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 NHL 2001 - Platform: Playstation 2

NHL 2001 - Platform: Playstation 2

Super defenseman
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Sandis Ozolinsh, Chris  
Pronger, or Scott Hannan as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his ratings, 
then adjust them as needed. 

Super forward
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Peter Forsberg, Jaromir 
Jagr, Keith Tkachuk, Pavel Bure, Steve Yzerman, Owen Nolan, Rob Blake, 
Eric Lindros, or Nicklas Lidstrom as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his 
ratings, then adjust them as needed. 

Super goalie
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek, 
Ed Belfour, or Olaf Kolzig as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his ratings, 
then adjust them as needed. 

Jersey number 99
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Wayne Gretzky as a name. 
The game will automatically assign him jersey number 99. 

The Dude player
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Dude as a name. The announcers 
will refer to the character during game play as "The Dude".

Name announcements
Create a player and enter Hammer, Animal, Mario, Bill, or any other 
common name as his first name. The announcer will refer to him by that 
first name during game play.

Also, entering any current NHL players name will allow you to use 
their stats. 

Hold Triangle after scoring a goal, winning a fight, winning a game, 
or when the opposing team gets a penalty. 

Eliminate opposition's goalie
Press Start to pause game play, select "Controller Setup", then choose 
the opposing team. After entering the team's menu, change the goalie 
status to "Pull", then press Start. Wait a moment, then press Start and 
return to the control selection screen. Move back to your original team 
and press Start. After entering your menu press Start and the opposing 
goalie will be gone. 

Note: The previous steps must be repeated after every face off. 
To avoid this, use a second controller. Place that player on the 
opposing team, then pull their goalie. Now you do not have repeat 
the trick at all. Every time the opposing team gets the puck, it 
gets controlled by the second controller. You can check him, get 
the puck, and score on the empty net. This trick also helps the 
"Shorter penalties" trick, because you can make the other controller 
fight, instead of your own.

Shorter penalties
When in a fight, let the opposing player punch you without fighting back. 
Your opponent will get a five minute penalty, while your penalty will 
only be two minutes. 

Easy goals
Get a big shooter (a player with a little stick blade icon) to shoot on net. 
If you shot hard enough, the goalie will get knocked down. Shoot into the 
"empty" net for an easy goal.

This trick takes about ten seconds. Go around the opposing team's net two 
times. Pass the puck to a nearby player and shoot quickly. Make sure auto-shot 
aim is on (default). 95% of the time this results in an easy goal.

When your momentum is up and you have a faceoff at center ice, pass the 
puck back to the right defenseman. Have him pass straight to the right wing, 
then skate the right wing straight along the boards. When you get to about 
the next faceoff circle, pass across to the left wing (on manual shoot) and 
this should score most of the time. If done correctly, you can score four or 
five goals in under a minute.

This trick usually works best on a powerplay, but when you have the puck 
in the opponents zone, have who ever is playing the point get the puck and 
take a slap shot. If someone on your team is in front of the puck when shot, 
most likely it will deflect off of them and past the goalie.

Once a face off is won in the middle of the rink, pass back to a shooter. 
Dribble the puck to the middle circle in the rink, and face the goal. Press 
Square, and the puck should go right over the goalie and into the goal. 
This works best when manual shot is on; aim must be on net; and you are 
going up in the "action" camera view.

Bring two players down to the other teams goalie. One must be a big shooter 
and the other can be anyone. Give the puck to the big shooter and hold Square 
until the shot power meter is in the blue section, then release. This should 
knock down the goalie. Switch to the other player that is near the goalie, 
get the puck very quickly, and shoot fast. This results in an easy goal about 
85% of the time, because the goalie will still be on his back from the first 

Get a team of five players that are all big shooters. Put them all on the 
ice at once. Set your offensive strategy to "Crash The Net". Get the puck 
to your C, RW, or LW. Go behind your opponent's goal, and start passing 
the puck a lot. Do not hold speed burst or your players will get out of 
position. Also, do not move your players too much. 
Try to pass to a defensemen -- they usually stay near the blue line. 
If he is open and has a good shot angle, wind up all the way and shoot it 
in with a powerful slap shot. If done correctly, you should score about 
eight out of ten times.

Get a break away. Just before you reach the net, pass the puck to the 
player behind you, and have him one-time it in.

On a break away, wind up for a slap shot. When the meter gets full, press 
Triangle to deke. This will confuse the goalie. Immediately after you deke, 
tap Square to easily wrist-shot it in.

Press Passback, then fire a one timer to the net. This should work 80% of 
the time.

Get a good shooter and go to your own blue line. Flick a quick wrist shot 
and the puck should fly over the opposing goalies head for a goal. 
If done correctly, you should score every time. 

Free player
During the season you can create a group of super players using the "name" 
cheats. Trade them to a team for one player (because the CPU teams want 
half your team to get anyone). Then go back and delete the created super 
players who are now on the other teams roster. If effect, you will get a 
player for free. 

Trade up to super team
You can stack your team by trading someone who is for example a 70, and 
keep going through the list of CPU teams until you find a team that will 
take him for a player who is a 72. Do the same to trade that 72 for a 74, 
and so on. Eventually by doing this you can trade "up" until you have gotten 
an entire team of players who are 85-95.

When you fight, do not let the other team win. If that happens, you will 
have four men on the ice and the other team will have five.


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