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 Ninja Blade - Platform: XBox 360

Ninja Blade - Platform: XBox 360

Easy mode:
Die ten times.

QTE Easy mode:
Miss the same QTE action ten times.

Moonlight sword:
Collect all nine Moji. Then, go to Chapter 5, and enter the new cave to get the 
large sword and upgrade it.

Ninja Blade weapon:
Successfully complete Chapter 8 to unlock the Ninja Blade.

Ninjitsu Protective Barrier:
Successfully complete all missions on the Hard difficulty to unlock the Ninjitsu 
Protective Barrier.

Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon:
Get an "A" rank in all chapters, then upgrade the dual swords to the maximum to 
unlock the Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  Good Job (40 points): Complete all missions on Normal or higher game 
  It Slices! It Dices! (10 points): Upgrade a sword. 
  Enter the Way of the Ninja (10 points): Upgrade Ninjutsu. 
  How Ya Like Me Now?! (10 points): Complete a Todomé attack. 
  Yes, I Am That Good. (10 points): Achieve a 10 Hit Combo. 
  Not Too Shabby (10 points): Achieve a 3 Kill Combo. 
  Let Off Some Steam (10 points): Use the Cyclone Shuriken to put out a fire. 
  Burn, Baby, Burn (10 points): Use the Flame Shuriken to set an enemy on fire. 
  Lightning Strikes Twice (10 points): Use the Lightning Shuriken to charge the 
  surface of water and shock an enemy. 
  I'm Rubber and You're Glue (10 points): Deflect an enemy's projectile. 
  Nothing Left But the Dying (10 points): Complete a Finish Attack. 
  Chewy on the Inside (10 points): Destroy a piece of armor. 
  Gotta Get Them All (10 points): Find a Shinobi Moji. 
  Sharp Dressed Man (10 points): Find an outfit. 
  Bling or Flair? (10 points): Find an emblem. 
  Hattori Hanzo Achievement Award (20 points): Upgraded all swords to their 
  maximum level. 
  Snatch the Pebble (20 points): Upgraded all Ninjutsu to their maximum level. 
  I Think I'll Go for a Walk (30 points): Max out the Health Gauge. 
  "Feel it flow through you." (30 points): Max out the Chi Gauge. 
  Almost There (15 points): Find 50% of the Shinobi Moji. 
  Complete Set (30 points): Find all the Shinobi Moji. 
  Walk-in Closet (30 points): Collect all the outfits. 
  Brings Out Your Eyes (30 points): Collect all emblems. 
  Ya Can't Touch This (15 points): Deflect 20 projectiles. 
  One with the Blade (15 points): Kill 25 enemies with the Finish Attack move. 
  Mission.001: Speed Demon (15 points): Complete Mission 001 within 30 minutes. 
  Mission.002: Master of Style (15 points): Complete Mission 002 with more than 
  20 Finish Attacks. 
  Mission.003: Hit Combo Fever (15 points): Complete Mission 003 with a Max Hit 
  Combo above 30. 
  Mission.004: Ninja Sky Marshall (15 points): Complete Mission 004 with less 
  than 30% jet plane damage. 
  Mission.005: Nick of Time (15 points): Complete Mission 005 within 40 minutes. 
  Mission.006: You Want Some? (15 points): Complete Mission 006 with a Max Kill 
  Combo above 10. 
  Mission.007: Back in a Flash (15 points): Complete Mission 007 within 50 
  Mission.008: Only a Flesh Wound (15 points): Complete Mission 008 without 
  taking 1000 points of damage. 
  Mission.009: That Just Happened! (15 points): Complete Mission 009 without 
  Ninja School Valedictorian (75 points): Achieve a Total Play Result A+ 
  Musashi's Way (50 points): Complete all missions on Hard or higher game 
  Your Work Is Done (20 points): Complete all missions without retrying. 
  A Perfect 10 (20 points): Achieve 10 "Perfect" button presses in a row during 
  a Quick Time Event. 
  "...And that's all I need." (20 points): Complete all missions using only one 
  of the swords to attack. 
  Showboat (20 points): Achieve a 100 Hit Combo. 
  Show-off (20 points): Achieve a 50 Kill Combo. 


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