Analog-stick Down/Left. 
Press A and try to get the kick to be as weak and accurate as possible. 
When the kicker kicks the ball, switch to the player to the left of the 
kicker. Run at the ball, and almost always, he or another player on your 
team will recover the it.

Easy sacks
Select "FG Block" as your play. When your players line up, choose the 
linemen that is second from the left. Move him between the second to 
last and the third to last linebacker on the right side. 
When the opposing team snaps the ball, do a Bull Rush (A), and either 
you or another player will get through the offensive line and be able 
to get a sack; or if the opposing team does a handoff, a loss of yardage.

On defense, select "Goal line". Select the safety that is far right and 
move him to the line in between the middle linemen. When the ball is 
snapped, you will always be able to get past the line. Note: When doing 
this, watch for the pass because it will leave the "Y" receiver open.

Ignore injuries
When a player gets injured while on offense, start doing the hurry-up 
offense and the player will continue to play. They seem to forget about 
the injury.


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