No One Lives Forever - Platform: Playstation 2 - Console Games.

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 No One Lives Forever - Platform: Playstation 2

No One Lives Forever - Platform: Playstation 2

Mission select
Highlight the "Load Game" option at the main menu. 
Hold L3 + R3 and press X to enter the "Select Mission" 
screen. Choose any starting point from any mission, 
including debriefing/training. 
This will not effect your memory card unless you save 
the game. Press Triangle to exit the screen.

Alpine Intrigue: Mystery weapon
In scene 4 immediately after you blow up the barrels, 
go a few turns and you will take a left curve at one 
point. There are two enemies there that you kill, then 
two more men that will come running around the corner. 
Kill them and directly in front and above you is a gun 
with a wooden stock and a magazine that protrudes out 
the side. However, you cannot reach it. 

Misfortune In Morocco: Secret room
Finish the first part, protecting the ambassador. 
Once done, you will hear, "Now go to room 12 and wait for 
him to arrive". Instead of doing that, go to the man who 
locks himself out. He is the first civilian that you see. 
Go to the courtyard. Once you get to the entrance to the 
courtyard, make a quick left. You will see a ledge. 
Jump onto it. Note :It breaks very fast -- quickly jump 
to the other ledge where the windows are open. Be careful 
or you will fall. Once inside, check it out. 
Note: Jump into the window with the clothes line on it.


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