Ogre Battle 64 - Person Of Lordly Caliber - Platform: Nintendo64 - Console Games.

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 Ogre Battle 64 - Person Of Lordly Caliber - Platform: Nintendo64

Ogre Battle 64 - Person Of Lordly Caliber - Platform: Nintendo64

Submitted by: bisk

Ogre Battle 64 Unlockables
Elem Pedra Locations 
To get the Pedras you must train your units at a certain location 5 times. 
Unlockable How to Unlock 
1st Pedra Choose at the start of the game. 
2nd Pedra Train a unit at Mylesia after Mission 4. 
3rd Pedra Train a unit at Mount Ithaca after Mission 15. 
4th Pedra Train a unit at Gules Hills after mission 20. 
Character Alliances 
There are a total of 18 characters that can join you throughout the game, depending on some 
things. Most are easy to get and join you automatically. They are powerful allies and usually 
excel in their class. 
Unlock able How to Unlock 
Dio Mission 1: Tenne Plains - Automatically joins at the outset of the mission. 
Leia Mission 3: Crenel Canyon - Automatically joins at the outset of the mission. 
Troi Mission 4: Mylesia - Send a unit to Elgorea. Troi will offer his services to join. 
Katreda Mission 7: Gunther Piedmont - Go to Cayes and accept the young girls offer to find her 
Asnabel Mission 7: Gunther Piedmont - After him and his daughter reunite(Katreda), Asnabel will 
join at the end of the mission. 
Liedel Mission 13: Sable Lowlands - Liedel will become your ally at the end of the mission if 
the majority of towns have been liberated. 
Aisha Mission 14: Audvera Heights - Send a unit to Puld and let her join you. But if you did not 
pick Answer 1 at Volmous Mine Mission, she may not join. 
Vad Mission 15: Mount Ithaca - Do your best to avoid fighting Vad. If he survived at the end of 
the mission, he will join you. 
Saradin Mission 15: Mount Ithaca - Saradin will automatically offer to join you at the end of 
the mission. 
Sheen Mission 16: Azure Plains - Send a unit to Coppermine. Sheen will offer his services after 
a brief cutscene. 
Meredia Mission 21: Fair Heights - Meredia will offer to join you at the beginning of this 
Europea Mission 21: Vert Plateau - Send Magnus to Fort Hillverich and Europea will join you 
as a guest unit. After the mission, she will offer to join. 
Biske Mission 23: Capitrium - If you haven not made any Zenobain allies, Biske will offer to 
join you after battle, or die in front of you. 
Paul Mission 25: Tremos Mountains(Part 1) - Go to Tremos after the Fair Heights Mission and 
you will come here. Paul will offer to join after the miss 
Debonair Mission 26: Tremos Mountains(Part 2) - Debonair will join only if Aisha and Saradin 
are in your alliance. Send Magnus to Ibu Deli to meet him. 
Destin Mission 29: Gules Hills - Go to Kurashino with Magnus to talk with Destin. If Aisha, 
Saradin and Debonair are with you, Destin will join as well. 
Gilbert Mission 29: Gules Hills - Gilbert is with Destin when you meet him. If Destin joins, 
Gilbert will as well. 
Carth Mission 34: Ptia - Choose Ptia from Romulus & he will attack the Castle on his own. 
If he lives, he will join you only if you have no Zenobian allie 
How to get the Dragon Helm. 
After Mission 4, go to Idorf in Mylesia and get the info about Dragoons.
After Mission 7, go to Gunther Piedmont, Burgunny and talk to the drunk guy. Make sure the 
time is inbetween 6pm and evening, but before 7am. After you talk to the drunk guy, enter 
Burgunny again after 7am to get information on his wife\\\'s location.
Now, go to Volmous Mine, Senal. Talk to the drunks wife there.
Go back to Gunther Piedmont, Burgunny. Now reunited with his wife, he will now make and seel 
Dragon Helms; but only between 7am and 7pm. 
How to get the Dragon Armor. 
After Mission 4, go to Idorf in Mylesia to get the info on Dragoons.
After Mission 8, go to Melphy in Darunnelles on the 6h of the month sometime between 9am 
and 6pm to buy a very rare item called Condrite.
After Mission 15, go to Kynora in Mount Ithaca during the daytime and talk to an artisan. 
He will give you the Dragon Armor. 

