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 NHL 2K3 - Platform: Gamecube

NHL 2K3 - Platform: Gamecube

Easy goals
Swerve side to side when on breakaway or alone for a shot. When
the goalie is to far out of position, shoot a wrist shot to score.
This works about 70% of the time.

Pause game play and select "Choose Sides". Choose the opposing
team, then select "Pull Goalie". Resume game play long enough for
the goalie to get off the ice. Pause game play again and choose
your original team. Then, shoot the puck at the goal and it will
slide in before the goalie can return. This is very useful if you
are down a few goals at the end of the game.

More PIM
Put all enforcers out on the ice for the entire game and have
skill level set all the way up (or at least on pro). You can get a
total of 325 PIM by doing this. Ray, Boulton, Stock, Chara, Domi,
and others are recommended.

There are unlimited amount of fights in the game. It is possible
to reach 35 by doing the following: Cut all the enforcers from the
league, then place them all onto only two teams. Cut players that
are not enforcers from the two selected teams. Place the enforcers
on all the lines of both teams. Finally, play a game with the two
teams. To increase the frequency of fights besides the frequency
option, increase hitting power and decrease the fatigue options.
Placing the level of skill to pro or higher makes it easier to
start fights. Players may even fight just by bumping shoulders.

At the options screen, fill up the fighting meter and the hitting
power. Then, during game play, find a player that fights well. To
start a fight, pick a certain player on the opposite team and
continue to check him. After about three times, a fight will

To get in as many fights as possible, put all top enforcers onto
just two teams. Face them off with only enforcers on the ice.
Then, turn fighting and checking all the way up and turn off
penalties. You should have constant fights, especially if your
skill level is at "Hall Of Famer". The best players to use are Rob
Ray, Eric Boulton, Tie domi, Peter Worrell, and Bob Probert.

The easiest way to get into more fights is as follows. First, set
your difficulty level on "All Star" or "Hall of Famer". Doing this
will automatically make fights happen more often, because the CPU
players check you back. Then, set the "Fighting" slider all the
way up, the "Fatigue" slider all the way down, and the "Hitting
Power" down to slightly less than half way. This helps because
when you check a player in a head-on collision, he will not fly 20
feet away, and he can stand up to challenge you, and vice versa.
Also, trade some of the best enforcers in the league to your team,
such as Rob Ray and Ed Boulton (both from Boston), and others.
Also, create your own players. Give them high stats, especially in
Grit, Aggression, Endurance, Checking, and Check Bias. This will
make them good fighters, and scorers as well.

Top twenty enforcers
1. Rob Ray (Buf): Very good checker, has heart. His 3000+ PIM is
   why he is the best. He will fight anyone on the ice and is the
   greatest leader for your team.
2. Eric Boulton (Buf): Follows in Ray's footsteps. Have him on the
   same line as Ray.
3. P.J. Stock Bos): Fights very often. Does not get called for
   penalty that much.
4. Tie Domi (Tor): Dirty player but can scrap well
5. Stu Grimson: May have been forgotten, but is a power house.
6. Bob Probert: 3000+ PIM and can still fight.
7. Zdeno Chara: 6' 9" giant that can deliver punishment..
8. Jody Shelley: Plays dirty but can go toe to toe with everyone
    except Ray or Boulton.
9. Matt Barnaby: Not a very good fighter but will always go.
10. K. Oliwa: Big time hitter and can fight well.
11. E. Cairns: Good enforcer for a defenseman.
12. I. Laperriere: Small but powerful.
13. Paul Laus: Also very good hitter for a defenseman.
14. A. Nazarov: Russian enforcer who can deliver.
15  P. Worrell: Big 6' 6'' enforcer who can help a power team.
16. J. Weimer: Has Eric Cairns to back him up cause he is an
    average fighter.
17. D. Brashear: Can go toe to toe with many players.
18. S. Mckenna: 6' 8'' giant who can fight well.
19. J. Odgers: Old but still noticeable.
20. ***** bonus player: Create a player named Dan Westphal. Give
    him qualities all the way up to have a great enforcer and scorer.
    Make him as short as possible and light to make him go more often.
    No other created player will go as much as he does. He is great on
    lines with Ray and Boulton.


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