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 NHL 2002 - Platform: Playstation 2

NHL 2002 - Platform: Playstation 2

Barenaked Ladies
Create a player using one of the following names: Jim Creeggan, 
Tyler Stewart, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, or Kevin Hearn. The game 
will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match 
that band member. 

Slap Shot players
Select the EA Blades team under the custom team category. 
Enter one of the following players from the Charlestown Chiefs team 
from the movie Slap Shot and their names will be announced during the 
game: Reggie Dunlop, Ned Braden, Dave Carlson, Johnny Upton, Morris 
Wanchuk, and Billy Charlebois. 

Bonus players
Create a player and enter Tom Barrasso or Andrew Raycroft as a name and 
the game will complete his abilities and stats.

All-Star teams
Play through a season and finish the All-Star game. Save the game and 
two All-Star teams will be unlocked at the team selection screen. 

Easy goals
Go to the controller configuration screen and change any one of the 
shoulder buttons to "Deflection". Get a defenseman to fire the puck 
and press that button and the puck should go in the net. 

Skate straight at the goalie. Immediately before you would normally 
run into him, cut to whatever direction the player's stick is (i.e. if 
a player is left-handed, cut left.) Immediately after the cut, press 

Trade for a higher player
Keep trading up one or two overall numbers until you get to the player 
you want. For example, trade Mark Messier (80) trade for Oates (81). 
Then trade Oates for an 82 and so on.

When trading for higher players you cannot get a high defenseman for 
anything other than another defenseman. 

Better player
Play as two players on different teams and pull the goalie on one team. 
Have the person you want to improve pass it to him and shoot. Keep scoring 
with that person for about fifteen goals. During the next game, he will 
be a big shooter.

Fighting moves
If you get in a fight, press Square for a high punch and X for a low 
punch. Press Square + X for an uppercut that will take a lot of life 
from your opponent. 

Better fight outcome
When you get yourself into a fight, do not throw any punches. 
When the fight is over, the other player will get a 5 minute major 
for fighting and you will only get a 2 minute penalty for roughing.


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