How to attain the Sword of Tiamat. 
After you have goten both the Dragon Helm and the Dragon Armor, return to Idorf in Mylesia. 
Get the info about the Sword of Tiamat.
Now go to Elaine in Fair Heights AFTER you have beaten the mission and get the Divine Dragon 
info. You should receive a Dragon Scale.
After Mission 24, head to Celesis, Pinneg and your unit leader will encounter the Divine 
Dragon. Defeat him and you will receive the Sword of Tiamat. 

Pedra of Bane 
After Mission 12, go to Soathon, Jiram. Get some info about a missing dog. Then find a Hellhound 
and go back there. Give the kid a Hellhound and he will give you the Pedra of Bane. 
Pedra of Virtue 
After Mission 20 go to Gulus Hill, Muji. Talk to a guy about his daughter. Then go to Volmous 
Mine, Volmous Mine and learn that the guy\'s daughter is at Mount Ithaca. Go to Mount Ithaca, 
Caltovich and give her fathers letter to her and in return she will give you the Pedra of Virtue. 
Finally, where do you find these valuable treasures? Well... The
first place you find an L&P on the battlefield is in chapter 2, at
Wentinus. I remember because you visit that map twice in that chapter,
and you can pick it up either time. It is located off the beaten path
between Ellode and Silhouette. As I said, you can get it either time
you fight at Wentinus or if you revisit the map, so you really DO want
to go find them. Especially since this is the easiest place to find
one of the most sought after items in the game.

Another place to find a L&P as hidden treasure is in either Temple
of Berthe mission/map. In Part II, however, it is much simpler to find
the L&P though, mainly because it is located right behind your starting
location, in the valley formed by the mountains, so it may be easiest
To get it then. If you miss that one, well, we will just say that you
Either had no clue it was there, or you just didn't know better than to
walk around a little.

The final places, I do believe, to find an L&P are in Barpeth and
Castle Talpaea... but those are in the final chapter... so how much use
are they? Still, in Barpeth, look in the forest on a direct line]
between Sondrio and Belle. In Castle Talpaea, look for the final L&P
of the game to be in the central ring of the level (inside the outer
barrier ridge, but outside the inner sanctum with the tower) and off to
the right. It is a bit out of the way, but it is worth your time if
you want another unit recruited... Just follow the paths to the right
and trace them all. You will find it.

Oh, one more note: random encounters are helpful in your search
here as well. As you may or may not know, many times a randomly
encountered creature will drop an item after it has been defeated (not
recruited, but actually beaten and killed in battle). You can get a
Love and Peace by finding, fighting, and beating random Gorgons.
Though these creatures are not that common, and are only found much
later in the game, if you still desire L&Ps by then, you can just find
them in that manner. All you have to do is beat those gorgons and
"they'll give you a piece of lovin" (used courtesy of Eternalfate01,
and yes, fate, it is corny, hehe).
---Liedel Klein is actually one of the few characters that is not that
difficult to obtain, if you know what you're doing rather early on. To
get Liedel, you must have a fairly high CF, and this is the real
challenge in acquiring her. Since she is only a few missions into the
game, you have to know how to get a high CF. (For more info on this
topic, please use the Find function and get it from this FAQ) Other
than this factor, you only have to defeat her in her (boss) battle in
the Sable Lowlands, City of the Past. Defeat her, then answer her
question (of course you want to take her with you!!) She is a fairly
powerful archer, and it is worth getting her, especially since you have
PLENTY of time to alter your CF as you see fit to get later characters
or events that you desire.

---Well, to start things off, Biske is one of those characters that you
can only get if you're going the LOW CF way. Yes, you can't get him
and have Ankiseth, Aisha, or Saradin. In fact, if any of the Zenobians
even OFFER TO JOIN YOU, you can't get Biske. Sort of makes you sick,
doesn't it? Though it would be incredibly cool to have both Biske and
the Zenobians, it is one of the choices you have to make in the game.
Still, getting him is one of the greater benefits of going to the
"bad," low-CF ending (considered bad because the hero eventually
becomes a villain).

So who is Biske? Biske la Varet (Biske the Beast) is a
lycanthrope... a werewolf. What this means is: at night and during the
day he has two different forms. Most people will agree that his night
form (the wolf man) is much stronger than his day from (basically an
enhanced Knight), but still, the mere fact that he is so powerful
attack-wise makes him a wise choice in EITHER form. Then, tack on his
three attacks at night up front and you would love to have him around.
He is just insanely cool, and worth getting. But how to get him...

After you defeat Gules Hill for the first time, you can chose to
go in three directions, one of which is north to Capitrium, the Land of
the Advent. You can also chose to go west to the Vert Plateau to look
for the Berthan Sentinel, or east to the Tremos Mountains, but if you
want Biske, go to Capitrium, which will be Scene 24 (The Rebel).
Battle your way through the level and to Castle Eundel, where you will
meet Biske. Fight him and, after you defeat him, he will rave about
how you should just kill him. You will be presented with two choices.
Select the "Why don't you join us?" option (I mean, we've gotten this
far, isn't it a bit obvious what to do?). He will then talk about your
being pathetic, but he still says he will help you because you're
desperate enough to ask him. Don't mind his attitude, he is worth
putting up with any amount of verbal abuse!

---Vad Orok Zlenka is the only grappler that you can actually get in
the entire game. What does that mean? Not much, but he is a unique
character to say the least. Normally achieved by going a pretty
neutral route, leaning normally toward the high-CF path, Vad is found
in the Mount Ithaca mission (Uncertainty). However, finding him is
not the hard part for this mission, or for getting him to join. First,
you have to go north and liberate Ketican, which will destroy one of
the few bridges on the map leading to your final destination. Once
this is done, Vad will no longer move his unit, so just stay out of his
way. You must avoid attacking him, and if you must, be sure to attack
weakest and kill off his support! If/when you finish the level and Vad
is still alive he will offer to join your army after the final (boss)

Sounds simple? Well, it should, and if it does, you're wrong.
(Don't you love how I manipulated you there?) Anyway, there is a
challenge in this. You have to get to Ketican without engaging Vad.
This, my friends, is not fun. Once the mission starts, he begins
moving pretty steadily along a course from right around Lapide (to the
northeast of your starting HQ). He will go by way of Nakina (directly
to your east), and march right at you. If you don't send a unit up to
destroy the bridge at Ketican, you WILL have to fight him. His unit is
fairly good, too, but it's easy to kill Vad. DON'T TEMPT FATE. If you
want him, do it quick, and do it right.

---Carth Forleizen is another one of the HUGE benefits of going the
low-CF route. While you may not know it already, he is a Black Knight,
and that in itself makes him rare. Still, it's time for a description.
Carth is another of those blonde killers in the game. He appears as a
black knight, but in silver armor and with a red cape across on his
back, bearing a cross on it (definitely one of the sweeter suits of
armor in the game).

As I said, you have to have a fairly low CF to get him to even offer
to join, and you can't have any Zenobians even offer to join you, like
with Biske. In Ptia (Scene 32 - the Disillusioned) you will encounter
a young boy in Furge (the isolated town north of Billemina where you
start), telling a story of this sad man who is fighting hordes of
enemies off on his own. Yep, that sad warrior is who we want: Carth
the Disillusioned. From there, go to Torab Ni (the stronghold the
farthest south and west you can go) where you will encounter this
noble, yet tired man.

However, you have not yet recruited him. After a brief discussion 
in Torab Ni, Carth sets off with his unit to finish his duty, mainly take
out the boss of the level. If you were smart, you positioned a unit of
your own outside of Vitegith Castle already. If you haven't, you had
better get there before Carth does. Carth and his unit may be strong,
but odds are, unless you have weakened the boss' unit, he won't
survive. Anyway, to get Carth to join now, all you have to do is beat
the level and keep him alive. After beating the level, he will comment
to you that you shouldn't have gotten involved, but he will thank you
for saving his life. You can then request he join your army, and what
a strong addition he is!
**On a final note, Carth will come with his full unit (two Cataphracts
and two Valkyrie). Just enjoy them as gifts, though you won't use 
them as often as their leader.

"Destin and the Zenobians..."
---This is actually a multiple part question, so it will STILL take quite 
a long time to finish. However, it will hopefully answer several of your 
possible questions, all at the same time! Here we go now...

< Aisha! >
The first Zenobian that you will encounter, Aisha can be found in Puld, 
during part of the Audvera Heights mission (Thoughts). Now, the only 
really important detail in getting Aisha will be that you did NOT say "..."
at the 'execution of Frederick' scene earlier in the game.
**Note: Saying "..." at that scene will keep you from getting ANY of the five** 
**Zenobians, so don't even bother to ask why you can't get them if you did...**
**That's what you get for being evil. Be 'moral' and you can get the punks.***

< Saradin! >
As you will soon discover, the Zenobians are almost a 'cumulative' type of
group. What this means is: unless you have all the other Zenobians before 
one you want, you will not be able to get the next one... It sucks, I know,
but that's just how tight they all are.
Therefore, the requirements for Saradin are that you have Aisha, which 
that you went to Puld in the 'Thoughts' mission and didn't say "..." at the
execution of Frederick. Then, if these requirements are met, he will ask 
join you after the 'Uncertainty' mission.

< Debonair! >
The tall blonde knight you met waaaaay earlier in the game, Debonair is a 
when it comes to destruction. He easily can tear apart enemy units (as most 
the Zenobians can), but does so with STYLE. In fact, he was one of the Devas 
Zeteginia, and any Tactics Ogre fans might recognize him...
To get Debonair of the Wind to join you, as is typical for Zenobians, you 
have Aisha and Saradin. However, you must also now have a high Chaos Frame 
is also typical of the later Zenobians). If you have met these requirements, 
you have to do is take the unit led by MAGNUS (it _must_ be his unit) to 
Ibu Deli
in the 'No Man's Land' mission. If you have done everything you needed to 
do thus
far (which, of course, involves not saying "..." etc.), then he will offer 
to join
your army. SWEET!

---Expect this section to flesh out even more in the next update... This 
still take some serious time and effort, and until I like what I have, I 
put up more of it in here. Sorry. Until then, I will suggest you check 
other _huge_ FAQ by CyricZ...

"Angel Knights and Seraphim..."
---Well, the honest facts here is that these characters are a PAIN to
get. However, when you have one, or more, you will thank whatever
deity you pray to that you were patient enough to do it. YES, THEY ARE
THAT GOOD. They use fairly weak equipment (thrusting swords), but they
have good attacks from any row, with decent numbers of attacks, great
variety (if seraphim, each row has a different attack), and they FLY!
That fact alone meant I wanted one. Why? Because they can also LEAD
UNITS. I finally had my flying unit's leader, since I grew bored of
the hawkman evolutions.

So on to the real part of this answer. Where do you find an angel
knight, and how do you make one? Well, if you have the L&Ps to spare,
then Celesis is your dream come true. Yes, in Celesis almost every
unit has at least one angel knight for you to attempt and recruit. How
sweet is that? In fact, most units have more than one! But fear not,
if you don't have the extremely rare and valuable L&Ps to waste, you
can always create on yourself. Yes, you heard me, you can create an
angel knight yourself. But "how" is the part you may not like...

While an angel knight is an outstanding addition to your army, and
the evolved seraph is even stronger, the fact that their creation is a
risk makes them normally a luxury character in most armies. What do I
mean about their creation? To make an angel knight, not only must you
have a female character with the proper stats and proper equipment
available to equip her with, but you must also, and here comes the
kicker, KILL HER IN A SCENE. After the scene is over, you have a
random chance of her turning into an angel knight. Now, what happens
if she doesn't turn into an angel knight? Well, you may get lucky, and
she may turn into a zombie (and yes, we all know how they are awful),
but considering how the alternative is her DEATH... I think we all see
now why an angel knight is a risk.

On a final note here... Once you have your angel knights, however
you have managed to obtain them, should you want to change them to
seraphim, you must meet the following requirements. (For all stats, be
sure that your character meets the requirements BEFORE applying bonuses
gained through equipment and accessories). An angel knight must have
Intelligence of at least 108, Mentality of 125 or higher, Dexterity of
137 or above, and an alignment on the lawful side, 75 or higher. You
must also have a needle of light, kite shield, and baldr mail, all
unequipped and available for the person to change classes. However,
this class change is NOT like any other human class (which makes sense,
since the angel knight is already technically dead... Angel knights change 
into seraphim in the same manner as dragons evolve, or golems, or wild 
for that matter. It happens IN BATTLE (after the battle ends, technically).
You don't have the freedom as with other humans to go in and change it any 
time you want in the menu... It does NOT require another death or sacrifice 
however (thank BLEEP).

****(inset question for the above question/section)
"Has anyone gotten and Angel Knight without using a Love and Peace? Do
you have to have a needle of light or does your character automatically
get one when she changes?"
---Unfortunately, you MUST have the needle of light before you kill off
whatever female character you are using in this experiment. Otherwise,
you have just ensured that you killed a fairly strong woman for
absolutely nothing, and what a waste that would be. The angel knight
promotion is just like all other class changes (except for the change 
zombie). You have to be in possession of all the equipment needed WITH
IT ALL UNEQUIPPED and ready to be equipped on the new character BEFORE
you can change them to their new class. Just because an Angel Knight 
an undead class does not exempt them from this general, and underlying
rule of the game. Although it would be excellent if that were true,
since it would get rid of the entire, long and boring miniquest that i
described above...

"A Dragoon..."
---The dragoon is one of the most sought after classes in the entire
game, and probably the most sought after class that is not unique (as
in you can turn ANY generic, male character into one). However, to get
a dragoon, you require a lot of preparation, and training, so we will
go at this class in parts. First, we will discuss the physical needs
for the class, such as stat requirements and alignment. Then, we will
go into the equipment requirements, which are by far the hardest part
to this class. Enough yapping, though, this will take a while, so we
should get started!

The stats required for a dragoon are actually quite high for a
normal human promotional class... but then again, the dragoon is hardly
normal. The dragoon requires that your male character have 117
strength or greater, 103 vitality, and 95 dexterity. However, unlike
almost every special class, the dragoon does not require any specific
alignment, which is actually good, because you can take either a
paladin, sword master, or black knight and easily create an outstanding

That done, now we dive straight into the good, and hard, part of
the quest. Why is this outstanding class so rare? Because of all the
equipment you require, and the fact that almost EVERY PIECE OF IT IS
UNIQUE. So what rare equipment do you need? Simple, you must have a
Sword of Tiamat, Dragon Armor, and a Dragon Helm. To get EACH of
these, you have to undergo a quest, so we'll start with the easiest
now: the dragon helm.

To get this helm, and generally just to start you off on ANY of
the three required pieces, you must first obtain information about the
dragoon class itself from a man in Idorf, Mylesia. He will also get
you started on finding the other equipment, too, so pay attention to
what he says. Then, you need to go to Burgunny in Gunther Piedmont to
talk with a drunk between the times of 18:00 and 6:59, and yes, just to
talk to him... for now. Then, exit the stronghold and wait for the day
to break. Once it does, reenter the stronghold and a woman there will
tell you to go find the man's wife. Guess what you get to do! So now
you need to go to Senal, Volmus Mine and talk to the drunken man's
wife. Needless to say, she will not be too happy with him, and,
well... just trust me. ^_~ No, head back to Burgunny and you find the
couple reunited (yay!). As if that weren't enough for you to actually
get something, you have to reenter the stronghold yet again in order to
actually BUY the dragon helm! What a gyp! Luckily, the kind man only
charges you 250 Goth for the helm, so it is an investment well worth
the money.

Next up, the Dragon Armor. However, this quest in itself has a
small mini-quest, since to get the dragon armor you have to first
obtain some Condrite (a rare material that is pretty strong and used in
the making of the strong, golden armor). You have to buy the Condrite
in Melphy, Dardunnelles on the 6th of any month between 9:00 and 17:59
from a specialty merchant. If you don't hit the date and time
correctly, you will not be able to buy the Condrite, which goes for a
petty 200 Goth. Now that you have the Condrite, you can continue with
the rest of this quest. All you have to do now is go to Kynora, Mount
Ithaca where you will exchange the Condrite for the Dragon Armor, free
of charge (which is VERY nice indeed ^_^).

The final piece to this puzzle is the Dragoon's mighty sword, the
Sword of Tiamat. However, to even be able to START this quest, you
have to have already gotten the other two pieces of armor described
above. With that said, we now have to return to Idorf, Mylesia after
the start of chapter 3. From there, enter the stronghold and listen to
the tale of a barkeeper in Elaine, Fair Heights. Yes, so now we go
there and enter the stronghold to meet the barkeeper. He will tell you
all about the Divine Dragon, Grozz Nuy, including the legends and
myths. Then, to get you on your way further, he will give you the
Dragon Scale and tell you that you can find the dragon in the forests
outside of Pinneg in Celesis. As misleading as this sounds, what you
actually need to do is take a unit leader into the stronghold itself
after beating the mission that takes place there (also make sure you
take a fairly strong leader, since that character will soon undergo a
one-on-one duel with the legendary dragon itself). 

When you enter the stronghold, you will be taken to the forests 
where you will use the dragon scale and fight Grozz Nuy... Now, don't 
be intimidated, since the Divine Dragon really isn't that difficult if 
you are at a decent level. Just be sure to attack him, and like in 
training, the battle will continue until one character falls. If you 
win, you will 'discover the Sword of Tiamat in the dead corpse of the 
dragon,' and the game explains that it was probably left there by one 
of the dragoons of old who fought the beast... and lost. But really, 
who cares now? You have the sword, and with that, the final piece of 
the puzzle! Make yourself a dragoon and rejoice!

"A Princess..."
---The princess class is another that will be best explained in two
parts, so again I shall break the class down into the two categories of
statistical and equipment requirements. For this class, however, there
will be a third section also, explaining the benefits, and believe me,
these you will not want to miss.

The statistical requirements for the Princess class are simple.
Why is this, do you ask? Because all you need is a lawful female,
which means you only need alignment above 70. On the other hand, the
equipment requirements, as with the dragoon and lich (as you shall see)
are the difficult part of this class.

To promote a female character into the high-alignment, spell-
casting fiend that is the princess, you must obtain the normal
spellbook, and THREE fairly rare, specialty items: the battle fan,
pure-white dress, and dream crown. Needless to say, this will take
some effort, and time, which will make up for the lack of stat
requirements, but it is ALL worthwhile. The first item, the battle
fan, is actually the easiest of the three to find, as it is a hidden
item on the map of Gules Hills. It is located just west of Belleboppo,
except on the opposite bank of the river...

So now we need the pure-white dress. You can actually obtain this
valuable equipment early in the game by merely talking to a woman
inside the stronghold of Bourdeaux, Tenne Plains with a female group
leader and learning about making a pure-white dress. Then, you must
reach Melphy, Dardunnelles on the 15th of any month, between 9:00 and
17:59 to buy a bolt of silk from the specialty merchant there for 2000
Goth (take note: this merchant can also supply you with Drakonite
books and other goodies on alternate/special days of any month). After
obtaining the bolt of silk, you need to go to Billney, again in Tenne
Plains, with a female leader to use the silk in exchange for the pure-
white dress, charging you another 2500 Goth. Breath a sigh of relief,
you are almost done, even though at a small expense. The problem? The
remaining item is a bit harder to get...

The final, and hardest to find, piece of equipment required for
the creation of a princess is the Dream Tiara. This process is rather
long, involving five steps to the process, so we might as well quit our
whining and begin. First head to Clemona (located in Blue Basilica)
and talk with the old man there about Gelda, the love of his life that
was never realized... how sad. Then, as if you couldn't tell where
you were going, you begin to hunt for his love, and the place to do
that is in Boolem, Crenel Canyon. Look for Gelda there and discover,
unfortunately, that she has moved on... to the Zenobian Border. Off we
go! Once there, go to the stronghold of Elle and search for her.
Unfortunately, you discover here that, again, she is gone, but this
time she has left for Soathon. 

Where do we go now? Tristle (in Soathon of course), where you meet 
Gelda and obtain a letter, which you should immediately deliver to the 
old man, of course, to do that you must go back to Clemona (which is 
still in Blue Basilica). When you FINALLY deliver the letter, the man 
will thank you profusely and present you with the Dream Tiara! Hooray!
*Unfortunately, we don't ever learn what happened between the two, and 
after going on that wild goose chase, you would at least like some 
real closure, but all is not lost! You have the Dream Tiara! So go 
create your princess unit!

****"Ok, you said before that the princess was something special, care
to explain that now? What does she actually do, besides cast spells?"
---I am so glad you asked! As promised, the princess IS special, but
ONLY as a unit leader. Sure, she casts spells with the best of them,
but her REAL ability comes when you let her lead a unit. Why? When
ATTACK! Think of it, every sword master would strike FOUR times, as
would a lich. It is literally the best way to ensure defeat for your
opponents (like using Drakonite spells, which can be arranged since the
princess herself can equip them ^_^). Is that not enough? Then TOO
BAD! That is one of the biggest perks in the entire game, so get used
to it.

"A Lich (or two!)..."
---Again, we shall have to break this section into two answers. The
first, again, will be the statistical requirements while the second
will remain the hard stuff. Yay for simplicity, heh.

The stats required for the lich class are actually fairly low,
especially considering how powerful this class can become. It only
requires Intelligence of 24, Mentality of 51, and an alignment lower
than 30. The alignment is by far the hardest part of that, but
considering how easy even that is, you come to see where the real
challenge for this class is: getting the equipment!

So what equipment is needed to unlock the lich class? We start
with the easy objects to obtain, the kerykeion, book of bane, and
bloodstained robe. Yes, I realize that the bloodstained robe and the
kerykeion are both uncommon until the end of the game, but even these
are nothing compared to the other, final requirement. You can find a
kerykeion by fighting black dragons in neutral encounters, and you can
get a bloodstained robe in Gules Hills just off the road between the
strongholds of Novipoldt and Castle Echel or in Fair Heights just south of
Rajisk, near the southern tip of the mountain range.

You must obtain a Ring of the Dead to create a lich, and THIS is
your true challenge. There are only TWO Rings of the Dead in the
entire game, and unless you go a specific route, the most you can hope
for is actually just ONE. The first, and easier to obtain, ring is
found through a short chain of events. You begin by going into Banna
Barra in Celesis after your 24th or 25th mission. Upon entering, you
will receive a letter from a girl there. All you have to do now is
take Magnus to Quelluan in the Zenobian Border to deliver this letter
and your reward will be the first Ring of the Dead.

Now, I have promised you that there is a second chance to make
this incredible class, and there is. However, if you are going to take
this path and create this second character, you will be making
sacrifices. This choice is actually one that many players have trouble
with, since it occurs at the three-way split in the final chapter. You
can either get the second Ring, along with Paul, or get Carth, or
Europea. Needless to say, each path has its benefits, and no one path
is really wrong, but it is a choice that you will have to make. So
where is the second Ring? You find it in the first Tremos Mountains
stage in a small wooded valley in the mountains north of Congool. All
you have to do once you obtain the equipment is go to the character
class-change screen and select the character and lich class. 
I will give you one warning, though. Once you change a character into 
the lich class, you CANNOT change them back. They officially become
undead, and therefore they cannot become another 'living' class again.
However, once you make the lich, you really won't want to turn them
back. They are just that good.

"A Vampire..."
---As with any human class, to promote a character to a vampire, you
must have both the proper stats and equipment. Since the stats are the
easier part to explain, however, we shall go into details there first.
Unlike many of the other special classes, the stats for a vampire are
rather low. Any chaotic male with Intelligence of 52 or higher,
Mentality of 63+, Agility greater than 54, and even slightly chaotic
(alignment below 50) can become a vampire. The real struggle, however,
comes in when you want to get the proper equipment for the promotion.

You only need two pieces of equipment to make a vampire, but one
is fairly hard to acquire. First of all, you need a Count's Garment,
which is not that difficult to come by as I recall. However, the
second required equipment is the Bloody Emblem. Getting this is not
really that hard to do, but many people overlook it. Simply take a
chaotic male unit leader (unit leader's alignment must be under 50) to
Elgorea in Mylesia. Upon entering the stronghold, your leader will
encounter a vampire who asks you four questions. If you answer all
four questions correctly, you receive the bloody emblem. This would be
a chore normally, but aren't you glad you came to me for help? I know
I would be!

Depending on the time of day (game time, not real time) that you
enter the stronghold, the questions, and answers, will be different.
Instead of listing all the possible Q's and A's here, I will just give
you the answers (in the form of the numbers of their choices.

00:00-01:29 - 1, 1, 1, 1 12:00-13:29 - 1, 2, 1, 1
01:30-02:59 - 2, 2, 2, 2 13:30-14:59 - 2, 1, 2, 2
03:00-04:29 - 1, 1, 1, 2 15:00-16:29 - 1, 2, 1, 2
04:30-05:59 - 2, 2, 2, 1 16:30-17:59 - 2, 1, 2, 1
06:00-07:29 - 1, 1, 2, 1 18:00-19:29 - 1, 2, 2, 1
07:30-08:59 - 2, 2, 1, 2 19:30-20:59 - 2, 1, 1, 2
09:00-10:29 - 1, 1, 2, 2 21:00-22:29 - 1, 2, 2, 2
10:30-11:59 - 2, 2, 1, 1 22:30-23:59 - 2, 1, 1, 1

"How do I get a hawkman to join my army?"
---This is actually a very good question, since you can't create them, 
no matter how hard you try. However, this is actually a simple fix. 
The question deals with NEUTRAL ENCOUNTERS, which are basically the only 
way to get HALF of the possible classes of characters into your army.
**Classes that can only be attained through neutral encounters:**
Golem (evolves into Stone or Baldr Golems)
Hawkman (evolves into Raven or Vultan)
ANY DRAGONS (though they can then evolve further)
Wyrm (evolves into Wyvern)
Griffin (evolves into Opinicus)
Hellhound (evolves into Cerebrus)
Faeries or Gremlins

You can also get Skeletons, Ghosts, or Zombies in this method, but just 
so you know, you can also get these classes through killing off one of 
your characters, much like getting an angel knight. Similarly, you can 
get Goblins, Ogres, Sphinx, or Gorgons through either neutral encounters 
or with a Love & Peace, but for some it is much easier to find them in 
the wild (note: Gorgons).


Music test
Enter MUSIC_ON as your name. 

Delete saved game files
Enter DEL_DATA as your name.


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